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First Strike
Posted By: CovieKilla<dandaman_10@hotmail.com>
Date: 16 December 2003, 12:34 AM

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I've been on a bit of a dry spell for the past couple of days, but finally got back around to writing. I hope you all enjoyed my finale to my Halo 2 fic...But here is a Halo rap and I made sure it actually seemed like a rap unlike my first attempt (sigh). So please enjoy it guys!

Whose gunna' make the first move?
Me or you?
Whose gunna' die first?
Don't make me choose
I'm a Spartan
You aint got a clue
Lets start this shit now
Before I do

You tried to wipe out my family
And now its time to pay
Wish for a savior
Wish for another day
But that aint gon' happen
Man, No Way
Because I'm the savior
No cause for dismay

Never give up
Never surrender
Humanity is at stake
But I am the defender
Can you remember?
Can you recall?
When you hit us hard
And made Reach fall

But this is it
Our final battle
Don't run your mouth
Don't prattle
No more casualties
No more human rattled
No more planets glassed
No more destroyed chattels

Because it's now or never
And the Clock is ticking
I got myself an army
What are you thinking?
So just give up now
We aint alike
And understand this,
This is our First Strike.