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The flood: a force to be reckoned with: Part 3
Posted By: crashedwarthog<wozza__610@hotmail.com>
Date: 23 July 2003, 8:54 AM

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Unknown Location on Planet Retina

His armour shone. His blade glowed. His arm tensed. His blade rose. His mouth opened. His legs ran. His arm swung. His blade sliced.........the marine fell.

Kame' laughed as red blood splattered on his gold plated armour. The humans were yelling their 'battle cries' at Kame', and charging him with their rifles blaring. His shields took a bashing, but he charged at them, not worried if he died or not. All he wanted was to avenge his squad members' deaths. He was surprised at how the humans were actually fighting bravely for once, since he had killed so many that were cowardly. He swung and sliced, but kept hitting air. The humans were too quick. They brought him down after what seemed an eternity to Kame', and he fell to his knees, resting his shoulder up against a large boulder, purple blood trickling out of his mouth. His sword was shattered, and his armour had holes through it.

He fell. He sputtered. He clawed the grass. He roared. His head was touched. He felt the steel. He heard the click ......... the elite fell.

Covenant Ship: New Beginning/ 14:57 hours.
-Monitoring Block, Sector 7.

"Sir, they're all dead." Said Ome', in his high pitched grunt voice.

"Dam it!", Jole' slammed his fist onto the holo-desk.

The elite had failed the prophets again. He had sent that squad to help out the downed Covenant ship, the Odyssey, since at that moment; they were the only troops ready for an assault. The Odyssey had crash-landed on the large planet, Retina. Apparently some of the flood that had infested that ship didn't get sucked into space. And without the Covenant knowing, the flood had infested every trooper that had walked into that area. Almost all of the infected Covenant were grunts, and occasionally a jackal or two. That area's sensors had been damaged by a previous battle, and so, the ship had a blind spot. Eventually the combat forms started to attack once they had the numbers, and the ship was once again infected. The flood found their way up and burst into the control room, but were quickly neutralized. But an elite who had backed up to the controls pressed against them fighting off the flood, and altered the ship's course, and they crashed.

All this came flooding back to Jole', how the Odyssey's commander had reported the situation and requested help, how his ship was the only ship in that region, and how he had sent his squad to their deaths. They were ambushed. He cursed those humans; he hated them almost as much as the flood. How they eluded the ships' sensors he did not know. How they even got on this planet he did not know. All he knew was that he would have his vengeance.

Covenant Ship: The Odyssey/ 15:02 hours.
-Control room

"We've lost control of sectors 4, 5, 6 and 7. They're taking us sector by sector" said Forta, the elite which had caused them to crash.

"What about sector 1 and 2?" said the ships' commander.

"They are intact sir. Since the flood started the infection on sector 3, they obviously want to keep coming up." Explained Forta.

"How is sector 8?"

"They report minimal resistance at this time"

"Good. So there are only about 20 more sectors that the flood needs to get through before they get here. Again." Said the commander, obviously angered, since there were about 150 sectors on the ship.

"Yes sir, 22 sectors to be precise"

"I want the forces in sector 21 and 22 to move down to sector 8 as quickly as possible." Ordered the commander. "If we use our troops wisely, we might not need too many reinforcements from the New Beginning."

Unknown location, now called Area 5 by Covenant/ 17:23 hours.

Squad Oscar moved along the grassy hillside, keeping watch for any movement. After 20 minutes of following November squads exact trail, they found the ambush site. A bloody mess of bodies, but not one weapon was found. Only a shattered wrist laser sword was left, still attached to the elite, whose hand was full of grass. 15 Covenant bodies, 1 human.

"This is squad Oscar. We've found the ambush site. Send the dropships now" said Moore' a veteran elite, with red armour.

5 minutes later the hum of the dropships' engines could be heard. 20 of them landed. Out of the possible 160 troops that could be carried on those 20 dropships, only 88 were sent. They began to move out, and followed their DOOP (direction of objective pointer) to The Odyssey. The ship was extremely damaged, and the Covenant knew it had had its share of bad luck. They walked up slowly to the ship, unaware of how many flood were inside the ship. They walked over another hill and had the full view of the port side of the ship. It seemed relatively intact, and that seemed to be the only good news. The flood had surrounded the outside of the ship and it seemed they were about to enter it.

The troops of the New Beginning knew they had to do something, even if it meant the ultimate sacrifice. They had to take as many of the flood down as they could to bide some time for The Odyssey so they could get more organised. From what the troops had been told, sectors 3 though to 9 had been taken over in a very short time.

The troops stood. The troops charged. The troops screamed. The troops fired. The ground shook. The enemy fired. The troops fought on.

Hey i hope you liked my 3rd edition to my series. I know it should've come sooner by i didn't have much time. I'm gonna write a 4th so dont worry. Peace out, punk on.