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Posted By: Cpt Crapper<aznintegra023@yahoo.com>
Date: 11 December 2004, 2:46 AM

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The Unknown Hero

Author's Note: It's been 2 long years since I wrote my first fan fiction story for the old Halo FFP, headed by Ryan. Well ever since its death, I've been writing stories that I wish to continue one day, but I think they've been deleted or something. But o wells, that was the past. Now I decided to write a story that has been cropping up in my mind a lot ever since I started playing Halo 2. Who were the people that were behind the scenes, the intelligence gatherers? Bungie had left that completely out of the story, and after reading the Fall of Reach, I found out that Eric Nylund had filled the missing gap for me, by creating ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence). I was intrigued by ONI, and I decided to write a fan fiction about ONI who is most likely involved in special weapons development and spying, like many national security agencies, like the CIA. The story is revolved around an ONI field officer that is sent on a mission, investigating a excavation team that ONI had lost contact with, ever since the Covenant invasion.

Now without further ado, I present to you...

The Day That Would Never Come

"Jack. I know what you're thinking. You think you're going down to save the marines in the area, but our mission orders don't permit that." Snake sighed as his commander relayed the mission details. It had been two hours even since ONI was put on high alert, due to the battle of the orbit. But on the ground, a few Capital ships have landed on Earth, where the marines and ODSTs were being mobilized for a counter attack. But Snake's mission would be different from the marines.

"Yeah... I know." A burly man in black fatigues looked out from the passenger cabin. He could see the small makeshift base he was 15 minutes ago, now a large flaming wreckage. Colonel Fox was right, he couldn't waste his times getting into fire fights. It would waste time and ammo. If there were any large fire fights, he would let the marines handle it. The only thing on his mind was the mission. "Just exactly where is the excavation site?"

"Two clicks north from your drop off. Don't expect that many marines in the area. Most were wiped out by Covenant drop teams. It is useful to find any wandering marines to help you on your mission, but you do not help them engage any large fire fights. Remember, time is of the essence, here." Colonel James Fox was a decorated veteran with a lot of missions under his belt, and many medals also. He wished he could be able to jump out of the Pelican and into the forest, but his fighting days were over, and were left to his last apprentice, Snake.

"I would be careful if I were you, Snake. Remember your last training exercise?" Fox continued the briefing.

"Yeah... it shouldn't even be called an exercise, maybe a warm up."

"Don't get cocky on me. The exercise was specially designed for the mission you're in now."


"And when you land, find some cover immediately. If you landed without getting seen by Banshee patrols, we would've already pushed the Covenant back into space."

"Isn't that a nice thought, sir?" Snake smirked. But his eyes soon narrowed as he saw two Banshees come into view. Snake got out of the passenger seat and walk towards the door, and slammed his fist on the door to get the pilot's attention. "We got company! Two Banshees coming into firing range!"

"SHIT! Ok, we're almost to the LZ. Just hold tight and get on that gun!" The pilot yelled. Snake ran back to the gun turret that was latched onto the Pelican. He felt the safety pin and unlocked it. He then cocked the run and began to rotate his body, the turret with him. "Sir, we got some Banshee patrols. I need to lay down some fire in order to get to the LZ."

"Affirmative. Take out the Banshees and get to the LZ. Remember, the site is two clicks to the North. Don't try to get spotted. Remember, you're only armed with a silenced M6D. Don't worry, if you get out of rounds, there will be routine ammo sites that have been abandoned. Once you get to the excavation site, find out what happened to the excavation crew. Good luck, Snake." Snake heard the Colonel click off the COMM link and he began to watch as his crosshair lined up with one of the Banshee's wing. He closed his eyes and his muscles tensed as he held the trigger down.

"Take them down! We're almost to the LZ! And there is a rocket launcher in the compartments! Use it if they're getting to close." Snake watched as the turret rounds finally hit the left wing of one of the Banshees. He felt the vibrations go through his arms as the turret let out a hail of lead towards one of the Banshees. He saw fragments come off bit by bit, until the wing had become a small frame. He then rotated to the other wing and let the turret loose. But now the Banshees began to fire off torpedoes and plasma rounds.

"Hold on tight! We' already at the LZ! Jump off! We'll take care of the Banshees! Good luck!" Snake grunted in reply as he got off the turret and watched as one of the Banshees exploded into a blue flame and crashed into the trees below. Snake then walked towards the cargo door and looked down. He then nodded thumbs up to the pilot and jumped off into the LZ, a small clearing in the forest. As he was descending into the ground below, he could see that the remaining Banshee had caught up to the Pelican and had let loose a green torpedo straight through the cabin of the Pelican.

BOOOMM! Snake saw the Pelican explode from the inside out and crash into the ground below. This wasn't the first time Snake had seen death come so easily. On one of the outer colonies, Snake could one engagement, where a marine squad was retreating from a battle into a forest, but they were cut off by Spec Ops Elite. One by one, each of the marines fell to the ground, twitching as a plasma sword seared through their bodies. Snake now shook off the horrible memory and braced for impact as he landed.

THUDD! Snake hit the ground hard and rolled until he was upright. He quickly disengaged the parachute and the oxygen supply. He looked around, checking if there were any Covenant teams that were heading towards the downed Pelican. Snake then opened the COMM link and entered the frequency for Colonel Fox. "I'm on the ground now. My air support is gone, taken out by a Banshee."

"Sorry to hear that, Snake. They're deaths weren't in vain. Continue with the mission. Two clicks north." The Colonel again clicked off the COMM link, and Snake took out his combat knife and his pistol. He looked out through the forest and saw the smoldering Pelican. That would be his first objective, to find and salvage any weapons that would help him on his mission. Snake then stood up and began to move silently, his gun and combat knife out in front of him, if any wandering Jackals were moving towards the crash site.

Snake moved out of the clearing and into the forest. He began to relax slightly, before letting his muscles tense. He was a one-man army, in a Covenant filled area. He moved silently towards smoldering fire he saw in the distance. He figured the smoldering fire was the downed Pelican he had been on earlier.

A few minutes later, Snake was looking into the passenger cabin of the downed Pelican. He now began to calculate the time if any Covenant patrols were sent to the area, while he opened the compartments and saw that there were ammo rounds specifically for Snake's modified pistol. He took the rounds and put them in his pack. But another thing had caught his eye, a standard issue M-7 Submachine gun that was on the floor. He picked the SMG off the ground and checked if the gun was still intact. He loaded a clip into the magazine.

"Hmm... this could be useful later on," He now put the SMG into his combat pack and then took out some plastic explosives and plastered them onto the wall. But before he detonated the explosives, he broke open the cockpit door and saw the pilot's dog tags still on the pilot's mutilated body. He ripped off the dog tags and put them in his pocket. It didn't matter if this was a breach of mission orders; the pilot was in the same place as Snake was. Snake then lit the fuse on the plastic explosives and ran out of the Pelican and into the forest.

BOOOM! The Pelican exploded, its interior too mangled and hard to decipher, so that the Covenant won't find anything when they arrived here. But Snake would be long gone, moving towards his objective. "Commencing SILENT AVENGER now..."