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The Flood: A force to be reckoned with (Part 2)
Posted By: crashedwarthog<wozza__610@hotmail.com>
Date: 10 May 2003, 1:24 AM

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Unknown Location
Covenant ship: Odyssey 1048 hours

"Right, lets get this door open", said Dato, the last red elite.

Even though the 3 Special Ops elites were of a higher rank, he was in command. Dato hoped Beta squad was still holding their position in the large storage bay, since his best friend Alto was part of it. The door had taken a lot of damage and as the grunt bypassed it, it screeched loudly and the sound could be heard echoing through the long purple corridors of the carcass littered ship. The remaining grunts and jackals went through the door first, and 1 of the grunts found the lights. Silence filled the room as they saw the horrible sight. Beta squad was no more. Light blue, purple, and brown blood was splattered all over the walls, and the covenant bodies were gathered in a corner for later use of the flood. Their bodies were mangled, but to the flood they would be useful. Through the thick pool of blood, Dato could make out at least one body. Alto. Dato hid his grief, as this was not the time. The other troops were starting to become edgy, with the fact that there was 0 resistance. Dato looked over to where he thought the flood would've have broken through. The 2 doorways, which were now a horrible mess of blood and large chunks of the doors, were filled with flood bodies and human weapons.

"Lets move!" ordered Dato, hiding his grief.

The troops followed him through 1 of the doorways and looked for every little piece of movement, especially watching the ceiling, as they had learnt from before. They reached the engine room, still encountering no resistance. This was really starting to freak them out.

"Jackals! Scout ahead and tell us what you find. Yell if you see anything!" commanded Rato, a black elite second in command.

"Grunts, make flanks for the jackals left and right." Said Dato, determined on keeping his control.

The jackals went out of sight behind the engine drive core. They didn't stay out of sight for long though. The enormous room lit up green, from the jackals' plasma pistols, as they retreated. The doors behind Echo squad closed, and Dato could see the lights on the door on the other side of the room go from red, to grey. They were trapped. Flood seemed to come from every direction, but the covenant force fought on. A lowly grunt named Shelze', ran for the engines manual controls. Dato and the other elites realised what he was doing, and gave him covering fire. Shelze' reached the controls and powered up the engines. Back in the control room, the ship commander saw the white light on his panel flash, and he knew they were saved. He grabbed hold of the controls and began to ascend. Shelze' felt the ship moving and jumped for joy. He momentarily forgot about the firefight going on around him, until he heard the squirming of a carrier form. He jumped out of the way just in time to get away from the explosion, but the infection forms were propelled after him, and they latched on, slowly killing the grunt, who had just saved the covenant ship from the clutches of the flood. Hundreds of infection forms poured out of a vent, and were quickly taking down the rest of the jackals and grunts. The elites battled on as hard as they could, but like thousands of others, their utmost wasn't enough and the flood overpowered them. Dato was the last to fall; only he didn't die from the flood. He grabbed a plasma grenade from his belt and stuck it to his chest. He charged the flood attackers and they surrounded him. The explosion killed almost all of the flood in the engine room, and Dato died instantly, barely suffering at all as the walls of the huge room lit up a magnificent light blue.

As soon as they reached space, the ships commander ordered all troops to rendezvous at hanger 12 and nowhere else. The troops responded as they knew what the commander had in mind. As soon as all the squads and their remaining men had been accounted for, all the doors to the control room, and hanger 12, sealed off, and the ships' vacuum opened up. The remaining flood attackers were flung out into space, and without oxygen, they shrivelled up and died. When they were about to go into slipstream, a huge explosion sounded and the Pillar of Autumns' engines blew. The Odyssey was struck with an incredible force, and the engines were, once again, knocked out of commission. The ship floated helplessly, and as the commander looked on his radar screen, a human fighter flew past, and after all he'd been through, he let it go by.

Well there it is, chapter 2. 3's comin soon so dont think it's over. Peace out. Punk on.