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Halo 2 Rise of a Hero Chapter 7
Posted By: CovieKilla<dandaman_10@hotmail.com>
Date: 5 December 2003, 12:37 AM

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AUTHORS NOTE: This is the second last chapter to my fic guys. I'd like to thank all of you that have been supporting me, and I know that you will enjoythe next chapter. This one is also pretty good, so please leave comments. Thanks, and enjoy!

01406 hours (MISSION CLOCK)/ January 10th, 2553(MILITARY CALENDER) Halo Installation 07, Silent Cartographer.

      "Me and the other Forerunner standing before you are the last of the human race. All of this was due to one event that was caused by me, and is about to be caused by you." The Future John explained as he looked into the Master Chief's eyes. Master Chief nodded as he continued to listen to the tale.

      "Back during 2553, or this year to you, I came with a large group of soldiers to Halo Installation 07, in hope to use it against the Covenant. But upon activating this Halo to wipe out the Covenant, I caused the rest of them to activate. This started a chain of disturbance across the galaxy. A murderous march of destruction struck each planet in the galaxy, wiping out all life on each. The only survivors were the crew with me, and us standing before you. Most died because of starvation or diseases not yet known to us. Fortunately we adjusted over time, and repeated the evolution of man. We surpassed known technologies today, and survived. We now have pushed you along, directly to this precise location. The location where humanity came to an end. Let me tell you this once. The Fate of humanity lies in your hands. No other human here posses' the power that you do."

      The Master Chief stood silently for a moment and looked somewhat bewildered.

      "Wait...If you were on this Halo, then surely you can't be the Forerunner." Master Chief argued.

      "Ahh...Well...I, I had just presumed..." Future John stuttered as he attempted to form a sentence.

      "So then you aren't the Forerunner." Master Chief said as his voice echoed through the room.

      "No, no, we are. We created 343 Guilty Spark, and the Flood, but we never built this ring."

      "But if you didn't....Who did?" Master Chief inquired.

      "I... I don't know." The Future John replied solemnly, his face deep in thought, as silence overtook the conversation.

      "Why did you create the Flood in the first place?" Master Chief exclaimed as he broke the duration of silence.

      "The Flood was to help protect us if Covenant tried to attack us as we were stranded here, but we ended up creating something utterly terrible. We immediately trapped them, and built 343 Guilty Spark to ensure they don't get out, or that no one unleashes them. I could get into details but we have no time. You must go." The Future John explained.

      "Why must I go?" He asked cautiously as he cocked an eyebrow, which was hidden under his visor.

      "It's the Covenant. They've landed." Future John said faintly. "We need to take out these Halo's along with the Flood inhabiting each of them. To do this, I need you to sacrifice one of your ships and me and the remaining Forerunner will be able to set a chain reaction, thus destroying the other Halo's spanned across the universe." He added, this time will a loud voice reverberating of the barren halls of the Silent Cartographer.

      "Hmm..." The Chief thought for a moment.

      "We must hurry. The Covenant are going to unleash the Flood. They're sacrificing their own troops to do so." The future John stated firmly.

      "Cortana...What should we do? I can't do this... Any other idea's?" Master Chief whispered into his COM channel and sweat dripped down the side of his head.

      "Negative. We'll have to do what they say and put our faith into their hands." Cortana replied, knowing nothing else could be done.

      "Okay..."The Chief muttered back, regretting not much else could be done.

      "Fine. I'll set our ship onto a crash course for here. But what is to happen with you, and the rest of the Forerunner?" The Master Chief inquired.

      "We'll be fine... Just go." The Future John encouraged. Master Chief grinned at the bravery of himself fifty-years from now. But his recollection came to a halt as he heard an Elite bark down the halls.

      "Go." Future John said, nodding gently, and egging him on at the same time. The Master Chief pivoted on his right heel and put on his game face. He cocked his shotgun and prepared for some action. He charged into the corridor and came into contact with the mighty Covenant Warrior, which snarled at the Master Chief's incompetence. Master Chief didn't like the behavior of the beast, and shoved the butt of his shotgun into the Elites face. Its shields dimmed and Master Chief fired the weapon once. The Warrior snarled and hit the ground with a loud thud, and spilling its dark purple blood onto the floor, staining it. Behind the Elite were two Jackals, and four Grunts, all fleeing in terror at the wrath of the mighty human soldier.

