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Halo 2 Rise of a Hero Chapter 5
Posted By: CovieKilla<dandaman_10@hotmail.com>
Date: 17 November 2003, 2:31 AM

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01902 hours (MISSION CLOCK)/ January 8th, 2553(MILITARY CALENDER)UNSC Frigate The Gryphin, Space.

      The techs on board the Gryphin stared as a Phantom pulled up to dock. They stared puzzled and called in for some marines. Six marine guards followed orders and came down to the docking bay. They approached the Covenant vessel, guns pointed at the exit door. The doors suddenly began to buzz, and unlock.

      "This is it, be ready." One marine whispered as the six took their positions.

      The hatch slowly began to slide away and an armored figure marched out. He walked right by them and laughed. The marines hopped up, and let out a small chuckle at their stupidity.

      "Ahhh, sir?" One marine asked.

      "Yes?" The Master Chief replied.

      "Admiral Cole wants you. It's regarding the mission." The Marine said.

      "Thank you. Carry on." The Chief saluted. He turned away and began to think.

      "What lies on Halo Installation 07? Definitely something, un-human. Something, different. And definitely, the Flood." Master Chief thought.

      He walked onto a lift and smacked the button to head upward. It shuttered, and slowly shot up. He stared upwards and thought some more as he hummed a tune.

      "Something didn't really fit with 343 Guilty Spark back on Halo Installation 04. Why did he call me 'Reclaimer'? Just another piece of an unfinished puzzle."

      The lift came to a halt, and its doors slid open. The Master Chief marched out, and turned into another corridor. The Admiral's office was just a few feet away now. He stepped up to the door, and knocked. He made a crisp, clean salute, as he addressed the Admiral.

      "Sir! A marine downstairs said you requested my presence." The Master Chief said.

      "Yes I did. Your mission, on what you call Halo Installation 07, is well on our way. All we need is you." The Admiral said, gazing into the Chief's visor.

      "Thank you, sir. When are we to leave?" Master Chief asked.

      "As soon as we hear from the UNSC ship yard. Shouldn't be long, most likely by the end of the day." Admiral Cole said.

      Suddenly his phone rang.

      "Excuse me." He said as he turned to answer his phone.

      "Yes, sir." Master Chief recognized.

      "Thank you very much. Okay, bye." Were the only words the Master Chief heard.

      "Well, a strange coincidence, but our ship is ready."

      The Master Chief cocked an eyebrow.

      "Ready sir?" He asked.

      "Yes." The Admiral replied matter-of-factly.

      "Get your equipment together. It'll be in our orbit within 24 hours. Dismissed." Admiral Cole said as he nodded.

      "Yes sir!" The Chief saluted again, and marched off.

01200 hours (MISSION CLOCK)/ January 9th, 2553(MILITARY CALENDER) UNSC Frigate, The Gryphin, Space.

      The Master Chief yawned as he hopped aboard the Pelican transporting him to the ship known as the, "Apocolyptica." He took a seat and looked to his left. The Pelican was stocked full of marines, all going to the same place as he was, Halo. The Pelican exited docking bay 2, and flew towards the Apocolyptica.

      "Anyone know who's the Captain for this vessel?" Master Chief asked.

      "Captain Tatti, sir. He was fighting the Covenant up here in space, and single-handedly destroyed over four of their ships!" A marine screamed with his British accent.

      "Thanks." The Chief grumbled.

      The Pelican was pretty close now. The Apocolyptica wasn't as far as the Master Chief presumed.

      "Apocolyptica, come in. This is Pelican 02368 of the Gryphin. Come in." The Pilot buzzed over the COM channel.

      "Roger, Pelican 02368. Pull in at docking bay 4." A voice replied over a burst of static.

      The Pelican slowly turned, and adjusted its angle to line up with docking bay 4 of the Apocolyptica. The Pilot stared at a lone marine waving two glow sticks. He made them intersect to signal the Pelican to slowdown. The Pilot pulled back on the lever, and it began to slow. The Pilot pulled back hard, and the Pelican screeched to a halt.

