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The Flood: A Force to be reckoned with (Part 4)
Posted By: crashedwarthog<wozza__610@hotmail.com>
Date: 28 August 2003, 6:07 AM

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Covenant Ship: New Beginning / 17:30 hours. -Monitoring Block: sector 7.

"My god. Send those troops some reinforcements now!" Jole' commanded. He watched his screen in pure pride as his force of just 88 warriors tried to battle the enormous blob of green that was the flood's army.

"They are certainly brave sir. The gods will be pleased by their performance." implied Fargo, the commander's assistant.

Planet Retina (RE-TEEN-A) Area 10, quadrant 3. "The Odysseys" crash site/ 17:31 hours.

The battle had only been going for 2 minutes, but about 20 Covenant soldiers had been killed. The flood were winning and the troops had no real chance from the moment they charged.
A group of elites were doing well, firing their plasma rifles, throwing grenades, and bashing the flood when they got too close. They seemed to be the only force standing up against the flood, as more and more troops fell.

"Sir the Covenant have engaged the flood." Reported Pvt. McCauley.

"Good God. How are they doing?" asked Sergeant Connors.

"Well sir they're down to about 30 troops. Not much of a resistance left."

"Well let's help 'em out shall we?"


"Private, if those Covenant can get rid of enough flood for us, we might be able to make a decent strike against that ship. That bird's our only way off this rock, and right now we stand no chance against the flood. My strategy is to let the Covenant destroy the flood. It'll just make our job that much easier."

"Understood sir. I'll go get the squad ready."

"Negative private. Get just 5 men and arm them with rocket launchers."

"Uhh, yes sir. On my way."

"Those Covenant are our only hope" Connors said to himself.

"Keep firing!!!" yelled Manatee, an experienced elite, who was trying to keep some order in his force.

All the grunts had been killed and just a few jackals were holding out on a small ridge. His squad of elites were still holding out, and none of them had perished...as of yet. Manatee struck out at a flood warrior snapping its spine, as it was about to finish off one of his elites. The elite nodded his thanks and got up to get clear so his shields could recharge.

Manatee could see a two elites fighting back to back, literally surrounded by flood. They didn't have a hope of surviving, but Manatee still wanted to help. He ran to the nearest flood and smashed his elbow into its back. He then fired a burst of plasma into its side and it fell limp in his arms. He ripped the grenade belt from its waist, primed a grenade, and threw it into a group of flood charging at the two elites. It blew them away, and gave the elites time to displace to a better position.

Manatee, knowing it was hopeless to continue fighting, ordered all his troops to fall back. He spun around and slammed the grenade belt into a flood, which primed the grenades inside it. He jumped and rolled away just when the grenades detonated. He smirked and turned to start running with his already retreating comrades.

He gazed upon the horizon of a cliff to his left, and saw 6 figures. He looked away to keep his balance while running, then looked up again. 5 human missiles shot out from the figures and smashed into different sections of the flood army. The pitiful humans were helping them! He looked back to see the damage that had been done, and then once again gazed upon the horizon. The figures had gone...without a trace.

Once the now tattered force of Covenant had reached the top of the hill, from whence they came, the sweet hum of dropships could be heard. Manatee ordered the last of his elites to make a final stand on the hill, while the hundred or so Covenant forces jumped out of their dropships and ran to help them.

Only 1 dropship needed to remain to pick Manatee and his men up, since only 6 of them were left. Manatee decided to stay behind, eager to slay more flood and help out The Odyssey's crew. The dropship took off, and sped away to the New Beginning, it's passengers ready for a good rest.

Covenant ship: The Odyssey: Command Center/ 17:43 hours

"What's the status on the battle outside?" asked the ships' commander.

"First wave ineffective sir. Their backup has just arrived and at least some of them were saved. Second wave is battling hard, and keeping a foothold on top of the hill."

"That's good then. How are our troops doing?" inquired the commander.

"Things aren't going well for them sir. At the last report, sector 12 came under attack. The troops in sector 1 and 2 were wiped out when they tried to close in on sector 3. I don't think we're getting that sector back sir."

"That is acceptable...for now Forta."

"Uhh, thank you sir. I appreciate it."

Just then, the radio perked up and plasma fire could be heard in the background.

"This is sector 12 reporting heavy flood resistance!! Request back-up now!!"

"Commander shall I give reinforcements?"

The commander sighed. "Very well Forta, send back up from sector 13."

The commander was annoyed. The same thing was happening over and over. A sector gets attacked. That sector requests back up. Back up is granted. They hold out. Another attack. The sector is thwarted, and the next sector reports they are under attack.


"Yes commander?"

"Get my armour and sword ready."

"Yes sir. Might I ask what you have planned sir?"

"Let's just say I'm tired of defense." The commander replied, a smirk on his face.