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Massacre Game: Final Round : Ascension
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<pkackerman@comcast.com>
Date: 9 May 2005, 7:40 AM

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"What in HELL?" AIM HERE yelled as a sniper round whizzed by his head. He ducked behind a boulder to avoid being sniped. He tossed a frag grenade over the boulder to clear any enemies.
     "Damn it, Assassin!" AIM HERE yelled at the sniper, "My callsign is AIM HERE, but you don't have to shoot at my head, you squid-head!"
     AIM HERE thought back to the start of the Final Round. Lord Thomas and Assassin had both arrived at the same time. Guilty spark had announced the beginning of the round. Assassin had found a sniper rifle, somehow had gotten and top of a Y-shaped building, and was sniping the other combatants.
     "I wish I could fly up there," AIM HERE said out loud.
     "Wish granted!" Lord Thomas yelled and fired a rocket at AIM HERE's feet. AIM HERE went flying and died when he hit the ground.
     YIN was in a bad mood. This arena was a sniper's paradise, which he was horrible when it came to sniping. But when he saw the Banshee, it made up for it. He hopped in and started hunting for targets.
     Terminator was chasing Demon Heretic with a shotgun when Demon Heretic jumped off a ledge and landed on a service ramp that didn't connect to much of the arena.
     "Take off your helmet, you can't be that ugly, Hahaha!" Demon Heretic taunted.
     "Why I outta..." Terminator snarled and jumped off the ledge. Sadly, Terminator jumped too far and missed the service ramp completely. As he fell to his death he had plenty of time to think what a shmuck he was.
     Guilty Spark appeared above the arena and said in a booming voice, "REMEMBER, IF YOU LOSE IN THIS ROUND YOU SHALL BE TURNED IN TO A FLOOD INFECTION FORM. HAVE A NICE DAY."
     After finishing this he was rudely rammed by the Banshee YIN was driving.
     Lord Thomas muttered something about gutting that annoying lightbulb with an energy sword. beforecoming out from cover to fire a rocket at Assassin. The rocket missed Assassin, but the Elite got the initial message to stop sniping.
     YANG ran to the middle of the arena with two SMGs and started firing at YIN.
     YIN brought the Banshee in to a strafing run, causing YANG to run for cover.
     Demon Heretic suddenly popped up outta nowhere and fired a rocket at the Banshee. The rocket missed the Banshee, but it nearly took Assassin's head off his shoulders. Assassin decided to snipe from a lower position than on top of the building.
     YIN turned around and brought the Banshee's secondary cannon online.
     Lord Thomas shouted a warning to YANG and Demon Heretic, "He's doing a bombing run. Take cover!"
     Demon Heretic ran to the structure opposite the one Assassin was sniping from. He had almost made it to the safety of the structure when YIN fired the Banshee's fuel rod gun. There was a explosion. When the smoke cleared, Demon Heretic was standing on the second level of the structure.
     "Overshield, you damn BICTHES!" Demon Heretic taunted over the Comm, "YIN, your mother was a pile of Elite crap, you Dunghead."
     YANG pulled outa battle rifle and fired a few bursts at Demon Heretic's head. The overshield saved him from death, so he backed in to the roofed area of the structure. A sniper round suddenly lodged itself in Demon Heretic neck. It didn't kill him, but it destroyed the overshield.
     YIN turned his attention back to YANG. YANG saw the Banshee prepare for a strafing run at his position, so he decided to find new cover. YANG ran as fast as his hooves would carry him. It wasn't fast enough. He felt the plasma burn through his back armour and begin frying his body. He embraced the pain,welcoming it into his body. His body became a boiling spot of flesh and bone on the arena.
     Having taken care of his archrival, YANG, YIN turned around to eliminate that taunting son of a Bitch, Demon Heretic. He was almost ready to fire the fuel rod gun when Lord Thomas hijacked the Banshee. He grabbed the spartan by the helmet and proceeded to bash YIN's head against the steering. It knocked YIN out, which gave Lord Thomas enough time to throw him over the edge of the arena, where he fell to his death.
     Lord Thomas turned the Banshee around and head towards Assassin's position. He pushed the Banshee to maximum speed.
     Assassin felt safe in the crotch of the Y-shaped structure until he saw Lord Thomas speeding towards him. He wouldn't, Assassin thought. Too late he realized that Lord Thomas was going to ram him to death.
     The Banshee's canards snapped like a twig as the Banshee crashed into the crotch of the Y-shaped structure and killed Assassin.
     Lord Thomas turned the damaged Banshee around and sped straight at Demon Heretic.
     "Hey BITCH," Demon Heretic taunted, "I got something for ya."
     Then Demon Heretic tossed a plasma grenade on the Banshee. Demon Heretic began to laugh until he saw Lord Thomas exit the Banshee and fire a rocket into Demon Heretic's chest. Oh No, not again, Demon Heretic thought a second before he was blown up.
     Guilty Spark floated down to Lord Thomas and said, "The new Massacre Game Champion is Lord Thomas!"
     "As for the losers," Guilty Spark continued, "They will be turned into a Flood infection form.
     The other combatants appeared before the Lord Thomas in containment units. The units filled with gas and the losers started shrinking. When the gas cleared, all that was left was infection forms.
          Lord Thomas snorted, "Let's go."
     In a flash of light they were gone.