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Unknown Hero Part 1 Ch 2
Posted By: Cpt Crapper<aznintegra023@yahoo.com>
Date: 7 January 2005, 4:44 AM

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Chapter Two // Daylight Battle

      Jack Pliskin, Codenamed Snake. Joined the Marines at the age of seventeen, first served under the command of Vice Admiral Straughberg on the colony Rhevan Four, which had been glassed by the Covenant on the year 2534. Then moved into 'NavySpecWar' unit 'Silent Ninjas', participating in DERELICT, GREEN LANTERN, SIDEWINDER, and MONGOOSE. Jack Pliskin is currently MIA during Operation MONGOOSE. Well, this is how the spy world was really like for experienced field officers, Colonel James Green thought. He closed the manila folder and folded his hands together. An hour had passed ever since the operation had begun and the Colonel and a few others had arrived from the Hive's main command center into one of ONI's operation centers.

      "Pretty interesting background, when did you find him?" Green inquired, unfolding his hands and tapping the manila folder.

      "I recruited him during DERELICT. My ship got shot down over the Covenant facility. His squad got me out of there, including Vice Admiral Ramirez. Did a mighty fine job, too." Fox turned around, addressing the top brass that were residing in his operations room.

      "Are you sure he's capable of carrying out this mission? We should have sent out some of the experi-" James stopped, already knowing he had almost cost himself his security access. He turned to see Admiral Jones glare at him. "Are you sure your boy is capable of a mission like this?"

      "Colonel, this man is probably able to rival some of your SPARTAN Is in any engagement. I'm confident he can complete this mission."


      "So this is the Marine's standard SRS99C?" Jack Pliskin thought, looking into the barrel of the SRS99C Standard UNSC Sniper Rifle. The rifle needed much improvement, Snake thought as he inspected the gun entirely. Throughout his years in the Marines, he had only been assigned the S2 Sniper Rifle, in cases which he had to operate in the dark. The only difference between the S2 and the standard rifle were that the S2 was designed for low light amplifications for Special Ops Missions and such. But the firing power of both was the same, using the 14.5x114mm APFSDS rounds, capable of penetrating any armor.

      The ONI operative then walked towards the ammo rack besides the rifles and grabbed six cartridges of the anti-armor rounds and ten boxes of Cal 5x23mm for the SMG also. He quickly stashed them into the ammo pouch of his fatigues. He turned around, looking at the C-12 explosives that lay on the table across from him. He could possibly use some of the explosives, since he had used all of his explosives on the Pelican earlier. He also grabbed a small block of C-12 and remote detonating charges, and began to crawl out of the small duct he entered through.

      Snake crawled out of the small ventilation shaft and kneeled on one knee, watching the Covenant that were still patrolling the exterior of the armory. He then heard the continuous beeping of the COM link. Snake soon heard Colonel Fox's voice on the COM link, "Snake, we got some new shots from the satellite above. Seems like the area you have to go back to is now filled with Spec Ops Covenant!"

      "What?!" Snake froze at hearing the ill news. If that was the fastest way towards the cave, he would have to go all the way around. Time was of the essence and he couldn't waste any moments. "What do you plan to do?"

      "Well, the brass have let us take control of a nearby UNSC airfield a good ways from here. I decided for an airs strike on the Spec Ops contingent." Fox looked down on the screen and looked on Snake's signal. He then opened another screen below, and ordered for a blow up. It was UNSC DAGGER Base, one of the few military airfields that hadn't been destroyed when the Covenant broke through the orbital defenses. "I want you to plant a strobe there."

      "I did crazy things in my life, but not things as crazy as this." Snake paused, thinking over what the Colonel said. "You're telling me to move back towards the SNIPER area full of Spec Ops forces and plant a strobe?"

      "Exactly. But don't worry, you'll be assisted by an ODST team that is being ferried from our new airfield towards your position. Armory 402 has a small guard there, right? Take the guards out and hold out the area until the ODST team is on the ground. Then you will move towards SNIPER and plant the strobe." Fox turned around, looking at Colonel Green, who nodded in return. The new mission orders were already given the go.