      Master Chief plucked a frag grenade from his belt and tore out the pin. He lobbed the little canister down the light-yellow hall and it pinged off one side in front of the Covenant group. The Grunts squealed, the Jackals hissed, and all six of them died, smearing their purple, and light-blue blood on the walls. The Master Chief backtracked and sprinted out the Forerunner structure. He stood at the edge of it alone, standing tall on the structure platform. He gazed down below. Covenant drop ships were touching down on the ground, and bombarding the human troops.

      "Not this time." He muttered in his blind rage. He dashed down the hill in fury, ready for whatever wanted to challenge him, all the way to the frontlines of battle. A quarter of the troops were already injured, or even dead. Master Chief wasn't going to stand for this. No more human casualties, no more battles lost, no more innocent people murdered. This time it was the Humans turn to laugh at the Covenant, their turn to avenge their fallen brothers and sisters, this time, it was personal.

      The Marines were screaming as they fired controlled bursts from their Assault Rifles. The Master Chief ran towards the weapons cache and quickly picked up and loaded a RL650. He joined his comrades, and fired at a drop ship nearby. BOOM! The rocket exploded on it with a mighty ruckus, and caused it to crash on the ground, spilling its passengers out, and crushing them underneath. A pool of blood dribbled from underneath the downed ship. The Chief grinned evilly, and took aim at another drop ship unloading its troops. He fired the rocket towards the ground they were touching down on, and it blew up all of the forces that were just deployed. The drop ship was charred on the bottom, and flew topsy-turvey. It couldn't maintain its balance and crashed onto the sandy beach, killing whoever was left. Another drop ship was about to unload its troops, and Master Chief was out of ammo. He quickly dropped the mighty weapon he used to conquer his foes and un-slung his M10 Shotgun.

      As he was loading several shells into his weapon, he noticed something odd. Something different. A little balloon looking creature was soaring through the sky towards the drop ship.

      "Flood." He muttered, as he face filled with tension about the new enemy they were going to have to face. He knew that he wouldn't be able to fight off the entire group of Flood. He turned to the soldiers still alive and good enough to help out.

      "Load the crates into the Pelicans. Secure all vehicles to the Pelicans. We're moving out." Master Chief ordered. With no second thought, the marines loaded all of the weapons into the crate. The Chief quickly grabbed remote charges out of a crate and place them ahead of the Pelicans. He looked at the where the drop ship was touching down about a kilometer ahead of the marines. Bodies lay everywhere, and the ship was stuck on the ground. A swarm of Flood was feasting and taking control of the dead Alien bodies.

      "Cortana!" Chief grumbled. "Call the Apocolyptica and tell them they're in for a rude awakening."

      "Sure thing Chief." Cortana acknowledged.

      Master Chief knew that time was short and that they wouldn't be able to get away from the Flood at this rate. He pivoted on his right heel and grabbed a crate. He hoisted it onto the Pelican and picked up another next to it. The Marines stared in shock and awe and the strength of the Spartan. He had loaded the remaining crates onboard and now had to restrain the final Warthog. He pulled down the main piece that would hold the Warthog up, and snapped it on. He secured its bolts and gave each Pelican pilot a thumb's up. They all switched their engines online, and the marines hopped aboard in exhaustion.

      "Go, go ,go!" Master Chief screamed. The Pelicans dusted off, being tailed by several Flood infection forms. Master Chief hit the detonator held in his hand and set all of the charges off. The Flood forms down below exploded and were all lying dead on the floor. The airlock doors hissed as they closed and the Pelican entered the zero gravity it was in not too long ago.

      The Pelican flock soared towards the Apocolyptica. Master Chief's was the first to dock, and he quickly hopped off, heading for the Bridge to explain all that was happening to Captain Tatti, and hope for the best.