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The End
Posted By: CovieKilla<dandaman_10@hotmail.com>
Date: 27 November 2003, 10:48 PM

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Heres another poem by yours truly. I guess you guys pushed me into this one. Well Enjoy.

Is this the end?
Or just quite possibly the begining?
The time has flown by,
And the clock is ticking.

It hurts,
Hurts really bad,
To not Help my own kind,
But questions,
More than answers,
Is simply all I can find.

The rage,
The Fury,
The things that lie beneath my skin,
The Hate,
And the Insanity,
Clawing deep within.

So what am I to do?
Today or Tomorrow?
Should I give up,
And feel pain and sorrow?

I can't,
I won't do it,
Its not right,
I will rise up,
And contribute to this fight.

And who knows,
Whether this is the end or the begining,
We're all fighting in this hell,
And the only way to figure it out,
Is if,
Only Time Would Tell.