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Warriors Of Zanzibar - Chapter 1
Posted By: DarkMage<ResidentEvilSurvivor@hotmail.com>
Date: 9 August 2004, 8:56 AM

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First Contact - An elite group of Spartans- were in trouble, the fight for Zanzibar was going to end soon, but the First Contact group felt like they wasn't going to triumph the seemingly endless waves of Covenant troops - Even with the aid of their Mark VI battle armour and advanced reflexes.
"Bastard Covenant! Why don't you just die!?" SPARTAN-263, Harry, (Or Half Lemming as the other members of his squad called him) screamed over the Spartans' SQUADCOM, the repetitive rattling of human weaponry thundering in the background of the Spartans last fight. There was a sudden gasp of surprise, then an ear piercing BOOM! As a plasma grenade detonated.
"Half! Harry! Respond!" SPARTAN-11, Darren, cried in anger and worry over Harry's private COM channel. He was replied by the sound of white static. The mixture of hate and adrenaline urged Darren to fight harder, to annihilate the covenant alien scum who had just claimed his friend's life. Darren growled defiance as a party of elites - all wielding the covenant energy sword - scuttled through the main opening from Zanzibar's golden beach. Darren had to think fast, his battle rifle wasn't fast enough to take them all out. There had to be another, faster, more deadly way to turn those approaching covenant into a purple paste.
His answer was there, standing right besides him. The M41 LAAG shimmered in the blistering heat, its triple barrels ready to punish the alien creatures for invading its home. Darren dived for the covenant killer, his armoured fingers grasping the triggers tightly. The Spartan skidded to a halt and flicked the weapons safety off.
"Its showtime!" Darren shouted, alerting the covenant troops below him. He pulled the triggers, the three barrels spinned with a bloodthirsty growl, before a sheet of bullets spat out from the M41, the gun bucking in unity with the murdering projectiles.
The doomed covenant soldiers didn't know what hit them as the 12.7x99mm rounds hit their shields, caused them to overload, and start to cut them down. One Elite was ripped clean in half and hit the deck with a wet slap, the dying Elite trying to grab its gore-covered entrails before it died. Another Elite had its leg blown off, before its body became a dot-to-dot of bloody holes.
Suddenly, three thundering shots echoed from somewhere in the area, and the three remaining Elites fell to the floor, Dead, their energy swords' security mechanism activating, causing it to overload and break - therefore making them useless. The discovery caused Darren to release the triggers, and study the area. Huge rock walls surrounded the dominant structure which inside protected the generators for the orbital MAC (Magnetic Accelerator Cannon) which were now protecting the earth from the already invading covenant.
"Thought you could use a hand!" SPARTAN-191, Ash (TheGods), shouted happily over a private COM channel, the sound of a S2 sniper rifle loading in the background. Ash had received the name "TheGods" since his deadly aim with his S2 sniper rifle was so accurate, that he could choose who lives and who dies.
"Yea, thanks for the help. Even though you were in it for the kills. Hey, have you seen - "His words were cut short as TheGods interrupted.
"Harry? No, I haven't seen him. I heard what happened though. Sounded like a plasma grenade. Do you think he's...dead?" he questioned, a hint of sorrow in his usually content voice.
Suddenly, seven huge shadows covered the area in darkness, blocking out the scorching sun. The U-shaped vehicles turned, illuminating the area once more. The Covenant dropships landed on Zanzibar's shore; clouds of sand masking the ships in a swirling mist.
"Dammit! Covenant dropships inbound! All available SPARTANS report to the front of the structure, lets give these ugly alien basterds a warm welcome!" Darren shouted over the open COM channel. Five acknowledgement lights winked on his HUD, notifying him that the SPARTANS had heard his order, and were trying to complete it.
"Come and get it..." Darren muttered to himself, gripping his battle rifle tightly as he waited for the fighting between the Spartans and the covenant to start all over again.
Silently and swiftly, Darren was joined by SPARTAN - 121, Gary, his matte black MJOLNIR armour streaked with purple blood. When on the battle field, Gary was referred to as DarkMage because of his deadly agility and effectiveness with blades and knifes. With the aid of his coloured armour, he can strike in a blur of motion, and then melt back into the shadows.
The sudden appearance of him made Darren gasp in surprise, before he swiped two fingers over his faceplate - the Spartans' version of a smile - before whispering over a private COM channel
"56 potential covenant soldiers and eight ghosts, against five exhausted Spartans. What do you think? Do you think we can win?"
"I don't know. Lets just get this over with, see what fates got in store for us." He whispered reassuringly, an armoured gauntlet gripping Darren's shoulder tightly, making him feel proud to maybe face the end with his comrades.