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The Flood: A force to be reckoned with (Part 1)
Posted By: crashedwarthog<wozza__610@hotmail.com>
Date: 8 May 2003, 11:43 AM

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Swampy area, possible weapons cache. 0724 hours.

"We are foobar," said pvt. James Johnson.

"Damn it Johnson! Fire your weapon!" ordered Sgt. Cappy.

The two marines retreated as the flood pressed on, keeping them on the move the whole time. They'd just encountered the flood for the first time, and already they had lost countless men. They ran down a long corridor where they passed heaps of dead bodies, too mangled even for the flood to use them. Obviously they had fallen victim to the flood's many tentacle lashings and suppressive fire from their own weapons.

"Oh crap..." said Sarge as he realized that, even though they were faster runners than the flood, there was no point in running. A dead end.

"Oh man! We're trapped in here! We're screwed man, screwed!" Johnson remarked

They turned around, to face the unstoppable enemies. With a sudden urge of courage, they both loaded fresh clips into their MA5B's and as the infection forms got closer, they opened fire. They must've killed at least 50 infection forms, but it still wasn't enough. There were too many. As soon as they had emptied their clips, the flood overwhelmed them, and their screams of pain could not be heard, just like all the others.

Unknown Location: 1032 hours
Covenant ship:Odyssey

"Hehehe, me be your...friend?" said Dente' the grunt, as an elite mutant held it's rifle to the little grunts' head.
The answer, of course, was no, and light blue blood splattered over the Odyssey's walls. The Covenant ship was, like most of the others, overrun by the flood. Jackals, grunts, and elites were constantly falling, as the flood charged with their frequent suicide attacks. Technicians were trying to seal as many doors as possible to prevent the flood from proceeding any further. They got 4 of the 6 doors to the storage bay sealed, while infection forms and mutants, pressed on through the other 2. Fuel rod gunners fired into the doorways, while the remaining stragglers fired into the green explosions. One jackal couldn't handle the pressure, and let go of his trigger. His powered up bolt smashed into a red elite, whose shields depleted straight away.

"NOOOOOO!" he yelled and about 20 infection forms smothered him squirming on each other to get a feed.

A grunt threw a plasma grenade into the doorway, but it connected with a charging elite mutant. It ran straight back at the stunned grunt and blew both of them onto the deck above. A few infection forms jumped at an elite, but he dodged them, and continued firing into the green abyss, not worried as his shields would protect him from their parasitic tentacles. The little bloodsuckers then turned their attention to the technicians, who had just sealed the other 2 doors. The squids attached themselves to 1 of the technicians, who ran around, his arms flailing wildly, with his intense pain.

A grunt yelled, "Hold still, hold still!"

But an elite just shot the poor bugger dead on the spot, taking out the infection forms as well with a few bursts of his plasma rifle. The last blue elite then checked his motion sensor. The flood were still waiting on the other sides of the doors. There was no way they could destroy the flood, with only about 12 of them left, 16 including the fuel rod gunners, in this storage bay anyway. The firefight was still going on throughout the ship. Their squads' objective had failed. They originally had to secure 2 of the halls that lead to the engine room. The controls in the command center had been taken offline, by an unexpected attack by a few flood mutants. All hope was lost for the few left. They would never get off this ring, and soon the flood would break down the doors, and it would be all over. The elite hoped that the other strike teams on the ship had done better than they did.

And they were. 4 black elites, 3 red elites, 30 grunts and jackals, were holding their position well. The flood had broken through the floor on the deck above them and were pouring out of the newly created hole. With their suicide attacks and a seeming never-ending supply of reinforcements, they looked as though they had control. But then 2 hunters came out of a sealed door to their right, and fired their guns taking out half the flood attackers. They then charged the flood and killed the rest of the mutants, swinging their shields ferociously. They could not reach the smaller parasites, which burrowed into both hunters backs. The hunters eventually gave up, overwhelmed by pain. The rest of the Covenant force, dealt with the infection forms easily, and then tried to complete what beta squad could not: reactivate the engines in the engine room.

Hope you liked it! Part 2 is coming very soon. Peace out, Punk on.