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The Massacre Game: Round 1: Headlong
Posted By: CrazyGrunt<pkackerman@comcast.com>
Date: 11 April 2005, 7:42 PM

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The Massacre Games: Headlong

"Oh crap!" yelled the spartan called AIM HERE when he was hit a sniper round in the back. He started running towards a bridge yelling, "Oh crap!OH FVCKIN'CRAP!"when something blue landed on his head. "OMG!" AIM HERE screamed in agony. Then, BOOM! The plasma grenade that had landed on AIM HERE's head exploded, killing him.
"GOTCHA!" yelled another spartan called Demon Heretic who had been hiding underneath the bridge, walked over to AIM HERE's corpse to take the shotgun AIM HERE had been carrying. Demon Heretic threw his magnum to the ground and picked up the shotgun, then turned at sound of a motor starting near Headlong's tunnel.
"WTF?" He said to himself as he approached the tunnel. Oh fvck me, he thought when he saw the tank move out of the tunnel. He identified the driver as an elite called
Bullseye when the tank's turret turned towards his position.
"Son of a-"BOOM! The turret's main cannon fired, and the round impacted on Demon Heretic's head, blowing his corpse to bloody bits.
"Bullseye! Wortwortwort!" laughed Bullseye as he exited the tank. this brought about his downfall however, as he took a sniper round through his elongated forehead, killing him before he realized it.
"Bitch,"the elite called Assassin laughed as he walked towards Bullseye's corpse and proceeded to kick it with his foot. A frag grenade landed at his feet, and he jumped to avoid the blast, then proceeded to look for the source of the grenade. he didn't expect a attack from behind which was where another elite called Lord Thomas came up behind him and gutted him with an energy sword.
"Noob!"yelled Lord Thomas as he switched to the rocket launcher. He walked past the corpse and hopped in the tank. He parked it next to the bridge and proceeded to walk into the building nearby. As soon as he was inside he switched to the energy sword and walked up the stairs, watching his motion tracker for enemy movement. Finding none he went to the top floor of the building to do some reconissance. He couldn't see anyone from where he was but he knew they where there.
"Come on you bastards, I don't have all day,"Lord Thomas muttered while looking for enemies to kill. He mentally checked the number of opponents he was facing. There were eight combatants here, including himself. He had already seen four of his opponents die and be teleported to the next arena, so that meant three opponents had yet to reveal themselves. While he was pondering their whereabouts, a elite known as YANG was sneaking up behind him. Lord Thomas detected YANG on his motion tracker just before YANG was right at his back.
"Die Bastard!" YANG yelled, and charged at Lord Thomas.

"Sucker," Lord Thomas smirked and jumped backward over YANG and fired his remaining rocket at YANG's back. The rocket tore a hole through YANG's chest, spraying purple blood over YANG's steel&white armor. Lord Thomas dropped the spent rocketlauncher
and picked up the carbine his opponent had been carrying.

"Damn it," groaned the spartan known as YIN when he saw the tank moving through the tunnel towards his position. He already had to tangle with the spartan called Terminator and ended up killing him. YIN ran into the nearby building where he knew there was a shotgun. When YIN reached the place the shotgun was, it was still there. He stowed his SMG and picked up the shotgun, then ran up to the balcony opposite the ramp and waited for his enemy. The rumble of the tank ceased and every thing else was quiet.

Lord Thomas parted his mandibles in a smile. The spartan YIN had done what any combatant would do in his situation he grabbed the shotgun and hid on the balcony opposite the ramp.
"So predictable,"Lord Thomas chuckled. he walked over to the building parallel to the one YIN was in. He knew that there was active camouflage in that building and that the bridge linking the building had a sniper rifle laying on it. When Lord Thomas found the active camouflage, he activated it turning himself invisible. Then he strolled over to where the sniper rifle lay, dropped the carbine,and picked up the sniper rifle.

YIN was getting restless. His opponent hadn't come up the ramp yet. YIN decided to grab the sniper rifle that was sitting on the bridge outside. YIN walked very quickly towards the bridge to grab the sniper rifle when something very hot pierced his back. YIN looked down to see the blades of an energy sword sticking out of his chest."You A-hole," YIN said. Then everything went black.
Lord Thomas raised his energy sword in triumph. He had won the first round. A blue orb floated down out of the sky. Lord Thomas recongized the orb as 343 Guilty Spark.
"Congratulations! you've won the first round! Allow me to teleport you to the next arena," 343 Guilty Spark said. In a flash of light, they were gone.

To be continued...