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Without Remorse
Posted By: Cpt Crapper<aznintegra023@yahoo.com>
Date: 6 December 2004, 4:03 AM

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Without Remorse Pt. 1

      It was the year 2552, the aftermath after the Fall of Reach, and the mysterious destruction of an entire Covenant armada, and the valiant effort of the Pillar of Autumn and the only Spartan to survive the destruction
of Reach, the Master Chief, he who strikes fear into the hearts of the Covenant leadership and its warriors alike. But where was the Master Chief now? The Covenant had broken through the largest orbital defense ever assembled in the history of mankind, and now half of its fleet had landed on Earth in separate positions all around the globe, like a evil plant and its veins grow longer and larger each and each day, as the UNSC forces dwindle lower and lower, by the
passing day. The only main point the UNSC can still hold over is the continent of Australia, where the High Command's
main base is located at. The last few days have been hectic for 'NavySpecWar' team Zulu, 2nd Platoon, Delta
Company, who had been taking out Covenant footholds near the nearby UNSC makeshift base. All 1st Lieutenant
Rodney Chambers was thinking of how long his squad had been moving through the night.

"Halt. This is Point Charlie." The squad leader of the 'Silent Ninjas' stopped and turned around. He surveyed his men. These were supposed to be the best of the best the marines and ODST had to offer. So far they were able to prove that they had a right to be in the 'Silent Ninjas'. None of his men were wounded, due to the last engagement, where the squad had accidentally stumbled upon a Covenant scouting squad near an abandoned bunker. Luckily the Covenant had been resting and didn't notice the fragmentation grenade that had landed in the small tight room of the bunker. The sergeant smiled, at the thought of two hours ago. He began to speak again, "Intel from above points out this is where a Covenant crash site is. It's supposed to hold something pretty important. We're here to secure the Covenant crash site and hold off any Covies until two DTC-77 Pelicans drop by and relieve us of our duties and we go back to base."

"Fire Team Alpha and Bravo will be assisting us in this little mission. Alpha team will be a clic away, good range or reconnaisance, while Bravo is coming towards us." The Sergeant pulled out a map from his pack and unraveled it. It
showed the area that squad was in right and the outlying area. He pointed to a small hill that looks isolated, a mile
away, giving Alpha a perfect view of the crash site. Right now, Zulu had been moving through the tall grass silently,
and then the sergeant raised his head up and peered over the grass. Rodney looked up and saw the downed Phantom
ship. This was probably the first time Rodney had ever saw a downed Phantom ship during the whole invasion, since
most of the time he ever saw Phantoms, it meant that more
Covenant reinforcements were coming towards the battle

"This is Fire Team Alpha. We are at Point WATCHTOWER. The package is currently under control by 6 Elites, probably
a Spec Ops Team. Over." Sergeant Willy Johnson clicked off the COMM link. His team, Fire Team Alpha was currently
on top of a hill, hiding in the greenery there, since the Covenant might have a recon squad, around the area like his
team had done. Smart bastards, Willy smirked. He turned around and adjusted his scope a mile away from the
downed Phantom and saw that the Covenant had created a small makeshift base in the area, from the remains of the
Phantom, onto of a small hill. "Fuck... they got a Wraith with them."

"This is Bravo team, we are with Zulu Team now, and we see a Covenant Wraith and a few stationary guns. Alpha,
I'm going to call in air support. Over." Bravo Team Corporal Mazerick looked through his NVGs. One Wraith, and
three stationary guns, a small group that can hold a group of marines at bay,
Mazerick thought as he put the
binoculars back into his pack and opened a link to the nearest UNSC base. "This is Corporal Mazerick from
'NavySpecWar' team Bravo, 2nd Platoon, Delta Company. We are near the 'package' and require some air support."
"Bravo team, this is UNSC base DAGGERSHAFT, we copy. I will send a small strike team of two Longswords and a
Pelican with a Marine team to assist you. Estimated time until arrival is 4 minutes, if there are those damn Banshee
raids around our area. Over." Mazerick clicked off the COMM and relayed the message to Alpha team, who was still on
top of the hill. Now they would wait six minutes for a strike. For six minutes, Bravo and Zulu team would now have to move silently through the grass and be able to take out the Spec Ops Elites while the two Longswords take out the
Wraith and the stationary guns. Then if any Covenant reinforcements were to come into the area, Alpha Team would
dispose of them quickly, since they have a view of the area. Bravo and Zulu Team will escort the Marines and the
package onto the Pelican and then hold perimeter while the small air force will move back to base. This would have to
be done quickly, before any of this will be noticed by any Covenant forces in the area.

During the six minutes, the two teams carefully checked and rechecked their weapons and kept watch if there was
any movement at the crash site and the Wraith. The Corporal took the time to give the two squads a briefing on what
the package was about, intelligence that regular marines and ODST units would never get. 'NavySpecWar' missions
and its participants are never known to the general public, and most missions are for intelligence and gathering of
artifacts from the Covenant. In general, these operations by 'NavySpecWar' are for ONI. "Alright, heres whats up. We
got a artifact that the brass wants, and theres six Elites and a Wraith, and three grunts on stationary guns. Once the
crash site is secured, the ODSTs will set up a perimeter and Zulu team will bring the artifact into the ship and get a
lift to base. Alpha and my team will stay here and dispose of the Phantom. Then we will return back to base on foot
with the ODST unit. I want this mission clean and fast, without error. We'll be back in HighCom no sooner that 6 in
the morning. Alright, men, lets move out."