      "Alright everybody off!" The Pilot ordered.

      The Marines hopped off, and stared at the shuttle bay.

      "Nice isn't it?" Cortana joked.

      "Yeah." The Chief grunted as usual.

      The Chief strode around the bay, and eyed in mindfully. He turned as an old man wearing a Captains uniform cleared his throat. The Chief quickly formed a salute, and stood straight up.

      "At ease Soldier." The Captain gestured. The Chief slouched a little.

      "I'm Captain Tatti. The Captain, of the Apocolyptica..." The Captain began. The Chief nodded.

      "We're going to leave for what you call 'Halo,' as soon as I'm on the Bridge. I'll need Cortana for the trip, she said she has the Co-ordinates for the jump.

      "She stays with me." The Chief grumbled.

      "But, Master Chief, I'm your superior. Orders are orders." The Captain replied calmly.

      The Chief stood silent for a moment as he gathered his thoughts.

      "Just let him Chief. A few hours wont kill you." Cortana whispered.

      "We'll have to check on that." The Chief said, as he reached for the back of his helmet, and yanked out Cortana's chip. He turned to the Captain, and handed him the chip.

      "Thank you." The Captain said politely, as he gently pulled the chip out of Master Chief's hand.

      "No problem." The Master Chief saluted. The Captain returned the salute, and turned to the exit shaft.

01335 hours (MISSION CLOCK)/ January 9th, 2553(MILITARY CALENDER) UNSC Frigate, The Apocolyptica, Space.

      "What the hell is going on over there!" Captain Tatti exclaimed as he stared towards the moon the Apocolyptica was passing.

      "That's our moon sir, the Covenant must be attacking our bases there." Lieutenant Anderson replied.

      "Damnit!" He cursed in anger. "We better do something. Deploy some of our troops. We'll sit in space if we have too."

      "Aye sir. Deploying troops." Lieutenant Anderson replied.

01359 hours (MISSION CLOCK)/ January 9th, 2553(MILITARY CALENDER) Pelican, Orbit, Moon Base.

      The pelican swooped down towards the pale moon below. Mushroom clouds covered half of the land.

      "Almost there Marines!" The Pilot shouted.

      The Master Chief gazed towards the back of the Pelican, and onto the destroyed land. The Covenant were getting worse by the minute. The Pelican began to lower, and levitate about a foot above the ground.

      "Alright marines! Secure the base, then we can get our asses outta' here!" The Pilot ordered.

      Each marine hopped of the Pelican, and slowly drifted to the ground. Each wore a thin, space battle suit. But none were similar to Master Chiefs.

      They all hopped up and down, adjusting to the zero gravity.

      "Covenant! Up ahead!" One of them screamed.

      The Chief pulled out his battle rifle.

      "I wonder how this will work." He thought.

      Two Elites, Six Grunts, and Four Jackals came into contact with the group. The Elites were the first to notice, and opened fire. Their plasma volleys from their plasma rifles were traveling very slowly. The Master Chief kicked up his right foot, and spun sideways slowly to evade the attack. He landed toe on toe, and returned the fire. Six, slow slugs traveled through the thin air, and collided with one of the several Grunts. It squealed as the air in its armor was sucked out, and it ran out of breath.

      This was going to be tougher than the Master Chief assumed. He suddenly had an idea. When he first tried on this armor, the tech's told him about small thrusters in his boots. He quickly stared the palm of his hand, and clicked it in. A small control panel slid out, and he tapped a red button. A quick rush tossed him into the air. He was hurled 50 feet up, and slowly flew down. He landed on an Elite, and he punched it from behind, killing it instantly. The other snorted in disgust as its fellow soldiers purple blood splattered onto him. He turned and gazed up. The Master Chief gave him a whoop to the face with the butt of his Battle Rifle. Taking it out too.

      The remaining Covenant cowered away in fear of the mighty soldier, afraid of their own doom. The Master Chief took out his Sub-Machine gun, and spayed the group with lead. Each bullet slowly trudged towards the targets, and hit their mark.