      "Ok, ETA?" Snake was already placing his weapons on the ground.

      "Let's see, seven minutes tops. These are the newest prototypes of the Pelican, and I heard they've been given faster engines, so I guess you'll meet the ODST team in no time. Contact me when you're finished with the guards. Out." The Colonel turned off the COM link and looked around the room. He saw the top brass in the room, Admiral Jones start a conversation with the rest of the brass in the circular table. It didn't matter to him, Fox thought. He had to get Snake alive and well out before the brass decides to do something drastic.

      "Alright. Out." Snake turned off the COM link. Seven minutes was enough time for him to take out the guards and to make a small defense. Well, I gotta get started, he thought as he checked his arsenal. So far he had the M6D, Combat Knife, some C-12, fragmentation grenades, an SRS99C, and a SMG. He picked up his weapons and placed the SMG, and the knife on his belt. He then slung the SRS99C over his back. He made sure the rifle was securely placed on his back.

      Snake held the pistol in one hand and a grenade in the other. He placed himself against the wall of the armory, and peeked around the corner. A plan began to formulate in his head. First thing he had to do was to take out the Grunts that were using the plasma turrets. It would take one shot to take out the Grunts easily, but then there were the two Elites. The grenade would be useful for taking out the Elites, or at least lowering down the shields and making it an easy kill. Then he would wipe out the Jackals that had started a small fire and were all huddled around the fire by a well placed grenade.

      "Showtime..." The NavySpecWar veteran put the grenade back into the combat pouch and went on one knee, steadying his aim. He looked towards the first plasma turret and fired the first round. He saw the shot register as a first kill and fired off his second round on the second turret. Again another kill as the orange Grunt fall to ground, blue blood staining the ground, as Snake took the fragmentation grenade and hurled it towards the Elites, who had finally found his position. But the Elites never got a shot off as the grenade landed at their feet. BOOM!

      Four kills so far,Snake thought as he saw the Elites rise into the air and land back on the ground motionless. The Jackals that were huddling around the small fire now had found Jack. The Jackals and the last Grunt on the plasma turret began to return fire, while Jack jumped out of the way into the tall grass along the wall. He could see the plasma rounds hit the undergrowth in front of him. After a few seconds of straight firing, he could hear the plasma guns overheating. It was his chance to take the remaining Covenant out. Snake slid around the wall and turned around, facing the Covenant. He fired two rounds into the Grunt that was using the turret. He saw the Grunt fall dead beside the turret. Now the Jackals had begun firing again on Snake. In a split second, Snake then threw his second grenade towards the Jackals, watching it land just in front of three Jackals. He watched the three bodies fly and began to run forward, his pistol in hand and leveled, firing.

      The remaining Jackals kept firing back, missing Snake by a few centimeters each time. Now the ONI field officer was in Close Combat Range. He fired off one more round through the small opening in the nearest Jackal's shield. The Jackal jumped back and now Snake lunged forward, taking out his knife in one hand and slashed the Jackal's throat. He then turned to the other two, now running, their backs open. Snake quickly reloaded the clip and let off two rounds each into of the Jackals. They fell to the ground, the Plasma shields dissipating when the Jackals fell to the ground. Snake sighed and holstered the M6D and wiping the purple blood off his Combat Knife. He then put the knife back into his sheath and contacted the Colonel.

      "Colonel, I took out the guards." Snake began.

      "Ok, Snake. The Pelican is coming right now to your position. And they got a few tailing after them." The Colonel informed Snake. "Look, if the Pelican doesn't arrive after four minutes, get out of there and continue on with your mission. Take the long way around if you have to get to the site."


      "Continue with the mission, Snake..."

