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Halo: Aftermath 02
Posted By: Cpt Crapper<mysticblade0012@yahoo.com>
Date: 14 May 2003, 3:29 PM

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Chapter 002: Invoking the Faction

"Get a signal on where that rocket launched!" The Chief then looked out of the glass windows and ducked down as he heard another rocket blast come into the room. BOOOM! The Chief saw a small trail of the rocket and he ducked as another rocket came into view and the office room was once clean and organized, but it was now a broken hell with bullet holes all over the wall. Chief.... I found the rocket launcher trail and it seems to be from a Spartan III. A Recon Spartan with an Sp54 and an IR tracker. Cortana told the Chief as he saw the Gray Armored Spartan in the building directly opposite from him.

"We're stuck! There's a Spartan III firing at us like hell and we can't find him! The only way is to get out of here on a airship!" Fox yelled as another rocket blew open a deck into pieces. The Chief heard inside his helmet Cortana mumbling through the building blue prints. I got it Chief! We have to go to the elevator and to the top! From there, specs show a hangar bay for UNSC Pelican dropships! We have to hurry if there are still marines in the area! Cortana told the Spartans as they ran into the bullet filled elevator.

VRROM! The elevator began to vibrate as the Chief saw the meter; it was on the 100th floor when the elevator stopped. The Chief then saw through the bullet holes on the elevator doors that at least 30 marines were in the cargo room. The Chief then saw the sniper rifle on the ground and picked it up from the dead marine on the floor. The Chief then used it scope to survey the room. At least four of the marines were in front of the elevator.

"If we're gonna get to the floor, we going to have to make a firefight..." Fox told Gordon and the Chief as he open the magazine and dropped it to the floor and picked up another magazine and loaded it in the Assault Rifle. He then opened the doors and the Chief began to fire at the marines in front of the door. It took a whole second for the marines in the room to fire back, but the Spartans were halfway across the room behind cargo crates.

Echoing screams were heard across the room as the three Spartans were firing back at the marines, who were in a confusion as Gordon slid behind the marines and began to fire at them, while the Chief and Fox where firing off all of the AR rounds while the bullets were on the ground clattering. After five minutes of intense firing, the cargo room was filled with blood and bullet holes as the Chief stepped out from behind the cargo crate. The 100th floor was cleared. The small Spartan party now was on the steps and saw the door. The Chief then shot open the door to see the helipad on the top of the building.

On top was a Spartan III soldier holding an Sp54, the new prototype for the old M19 SSM Rocket Launcher. It had three barrels for more rounds during a firefight and had a guided missile system. The Chief could seem the Spartan III tense as he began to fire as the Chief opened the door. As the Spartan III fired, the Chief closed the door and jumped down the stairs with Gordon and Fox jumping also.
The door blew ajar as the rocket collided. The Master Chief then ran from the door and started firing at the enemy Spartan. Blood dripped from the ground as Fox ran in front of the Master Chief and jumped behind the enemy Spartan and hit him in the circuit hardware in the back. The Spartan III fell dead as Fox took the Sp54 and handed it to the Chief. The Pelican dropship was still there.

Fox jumped into the Pelican and pushed the Master Chief in the passenger area as Gordon jumped into the pilot cabin. He began pressing the ignition buttons as the Chief loaded the Sp54 from the small makeshift armory in the passenger seats. The Pelican began to vibrate as its VTOL engines began to make the Pelican ascend above the building.

"Sensors show that there are STINGER rockets in the area. Hold on, this is going to be a fast one." Fox said over the hum of the Pelican as the Chief looked at the UNSC mobile STINGER Warthogs.

The Chief fired one of Sp54 rockets at the small convoy of Warthogs and watched a large explosion erupt between the Warthogs and to retaliate, hundreds of STINGER rockets were being fired at Fox. Fox, now grimacing as he swiveled out of the way and out of the city, he saw that two UNSC Longsword fighters began to trail the Pelican.

"GET ME AN ANGLE!" The Chief yelled as he fired a rocket at one of the Longswords. The Longsword swiveled away and began to fire back. The Chief now began to fire back at the Longsword fighters, taking off its left wing. The Longsword now began to descend and crash onto the plains of New York, leaving a fiery burn on the ground. The other Longsword now began to return back to base, leaving off two rockets at Fox, who had no countermeasures left, couldn't evade.

The Pelican began to descend as Fox saw the damages on the ship. The two left VTOL engines were offline and the left wing was blown off from the Longsword's last rockets. The Pelican now was at 20 feet near a forest and the only thing the Master Chief could see was a small Warthog with three marines firing at the Pelican's hull.

Chief! Chief! Thank god you're alive! I thought you died in the crash! Cortana sighed with relief. The Chief's HUD began to return back to normal as the Chief felt the grip of the Sp 54 back in his hands. He then looked at the barrels, and saw a large crack on it. It was broken. The Chief then dropped the rocket launcher and jumped out of the Pelican.

"Ahh...the Master Chief's alive! We thought you died! Oh well...to bring you on notice, our Pelican crashed on a WARTHOG PATROL! Thanks to Fox's goddamn driving!" Gordon muttered. The Chief saw the bullet holes on the hull of the Pelican dropship. The Chief then ran out and saw that they had landed in a clearing. Broken tree limbs were seen all over the grass as Fox pushed the Warthog out of the three dead marines.

"We've got to move! They have a tracker on the Warthog!" Fox yelled as the Chief ripped out a M9D Automatic Pistol from one of the Marine's dead hands and wiped the blood off. The Warthog was still in driving condition and Gordon then jumped in the driver's seat, before Fox, who then got into the passenger seat, holding up the MA12b in his hand as the Chief ran and unlocked the LAAG and began to rotate the turret...