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Halo 2 Rise of a Hero Chapter 6
Posted By: CovieKilla<dandaman_10@hotmail.com>
Date: 29 November 2003, 2:03 AM

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01109 hours (MISSION CLOCK)/ January 10th, 2553(MILITARY CALENDER) Apocolyptica, Space, Co-ordinates unknown.

      Captain Tatti glanced out of the main view port on the bridge of the Apocolyptica and gathered all his thoughts together. He was a little nervous about the Halo operation. He knew it was just a phase, but couldn't really get over it.

      "Sir? We're approaching Halo Installation 07..." Lieutenant Anderson warned. The Captain snapped back into reality in which he had drifted away from.

      He cleared his throat. "Approach with caution. We're going to sit in space as the Master Chief and the rest of the troops carry out the mission. We can finally get some well-deserved R&R. The crew all sighed in relief and exhaustion.

      "Call in the troops. Tell the Pelican pilots to ready their Cargo, and be ready to deploy our forces." Tatti ordered as he eyed the mysterious ring.

      "Aye sir." Lieutenant Anderson acknowledged as he nodded.

01120 hours (MISSION CLOCK)/ January 10th, 2553(MILITARY CALENDER) Apocolyptica, Halo Installation 07 Orbit.

      The Master Chief climbed aboard the nearest Pelican, and puffed out a long breath. This was going to be a deep decent. They were finally going to Halo, and finally, this could mean the end of the Covenant. The end of the war.

      The Pelican engines roared as they ignited in fury, and it soared away from the Apocolyptica with the rest of its flock. The Master Chief tried to get a view of the ring-world from up here, but had no such luck with the rest of the crew onboard.

      "Entering the atmosphere!" The Pilot shouted as he flipped a few switches inside the cockpit.

      The Pelican shuttered as it exited zero-degree conditions, and into the Earth-like atmosphere of Halo Installation 07. The Pelican pilot regained control of the ship, and gently forwarded her to the ground. Soon, the other Pelican's reunited with the Master Chief's, and all the marines hoped off, and the cargo was unloaded.

      The area they landed on was a golden sandy beach. It looked much like the Silent Cartographer back on Halo Installation 04. As soon as everything was unloaded and the marines were all off, the Master Chief stood up onto one of the Cargo crates, and began to explain what was to be done by certain group of marines.

      "I need all commanding officers to set up base camp. All ODST's, take the Warthogs and secure the LZ to insure we're not in any serious danger, and I need all Corporals to work together to unload all of the cargo from each crate." He ordered. Each marine saluted and went straight down to business. The Marines sang an old army song they had heard when they were recruits, and helped each other unload the chestnut-brown crates full of weapons, ammo, and gadgets, all necessities for the Operation.

      In no time whatsoever, all the current objectives were completed, and the Master Chief could finally get to the mission. He turned around and looked for something to stand on. He quickly noticed an orange rock and stood on top of it, ready to address the chatty marines nearby. He cleared his throat as a notion for silence, and began.

      "While on this ring world, you may encounter something you would never even dream about. Something that feeds off of your frenzied fear. And also discover someone that may be your best friend or your worst enemy. What I am talking about, is the Flood, and 343 Guilty Spark. The Flood is like a virus; they take control of body, and use it against you. And 343 Guilty Spark is something you can't trust. He's an AI much like Cortana, and will use all his trickery against you. Never trust him. Ever."

      An eerily silence struck the crowd. Each Marine gawked at the Master Chief still trying to compute the information that overwhelmed their minds. They could never understand it. The Master Chief hopped off of the rock he was standing on and calmly headed towards the crate as the marines gazed at him. He reached in and pulled out exactly what he wanted. An M10 Shotgun. He turned again to address the silent crowd once more and looked at each marine deep into the face. He quickly cocked the gun as a wasted shell flew out of it.

      "Its hunting season."

01335 hours (MISSION CLOCK)/ January 10th, 2553(MILITARY CALENDER) Halo Installation 07, Near Silent Cartographer.

      "Chief? We'll need to get to the Silent Cartographer of this Halo to locate the Control room." Cortana said. "We're actually pretty close. I already have a good feel for this place."

      "Good." The Master Chief grumbled.

      "Its up the hill towards your left. Inside that temple-like structure." Cortana said.

      The Chief turned to his left and eyed the temple-like structure. He pointed at five marines and signaled them to follow him in. They followed the orders and tailed him.