      "This is ECHO 120! I got some Banshees tailing me!" Lieutenant Ace Valentine yelled as his ship narrowly avoided a green plasma torpedo. It had been two minutes ever since he flew into no man's land and got tailed by a Banshee squadron. Ace turned around and checked to see that his cargo was alright. The cargo was in fact, an elite ODST team that had been stationed at DAGGER base, or so he was informed. It didn't matter. It was his orders to get the ODST team at the LZ. The ODSTs were already checking their weapons and ready to jump out if the Pelican was going down. "HEY! YOU GUYS! THERE'S A M19 IN THE CONTAINER. I NEED YOU TO TAK THESE GUYS OFF MY TAIL!"

      "Alright, Jones! Get the M19 and take out the Banshees from here. Carlson! Get on that turret! The rest of us will hold on tight! ALRIGHT, BOYS?!" Lieutenant Tom Diego yelled, pointing at two of his squad mates. He could see the two nod in return and began to follow their orders. It could've been easier if his team had been dropped off in drop pods from a UNSC ship or something, but a Pelican was too slow for an Helljumper, Diego thought. He turned towards Sergeant Jones, who kneeled on one knee and fired off a rocket. The rocket was locked onto the Banshees that were accelerating towards the Pelicans from a mile away.

      "Come on baby..." Diego could hear Jones murmur as he saw one of the Banshees break off from the four fighter squadron and try to evade the lone rocket by performing barrel rolls descending towards the tree tops. But Jones quickly locked onto the Banshee near the tree tops and let another rocket loose. By the time the second rocket slammed into Banshee's hull, the first one had slammed into the left side of the Banshee, completely decapitating its left wing. "ONE DOWN SIR!"

      "Sir, requesting permission to take out a Banshee with my rifle, sir!" Diego turned around and saw his marksman, Sergeant A.J Jackson. He nodded and saw A.J also kneel on one knee next to Jones and Carlson, who now began to fire tracers and saw that they had hit one of the Banshee squadron. The cargo area of the ship was filled with the sound of the machine gun turret firing off rounds. CRACK! Diego took out his binoculars and saw that his marksman had shot through one of the Banshee's hull. The Banshee soon began to decelerate and Diego watched as the Covenant fighter slammed into the trees below.

      "We're almost there! ETA 2 MINUTES!" Ace yelled over the loud noise. Diego turned his head around and nodded and returned to watching three of h is men take down a squad of Banshees. He smiled as he saw one of the remaining two finally break down after a hail of lead break through the hull and into the cockpit, where the Elite pilot lay head first. The Banshee soon crashed into trees, leaving a burning wreckage. The last Banshee now fired off its last torpedo, but it was to no avail. Jones had fired a rocket and the ODST team watch as the last Banshee exploded in the air. "Hey... NICE! YOU GUYS DID IT! We're at the LZ right now. Going down."


      Snake looked up in the air and saw the Pelican come a few feet off the ground. He was hiding in the undergrowth next to the landing zone and watched as the ODSTs jumped out of the cargo room and onto the ground. As each ODST jumped out, they suddenly went on one knee, weapons already shouldered and the safety off. Jack Pliskin smiled as the last ODST get out and wave the Pelican off. He looked around, checking the area. It was time for him to meet with the ODST team the top brass had also sent. He stood up, his M6D in one and his knife in the other. "Are you Helljumpers?"

      "You must be the guy the brass sent in alone. I'm not surprised that you survived." Diego motioned towards the corpses that were lying on the ground. He walked towards one of the Jackals and saw the slit throat. He chuckled and walked back towards Snake, extending a hand. "Tom Diego, ODST Team Hell Hawks."

      "Snake. Do you have the flares?" Snake asked, pretending as if the lieutenant had never extended his hand in the first place.

      "Yes, we have the strobes. We're ready to move out." Diego replied, throwing a strobe light towards Snake. "We all carry one."

      "Fine with me, lets move." Snake didn't like this one bit. The brass should've just sent a Pelican drop pod full of equipment. Something was wrong, and he had to find out in order to accomplish this mission...