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Halo 2 Rise of a Hero Finale
Posted By: CovieKilla<dandaman_10@hotmail.com>
Date: 11 December 2003, 12:25 AM

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01538 hours (MISSION CLOCK)/ January 10th, 2553(MILITARY CALENDER) Apocolyptica, The Bridge.

      "You want me to do what!?" Captain Tatti cursed at the Master Chief, forming a ball with his fist.

      "Sir, if we don't do this, the whole universe will suffer." Master Chief attempted to convince, yet frustration tensed on his face.

      "I can't. How can we sacrifice this ship in order to save the rest of this universe? You have no proof of these so called, 'Forerunner' and if they are the actual race themselves." Captain Tatti paused for a moment. He took in a deep breath and then slowly let it emit from his mouth. "I could get kicked out of the UNSC for a stupid act like this!" He cursed once more, losing his cool.

      "Sir, I will make it my personal duty, that if this gets out, I'll take the fall, because it is my plan." Master Chief re-assured. Captain Tatti tilted his head for a moment; he was looking up at the light above the group.

      "Captain, please, for the sake of humanity, we must sacrifice this ship. If you don't, I will ensure you are stricken from Captain position, and stationed at a Janitorial job out of this nebula!" Cortana interrupted.

      "Are you sure there isn't any other way to destroy Halo!?" He screamed; engulfed in his frustration. The Master Chief shook his head, and the Captain sighed as he turned and crossed his arms, staring out of the bridges view port. "This ship... It was my life...I'll surely miss her..."

      Captain Tatti obliged, realizing that there was no other way. "Lieutenant Anderson!" He shouted, making each word crisp and clear now. "Make sure all the Marines are in the Pelicans ASAP. Set a crash course for that ring at 01600. We got a world to destroy, and a race to keep alive."

      "Aye Captain." Anderson replied as his fingers raced around and tapped something onto his keyboard.

01559 hours (MISSION CLOCK)/ January 10th, 2553(MILITARY CALENDER) UNSC Ship, Apocolyptica.

      The alarms began to sound as the red lights twirled, and the Marines hustled onto the crowded deployment Pelicans in one of the several docking bays. Master Chief waited with the Captain and the crew on the bridge before they left. The group calmly walked through the halls, taking a last look at the newly developed ship.

      "We didn't even break her in..." Captain Tatti sighed. The group stood silent, feeling the sorrow of the Captain, and continued to walk through the barren halls of the Apocolyptica. Only the sound of footsteps clacking on the cold floor could be heard, due to Lieutenant Anderson switching all of the sirens offline after the Marines had departed for Earth.

      Suddenly, the ship was rocked, as if a missile had hit them.

      "Shit!" One of the crewmen screamed as he stumbled onto the floor.

      "Anderson! Get me feeds to what just hit us now!" Captain Tatti exclaimed as the look of relaxation flushed off his face, and a now more serious look was chiseled on. Anderson charged towards the bridge. Soon he shuffled back down towards the Captain and panted out the words, "Covenant."

      "Damn!" Captain Tatti cursed under his breath. "Where are they?"

      "Directly below us, sir." Replied Anderson. Captain Tatti stood for a moment as he always did, and game up with a scheme.

      "Then lets take them with us." Captain Tatti replied, a victory grin now on his face, as if he had already won the war.

      The group began to jog down the large, metal and steel halls, a dead silence made its presence known.

      "Are you sure there isn't another way, Cortana?" Captain Tatti pleaded.

      "Positve..." She uttered back, causing the Captain to shut his eyes for a moment.

      Soon the group hit the docking bay, and there stood a Pelican; only one. The group all sighed; knowing one marine would be left behind was to be left behind.

      "Chief? There's a Longsword docked at docking bay 4, let the Captain and the rest go on the Pelican and you and me will take the Longsword...Just like old times." Cortana gestured.

      "Heh...Good ol' times." Master Chief chuckled.

      The Master Chief rose his hand to attract the Captains attention. "Sir, you and the crew take this Pelican, I can manage." Master Chief insisted, as the group stared down the Spartan. Anderson nodded at the Chief, and his bravery to stay behind.

      "You're one helluva soldier Chief. Good luck." He dubbed as he climbed aboard the ship. The Master Chief gave him a salute as he watched the Pelicans airlock doors slide shut, and watched it exit the docking bay.

      "Now, lead the way Cortana." Master Chief said, and then stumbled as another Plasma salvo hit the ship. "Hurry." He added faintly.

