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The Massacre Game: Round 3: Colussus
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<pkackerman@comcast.com>
Date: 5 May 2005, 1:21 AM

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A flash of light appeared in the forerunner gas facility. Lord Thomas jumped out and took a look around.
     "Where in Hell are we now?" Lord Thomas inquired.
     "You are in Colussus," 343 Guilty Spark answered, "My counterpart, 2401 Penitent Tangent is here as well."
     A red orb floated down from the ceiling and stopped by Guilty Spark.
     "Greetings, 2401 Pentient Tangent," 343 Guilty Spark said to the newcomer, "Meet Lord Thomas, winner of Round 2."
     "Excellent," 2401 Penitent Tangent said, "Now let us begin Round 3."
     With that the two monitors floated to the ceiling and in unison, "ROUND 3 BEGINS NOW!"
     Then the monitors vanished.
     Lord Thomas found a SMG on his belt. He grunted in disgust. Then he ran to one of the many doorways in the factory. Once inside, he looked around and saw a shotgun. He grabbed it and went hunting for his opponents.
     AIM HERE looked around as he was being chased by Demon Heretic. Again. He picked up speed as three rounds glanced off his armour. Then AIM HERE yelled, " I'm a cowardly fool!"
     He had one SMG. He ran into a room, looked around, saw a second SMG, grabbed it with his free hand, and hid behind a container that had been knocked off the conveyor belt. Then he waited.
     Demon Heretic fired another burst from his battle rifle. He had AIM HERE on the ropes. Again. He saw a him run into a room and sit by a container of gas. This will be too easy he thought.
     Assassin was walking around the arena looking for target. He had grabbed the human sniper rifle and a shotgun. He turned the corner and saw YIN and YANG both dead. 2401 Penitent Tangent floated down to the scene and flashed both of the bodies to the next arena and then disappeared. Assassin walked through the corridor when his hoof hit something. He looked down and saw a shotgun casing. Then he continued on.
     Terminator was running from Lord Thomas who was 10 feet behind him. He ran towards the plasma shaft that dominated the room. He jumped into the plasma stream and flew up to the top of the complex. He grabbed the beam rifle at the top and waited for Lord Thomas to come up.
     Lord Thomas came up the plasma shaft. When he reached the top he fired the shotgun point-blank into the top of Terminator's helmet as Terminator vainly fired the beam rifle at him. Terminator dropped dead after that.
     Then Lord Thomas dropped the SMG and picked up the Beam rifle. He sighted Demon Heretic. He fired the beam rifle, the beam of energy blasting a hole through Demon Heretic's head, killing him instantly.
     Assassin walked into the room AIM HERE was hiding in. He saw AIM HERE and fired his shotgun. He shot the gas container by accident. A explosion filled the room and killed AIM HERE anyway.
     After killing AIM HERE, Assassin walked around the complex again to check for enemies. Finding none he walked to the center of the room to go to the next arena. What he didn't know was he was being targeted.
     A beam of light flashed by Assassin's head. He quickly ducked into a corridor to avoid being shot. He grabbed a battle rifle and fired a burst at Lord Thomas. The rounds glanced off his shield causing him to duck.      Assassin ran to the plasma shaft, switched to his shotgun, and jumped in.
     When he reached the top, a beam blew off one of his mandibles. Lord Thomas ran from his cover and ran away from Assassin. Assassin tossed a frag grenade at Lord Thomas. The greneade exploded, depeleting Lord Thomas's energy shield. Lord Thomas turned the corner and ran into a dead end. He turned around to see Assassin at the end of the hall. Lord Thomas took out a plasma grenade, activated it, and tossed it at Assassin's head, where it landed neatly between Assassin's remaining mandibles. Assassin roared and charged Lord Thomas. Then the grenade blew up.
     2401 Penitent Tangent and 343 Guilty Spark floated down to the arena.
     "What a pity," Guilty Spark said and flashed the bodies to the next arena.
     "Good-bye, 343 Guilty Spark," 2401 Penitent Tangent said, "It has been a pleasure working with you."
     "Same to you, 2401 Penitent Tangent," Guilty Spark answered.
Then 343 Guilty Spark vanished in a flash of light.
     2401 Penitent Tangent floated off into the darkness.
To be continued...