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The Massacre Game:Round 2: Zanzibar
Posted By: Crazygrunt<pkackerman@comcast.com>
Date: 17 April 2005, 9:06 PM

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A flash of light appeared on the shore of where the Zanzibar complex was located. Lord Thomas and 343 Guilty Spark emerged from the light and landed on the ground.
"Where in Hell are we?" Lord Thomas asked Guilty Spark.
"You are at the Zanzibar complex, where Round 2 will begin shortly," 343 Guilty Spark answered. Then the blue orb floated above the arena and announced in a booming voice, "ROUND 2 BEGINS NOW!" and floated out of sight.
Lord Thomas ran towards the seawall and said out loud, "this is going to be a snap." He reached for the energy sword but found a submachinegun in its place. "WTF?" Lord Thomas roared angrily. He ran up the seawall's eroding steps looking for a better weapon when he saw the sniper rifle. He picked it up, grunted in satisfaction and went to find a place to snipe.

AIM HERE was having bad luck. The only weapon he could find was a plasma pistol and he was being chased by Demon Heretic, who had found a shotgun. He ran into the windmill complex, hoping to lose his pursuer,but to no avail. Demon Heretic followed him into the complex and cornered AIM HERE against three canisters with a weird light glowing from the symbols. To have the last word, Demon Heretic said, "Whoever places bets on you is an idiot," and fired the shotgun point-blank into AIM HERE's chest. AIM HERE's shield flickered, but AIM HERE was still standing. "WTF?" was last thing Demon Heretic said due to the explosion of the three canisters caused by the shotgun shell that blew with the force of nine frag grenades. AIM HERE was still standing, but his overshield was gone. He grabbed the shotgun and walked up the stairs.

YIN and YANG were dueling by dual-wielding weapons in front of the slow-turning windmill. YIN had a submachinegun in each hand, and YANG was using a needler in each hand. YIN had been firing nonstop, pausing only to reload. YANG, on the other hand, had just started firing.
"Ah, crap," muttered YIN, for he just emptied the last two clips in his SMGs, and the needlers'projectiles were beginning to penetrate his armor. He dropped one of the SMGs and pulled out a plasma grenade. YIN hurled the grenade at YANG's head,where it landed right between his eyes. YANG roared angrily and charged YIN. The plasma grenade exploded killing them.

Terminator was having a bad day. He was being chased by Assassin, who was carrying a rocket launcher. He rounded a corner and found a Gauss Cannon Warthog. "This should do nicely," he said to himself as he hopped in the driver's seat and put the pedal to the metal ran Assassin over. Then he hopped out and grabbed the rocket launcher and a shotgun that was nearby and jumped into the driver seat and took off.

AIM HERE saw the turret and grabbed the controls and saw Terminator get out of the Warthog, so he started firing at Terminator. Terminator jumped to reach the Gauss cannon. "Son of a Bitch!" AIM HERE yelled and ran in the complex as Terminator destroyed the turret. AIM HERE said to himself, "I need to destroy him from long range without coming too close to the that shotgun and rocket laucher." Then he saw some of those explosive canisters by the staircase.
Terminator walked into the complex looking for AIM HERE. Then, AIM HERE yelled, "Yo, metalhead, come and get me! I'm upstairs."
Teminator ran up the stairs. A explosion was the last thing he saw.
AIM HERE walked over to the corpse and picked up the rocket laucher and walked out of the complex. He hopped in a Ghost and started heading for the beach. Blam! BOOM! AIM HERE went flying from the Ghost and landed on his back. He looked around to see what destroyed the Ghost. Blam! AIM HERE ducked as a contrail sped over his head. Then he saw Lord Thomas taking aim at his head.
He ran towards the seawall yelling, "WTF Lord Thomas? My name may be AIM HERE, but it dosen't mean aim at my head!"
Blam! Another shot whizzed by his head. He ran up the eroding stairs of the seawall firing his battle rifle to keep his opponent's head down. He backed into a hole in the seawall, but didn't pick up the plasma grenades.
Lord Thomas parted his mandibles in a smile. the fool had backed in to the trap he had set up. He rolled a frag grenade down the path to the plasma grenades and waited.
AIM HERE heard the frag grenade land by the the plasma grenades at his foot and started to back up, but it was too late. BOOM! The grenades blew and killed AIM HERE.
343 Guilty Spark floated down to teleport him to the next arena. "Lets go," Lord Thomas said in a flat tone. In a flash of light they were gone.

To Be Continued...