      An orange NAV point blinked on his HUD, and he quickly jogged up the open halls of the ship he was rarely on. His face drew a blank expression. He had no feelings anymore. He was alone on the ship, only Cortana, and an eerie silence followed. He looked around the Apocolyptica, a ship of majestic beauty. Many areas's he jogged by, were some he had never even taken the time to go into, or even have a chance to look at.

      "Look out!" Cortana warned, as a blast door blew open. An Elite, a pair of Jackals and a trio of Grunts emerged from the once concealed area.

      "The last stand..." Master Chief muttered. "Not today."

      He sped by the group, a picked up a pistol lying on the floor just in case things got intense. A plasma volley hit him in the back and knocked his shields down by a quarter. He spun on his heel and continued to run backwards as he fired at the group. The explosive shells tore up the Covenant soldier's insides, and left a pool of blood toned in rainbow colors.

      "Hurry! More should be on the way!" Cortana ordered. Just after she had said that, another lifeboat door rocked open as if on queue, and this time a Golden Elite stomped out.

      "I always love a challenge." Master Chief chuckled sarcastically. A flash of blue light shimmered off the Chief's armor as the Elite ignited its plasma sword. Master Chief took aim at the warrior with his pistol, and fired. Three bullets sped at the demon, and hit it. Its shields merely flickered, and it snarled in anger. It charged directly at the Chief and rose its Plasma sword; leaving its chest open for attack. The Master Chief took little time to comprehend the opportunity, and swung his fist at the beast's chest. It collapsed backwards, still alive, but unconscious. Master Chief put a bullet through its skull, ensuring its fate. With time to spare, the Master Chief continued.

      He jogged up through the open halls until he hit docking bay 4. He gazed around the empty, and open metallic silver space, and only a lone Longsword sat in the middle. He squinted his eyes, preparing to board the ship. He trudged towards it, and opened its rear doors. They hissed as the lowered to the floor, and the Chief climbed up the black ramp, and then sealed it tight again. The Apocolyptica shook as more missiles and lifeboats hit and boarded the ship.

      "Cortana, if you please." He said sly-fully.

      "With pleasure." She returned delightfully. The Longsword's engines started, and the ship shook and tugged as it powered up a little more.

      "Strange..." Cortana whispered, only loud enough for someone within range to hear her.

      "What?" Master Chief asked.

      "This ship, along with all of the Pelicans, have small re-incarnations of slip space engines. I wonder why that is. But at least we can actually get home a lot quicker this time." She stated matter-of-factly.

      "You don't say?" Master Chief replied, although he did not add a chuckle, nor a laugh, but let another eerie silence sit between him and Cortana.

      The Longsword shook as it rose from its position on the cold and bitter floor, and exited docking bay 4, it's once known home. Master Chief said a silent prayer for Earth, himself, and mainly, for Humanity. He turned to gape out the view port of the Longsword, and witness the spectacle of Halo Installation 07 being destroyed. He thought to himself, that this was much alike the destruction of Halo Installation 04.

      "Déjà vu..." He said incoherently.

      The Covenant ship collided with the bottom of the Apocolyptica, and began to be pulled down with it. The ship slowly entered Halo's gravity, and was dragged down into its depths. Not much more could be seen, except the silhouette of a large explosion, and then a blinding white light. The Master Chief closed his eyes at the mystical light, as it caused his eyes to ache. Not even his visor could adjust to that. The Longsword jittered, and shot back as the explosion shook the ship. Master Chief stumbled and slipped hit the hard floor hard. The explosion calmed down, and settled after several seconds, to which the Chief thought, was an eternity. He hoisted himself back up and grunted as he landed on his feet. Bits and pieces of debris from Halo, the Apocolyptica and the Covenant ship brought could be made out; most were sent twirling through the unknown parallels of space. Master Chief let out a long sigh.

      "Cortana Buzz the other Pelicans and make sure they're alright. Set slip space thrusters to 120%. Lets go home." Master Chief ordered.

      "Aye Chief." Cortana calmly replied. Master Chief turned away from the view port and strode towards the Pilot seat. He sat down on it, and exhaled, as if relieved this was all over. He clicked off his helmet, and a bead of sweat ran down his forehead. He wiped it off, and sat still for a moment, thinking about all that happened on Halo Installation 07. Another silence slowly settled itself in.

      "Where do we go from here?" Cortana asked in relief.

      The Master Chief forwarded his attention to the main view port and gazed out towards the never-ending blackness of space. He bit his lip, and then muttered out the words,

      "Only time will tell..."