      He climbed the grassy hill, and stared at the structure. A purple haze glared off of the reflective walls. The five-some approached the gray ramp at the entrance to the structure with weird symbols on it. The Master Chief charged in, expecting the worst. He flicked on the flashlight connected to the gun and pointed it into every crevice of the area. The place was quiet, too quiet.

      "Be ready..." He muttered.

      They surprisingly found nothing. They quickly reassured their assumption and continued along. They headed down a shaft that was illuminated by tiny artificial lights the Forerunner created, deep into the belly of the beast. The Master Chief tried to examine the hieroglyphs etched onto the wall, but quickly continued along, ignoring the tiny inscriptions. He headed forward and came across a door. He clicked the panels and opened the door ahead, expecting something, but as always, nothing happened. This was beginning to become scary, very scary. The Master Chief didn't like it. The corridors stretched on for an eternity, and the soldiers never encountered a single soul. As the group kept heading down another twist of corridors, the Master Chief squinted as he gazed ahead, and caught a glimpse of a glowing control panel. The Silent Cartographer. He looked into the room to make sure nothing was lurking around waiting for someone like him to walk into the trap, and after he confirmed that nothing awaited his presence, he slowly approached the panel that sat in the middle of the fine-lit room. He slowly crept forward, all senses heightened. He stopped at the sound of something familiar. Something he recognized. Something, he had heard before. He heard it again, but this time, louder.

      "Hello Reclaimer." A voice echoed out of the shadows and pulsed throughout the room..

      "Who said that!?" The Master Chief hollered.

      Suddenly a small silver cube drifted into view. It had a blue light in its center, and it flickered every now and then.

      "It is I! 343 Guilty Spark!" The Cube announced before the Soldiers.

      "But...But we destroyed you!" Cortana stuttered.

      "So you thought. But little did you know, I endured the blast, and escaped undamaged. I fled here, and resided here with my brother AI, 344 Guilty Spark." 343 Guilty Spark explained.

      "But! But..." Cortana stumbled to form a sentence, knowing she couldn't argue with the alien AI.

      "What do you want from us?" She managed to ask.

      "Its not what I what....It's what they want." Guilty Spark swiveled as if he was sitting in a chair.

      "Who?" The Master Chief mumbled in curiosity.

      A group of men wearing gray cloaks entered the room. They each turned to face the soldiers, who were now all gasping for breath in fear. One of the men looked up and looked the Master Chief in the eye as he removed the hood that concealed his face. Behind the hood was a feeble old man. Easily in his eighties. He continued to stare at the Master Chief, as the Master Chief returned the expression with a stern look concealed by his Golden visor.

      "These are my creators. These, are the Forerunner." Guilty Spark introduced.

      The Forerunner looked exactly like humans. The Master Chief examined one closely. They were human.

      "What kind of games are you trying to play Guilty Spark!? These are clearly Humans!" Cortana argued.

      "The Forerunner are human. They..."Guilty Spark was cut off by one of the Forerunner.

      "We are human." He Grumbled. "We are from the future, after this Covenant war, and we've been pushing you along the right paths to this very moment."

      "How the hell is that possible!?" Cortana cursed.

      "We are undetectable. We have the technology to rift through parallel universes, and egg you onto the right paths, and steer away from the wrong choices in life. Reclaimer here has been on our watchful eyes this entire time. Ever since he was back on Halo Installation 04." The Forerunner explained.

      "And what are you doing here?" The Master Chief asked.

      "We have come to tell you about the Prophecy, and your fate." The Forerunner said gesturing towards the Master Chief.

      Thought rushed through the Chief's head.

      "What are these people talking about?" He thought. He finally thought of the question he needed to ask.

      "Who the Hell are you?" He inquired.

      The Man stared back at the Master Chief, and opened his mouth with the answer the Master Chief longed to hear.

      "I'm...I'm you." The Forerunner whispered faintly.

      "That can't be!" he said, still shaking his head reassuring himself. The figure walked forward, approaching John, who looked up and went to grab his shotgun. However, the person calling himself the Master Chief leaned forward.

      "Look into my eyes John." he said. "Just look."

      Master Chief stared deep into the mans eyes and suddenly, everything slid into view. All the events of his life. His kidnapping, the battles he had fought in... his life. He looked away, trying to gather the thoughts that pulsated inside his head. He turned back and stared at the figure before him.

      "Why are you here?" The Master Chief said as he gazed back into his future-self's eyes.

      "We are here to tell you about the Prophecy. A warning to which the action you are about to commit." John replied.

      John stood silent, awaiting the tale of what was to come.