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Chapter 02: Fallen Angel
Posted By: Cpt Crapper<aznintegra023@yahoo.com>
Date: 29 May 2003, 2:03 PM

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Annals of the Angels
2030 hours
UNSC Strike Base Charlie

"Commander, there have been sightings of a Spartan II near the Congo Basin. It seems that a Covenant cruiser is in the Eastern Provinces. It seems that a small detachment of marines are in the area. " Cameron Briggs told the Commander John Walker from his post. It had one hour since the reestablishment of the UNSC outpost and he would have to postpone Phase 4. John looked out at the map of Africa and saw that two Covenant cruisers were on the ground and at least 2000 Covenant infantry and vehicles were in the area. It would have to take stealth and destruction of the Covenant cruisers to take out the ground forces in the area. But he had to find the Master Chief.

"Ensign, tell the 2nd and 4th Companies to get ready and advance to the Congo Basin." John told the ensign.


"Chief! Covenant dropships are inbound!" Cortana told the Spartan II. It had been three days since the Master Chief was pushed back into the Congo Basin. He was commanding the main UNSC outpost in front of the Congo Basin and he arrayed his forces. But his force of 1,000 marines and 50 vehicles still couldn't even stem the tide of the Covenant forces. Beaten back with heavy losses the Master Chief was beaten back into the Congo Basin.

"Cortana, is there any UNSC marines in the area?" The Master Chief aimed his SMG at the small phalanx of Jackals and started firing. BBBBTTTT! The Jackals were caught from behind as the Spartan broke the phalanx of Jackals, and more Covenant forces came out of the dropships and the Master Chief took out his M6D pistol and let loose 3 rounds into an Elites head.

"Chief! There are two companies of UN marines advancing toward the Congo Basin! It seems that they are under the 17th UN Defense Fleet's control. You have to hold out for four hours until they arrive." The Chief nodded as he smacked his pistol at a grunt that strayed too close and fell on the ground. The Chief let loose a round and threw the pistol down. There were no more rounds.

BTTTTTTTTT!!!!! The Spartan let loose the SMGs in his hands and watched as the remaining Covenant infantry fell to the ground dead. The Creeps began to ascend in the air while the Master Chief let loose the last of his rounds and as a parting shot; he threw a plasma grenade at the hull of the ship.

"Nice stick." Cortana murmured.

"Thanks." The Spartan replied, and saw that the dropship now exploded and its fragments littered all over the ground.

The Chief looked at the bodies and saw that a needler was on the ground with small cartridges of ammo next to it. He kicked the dead grunts body next to the Needler away from the weapon. The Chief picked the Needler up and loaded it up. In the distance, he heard gunfire in the distance. The Chief then walked out of the clearing and saw through the IR sensors that six marines were pinned down behind a rock. A small platoon of Elites was firing toward the pinned marines and the Chief let loose the whole cartridge at the lead Elite.

"ARGHHHH!" The Elite yelled as the crystal needles impacted its chest and exploded. The Elite fell on the ground dead as the Master Chief threw another plasma grenade and the platoon soon was on the ground dead. The marines thanked the Master Chief and told him that there was more marines pinned down in the southern area ever since the battle at the outpost. There were still at least 400 marines surviving and soon the two companies that were advancing toward the Basin would reinforce them.


"Alright boys. We're almost near the Basin. Just an hour left." The Pelican pilot told Major Anthony Gomez, who looked at his 6th Platoon of the 2nd Marine Company. It had been three hours since the 4th and 2nd Marine Companies had departed from the UNSC Strike Outpost Charlie. There was no Covenant resistance in the area ever since the Covenant outpost was destroyed.

"Gomez! Are you there?!" Commander John Walker barked over the COMM link. Gomez looked at the radio and put his mouth toward it.

"Sir?" Gomez answered. He fingered the custom Ma5b in his hand.

"Get ready to land right now. You and your men have to get down and take out a Covenant convoy moving toward the outpost." John then ordered the Pelican dropship to land in the clearing of thickets and tumbleweed. He had just found out the reports of the Covenant convoy near the outpost. Only Gomez and his squad would have to land and take out the explosives in the head of the Convoy.

"Yes sir, pilot. Land the Pelican in behind that small stream." The Pelican now began to descend. The Pelican soon landed on the ground and Gomez and his men jumped out and Gomez saw that the convoy was at least two miles away. The Pelican dropship began to ascend and go back toward the base.

"Alright men. Our mission is to try to take out a Covie convoy. If we don't succeed, we have to return to base on foot, and defend it to the end. Intel reports say that there are explosives in the front, middle, and the back of convoy. Try to stick grenades and fire at them. They'll detonate and probably scatter the convoy. From there, take them out head on." Gomez briefed his men as the Covenant convoy came into the clearing. Only five minutes to get his men into position.

"All units, ready?" Gomez's voice ripped from each of his squad mate's radios as the convoy was in the road. Gomez looked out from behind a rock on top of a hill. His other men were all around the convoy, waiting for it to get into the middle of the road. The Covenant convoy began to climb down the hill. It had at least 100 Covenant infantry defending its flanks and a small squad of Ghosts patrolling in the front. Finally the whole convoy reached the middle of the road.

FWTTT! Gomez threw the plasma grenade and watched as his men threw the plasma grenades. At least 2 of the grenades stuck on the middle explosives vehicle. Gomez then threw a regular UNSC grenade and watched it land in the squadron of Ghosts. BOOOM! The Ghosts were cluttered around the first explosive vehicle. He watched as the middle explosive video exploded while the plasma grenades erupted. Then Gomez opened fire in the haze, hoping that he would at least take out most of the infantry. His men finally came in with more grenades in the convoy and a hail of lead. As the smoke cleared, the remaining Covenant retaliated. They aimed blindly, since they were caught off surprise. Most of the convoy was gone and the all of the explosive vehicles erupted and all that was left were small groups of Elites, Grunts, and Jackals hiding behind the vehicle. Two Brutes were looking around dumbly, trying to find where Gomez's squad was.

FTTT! BOOOM! Gomez let his last grenade fly and reloaded the Ma2b. After two minutes of intense gun fighting, Gomez looked to see that there were no more survivors of the convoy. He smiled, since he had no casualties from his squad. Finally after two minutes of waiting in the ruins of the convoy, reinforcements began to arrive. It seemed from their news that the Master Chief was found and was transported back into the recaptured outpost in the north. The 2nd and 4th Companies were reinforcing the outside of the Congo Basin, while the Master Chief and his remaining forces were at the southern outpost.

It had reached sundown as Gomez felt the concrete in the recently recaptured outpost in the Congo Basin. He looked at the base and saw a lot of marines running about, into Pelicans. Most of Southern Europe is under the 17th Fleet's control, but Gomez knew that the Eastern Provinces would be harder to eliminate since there were two cruisers in the area...


"Commander, the Congo Basin is under our full control and the remaining Covenant forces in the area are destroyed. The Master Chief and his forces are ready to take out the cruisers while we wait for the 19th's fleet's deployment from Britain." The Ensign told John as he walked up to the main command post. His fleet would have to wait for the Covenant small fleet to assault the northern outpost before he can send more men into the field. But the Eastern Provinces seem hard put to it, but it will soon be cleared since the Master Chief would be there to destroy the cruiser...