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Posted By: Cpt Crapper<mysticblade0012@yahoo.com>
Date: 27 May 2003, 12:32 AM

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Operation Safe Haven

2 miles off South Africa
3201 hours

"Commander, all of our forces are in the assembly area. No enemy sightings in the perimeter." Commander John Walker looked out from the UNSC Fallen Angels. The ship was the lead flagship of the 17th UN defense force in Southern Africa. Ever since the invasion of the Covenant forces in the area, the UNSC forces were bitterly fighting against the bulk of the Covenant.

"Tell the fleet to execute Phase 1." John told one of the ensigns near his large data screen. The ensign began to type in the access code to the other UNSC ships in the area to execute Phase 1...


"All UNSC Sky Hawk fighters get to your stations immediately! Repeat, all UNSC Sky Hawk fighters, to your post! Operation Safe Haven Phase 1 is on go!" The intercom was heard while hundreds of pilots were running to their designated ships. Captain Jeff Augustrad ran to his Sky Hawk, the Black Arrow. He smiled as he climbed the small maintenance ladder and felt the familiar controls of the Sky Hawk. He then began pressing the engine buttons and watched as his fellow pilots began to exit the hangar bay. Two Sky Hawks were out of the hangar bay while Pelican dropships began to descend low to the waves to evade any opposition while Jeff and his fighters loomed high above the waves in a tight formation.

"All UNSC Sky Hawk fighters, this is Commander John Walker. We are going to execute Phase 1 of Operation Safe Haven. In order for this operation to work. We need you to clear any Covenant heavy weaponry on the beach. Try to take out the infantry too. And when all of the heavy weapons are gone, keep a descent around the beach until the dropships unload our forces. Good luck and Godspeed." John told his UNSC Sky Hawk fighters as many of them were making prayers in their cockpits as they heard the Commander speak. Jeff bowed his head and looked at his picture of his family, who were killed from the Covenant forces that tried to push up through the Caribbean Sea.

"Alright boys and girls. Let's rock and roll!" Jeff yelled over the COMM channels as he saw the beach. Hundreds of Covenant infantry forces and weaponry were poured all over the beach as two Sky Hawks began to accelerate and let loose a napalm bomb on the Covenant forces. Hundreds of blue streaks were seen in the air as the Sky Hawk fighters evaded the large hail of return fire from the Covenant forces that were on the beach. Jeff then ordered his squad to go low on the water and try to scatter their forces from their frontal assault from the eastern side of the beach, where the beach ended.

BTTTTTTT! Jeff held onto the machine gun triggers as he flew through the Covenant ground forces with his AA guns blazing. After a tense 50 seconds of skimming through the beach, Jeff pulled out of the fray and saw the result of his squadron's assault. A large smoke was over the beach and it seemed that most of the Covenant forces in the area were fleeing behind the destroyed heavy weaponry. Jeff then turned his fighter around and saw a Sky Hawk fighter descending with smoke from its engines.

"Hey L 5. Are you alright?" Jeff asked as he ascended his Sky Hawk out of the remaining forces in the area.
"I'm falling! Noooooo!" The Sky Hawk crashed into the beach with a large haze of smoke coming from its engine before it exploded in an orange fireball. Jeff turned away and descended back into battle. It seemed that two other Sky Hawk fighters crashed on the beach and one of the Sky Hawks crashed in the water. Jeff then saw that the pilot jumped out with a standard MA5b and started firing back at the ground forces in the area. But it deemed that he was soon dead in a couple of seconds as a stray grenade bounced next to him and then it seemed after five minutes of intense air strikes, the beach was under most of the UNSC fleet's control. John Walker smiled as he heard the beach was taken, but he then turned into sorrow as he heard the casualties.

"From our scanners, there were at most 800 infantry forces that died, and 500 vehicles that was destroyed in the beach also. But there were at least 5 casualties of Sky Hawk Pilots. Their deaths were not in vain..." John Walker told the fleet again as the Sky Hawk fighters began to return back to base. Jeff smiled as he saw the hangar bay and he decelerated and landed into the bay. He jumped out of the Sky Hawk and saw the solemn faces of the other pilots... it had been a regular day in the 17th UN Defense Fleet...


"Alright boys. We're almost at the LZ." Pelican pilot Mary Charles told Sergeant Mendoza and his squad. It had been 2 minutes since the Commander gave his speech of the Phase 1 and it had been a success. The beach was littered with bodies and debris of the Covenant that defended the beach. A large haze of smoke was still in the area and small flames were still in the area as the Pelican descended at the beach, and opened the cargo doors...

"Let's move! Go around the area and regroup after evaluation near the crashed Sky Hawk!" Sergeant Mendoza told his squad as his men jumped out first and he locked his Ma2b and loaded a large magazine round and jumped out of the Pelican and felt the sand and saw that an overturned Wraith was right in front of him. He quickly ran toward it, being aware that there may be still snipers in the area. He stooped and saw that a mangled Elite body was on the ground next to him. He turned away and turned on his IR goggles. It was nighttime...

"Sergeant Mendoza! What is your status?" Captain John Whitford barked over the COMM channel.

"No Covenant infantry on the beach anywhere, sir." Mendoza told the Captain as his squad began to run back to him. It seemed that all of the Covenant infantry were gone and it seemed that the Pelican forces could deploy 17th fleet's forces in the area.


"The patrol squad reports that the beach is clear and they have set a perimeter around the beach." John looked at the data screen and saw that Phase 2 was about to be executed. The large force of 17,000 marines, 3,000 vehicles were under his control. It seemed that he could push through Southern Africa and try to find any UNSC marine forces that still lived in the area. The Covenant forces had landed in the Middle East and the tribal leader had led an assault against the bulk of the Covenant forces, but was destroyed in fast time and the Covenant forces pushed through Africa, taking out most of the UNSC outposts in the area. Rumors were that the last Spartan had arrived from the Ring world of Halo, and it seemed that he was in Africa among the remaining forces in the area...

Authors Note: This is the prologue to my new Fan Fiction project called the Annals of the Angels, noting to the large push of UN marines under the control of John Walker to regain control of Africa and help scatter the large tide of Covenant forces in the area and stem the tide. I hope you enjoyed this prologue...