      The Chief slapped a new clip into the weapon, and stared ahead. He squinted to adjust his razor sharp eyes. A gray cloud spewed from the moon base as something exploded. The Chief had to get there fast.

      "Company! Lets glide!" He screamed.

      He hurled himself forward in zero gravity as he approached the base. He hit the button to his thrusters, and veered upward above. He soared above the base and peered down into the glass ceiling. He tried to stop in the air, and shifted around to head downwards. His shadow was cast onto the floor below, where 4 Elites sat, tormenting a group of marines, defenseless. The Master Chief was to change that.

      He slammed through the glass, and the air was sucked out rapidly. The Marines choked, but the Chief grabbed them two in two, and tossed them into the corridor, closing the door behind them.

      He spun on his heel to confront his foes. He stared each of them in their beety little eyes. They each snarled. He began by kicking up his feet, and locked them onto one Elites hips, and flipped it over. It landed on its skull, and it cracked like a brittle crayon.

      The Chief leaped up like he was doing advanced kung fu, and jammed his elbow into another Elites rip. He pulled his Battle Rifle upward, and squeezed the trigger. The bullet tore through the Elites head, beginning with the Manibles from where it started. It screamed in agony, began to look a little dazed, and hit the floor. The Master Chief turned to the remaining Elites. Two of them. He smiled as he heard two clanks of armor hit the floor, and a mirage of bullets hit the last foes. He turned to see two Marines stand there, smoke exiting the barrel of their weapons.

      "Nice work." The Chief motioned.

      "Always a pleasure sir." One of the two chuckled.

      The Master Chief turned to the air lock he tossed the marines he saved into. They screamed as the door opened, expecting an Elite.

      "You! Where is the platoon stationed here?" The Master Chief demanded to one marine.

      "They...they ran sir. They couldn't have gotten so far. Probably half were mowed down by Covenant." The marine stuttered in fear.

      "Which way were they headed?" He grumbled.

      "South, sir. Towards Delta 019, another base stationed here." The marine replied again.

      "Hmmm..." The Chief pondered for a moment.

      "Call evac for Delta 019, we'll take care of the rest of the soldiers." The Master Chief ordered to one of his squad mates.

      "Yes sir!" One shouted and began to fiddle with his radio.

      The Master Chief turned and began to walk down a corridor.

      "Chief? There's a garage down this hall, a believe a Jaguar should be in there." Cortana informed.

      The Master Chief continued along and hit the garage. He opened the door and gazed around, he flipped a light switch, and just like Cortana said, a Jaguar sat in the middle. Only one of them.

      A Jaguar was the stander UNSC moon rover. Equipped with boosters for when the going was tough, and a mini M41 LAAG, called the M41 RG which was self controlled using the steering wheel.

      The Master Chief hopped aboard and clicked a few buttons and here a slight roaring noise as the engines ignited. He pulled down the parking brake, and stepped on the gas. It didn't go as fast as he anticipated, but was good enough for now.

      "Cortana! Get Me some Pelicans ASAP!" He ordered.

      "Can do Chief." She said delightfully.

      He saw something in the distance. A Crater. He was going to have to use his thrusters for this zero gravity jump. He approached the edge of it, and hit the button. Immediately, the thrusters blew up, and rocked the Chief across the crater. It was a huge crater also. He looked out of the Jaguar, and saw little figures slowly running across it.

      "What the hell?" He muttered.

      "Chief! Those are Marines!" Cortana said.

      The Chief eyed the figures. He saw another switch, and knew that it would send the Jaguar down, but maybe he would crush on of the thousands of marines there. What could he do?

      "All UNSC Forces positioned here, copy." Cortana inquired.

      "Copy that, whose asking?" A voice replied.

      "This is Cortana. The Master Chief and I are atop of you guys. Look up for yourself!" She said as she laughed.

      "Holy Moley!" The Voice said over the COM channel.

      "Hold your positions. Evac is on the way!" Cortana ordered.

      "Roger Cortana. Holding." The voice replied.

      An idea suddenly hit Master Chief like a baseball bat. He flipped off the Jaguar, and leapt out from his comfy seat onboard the land rover. He swiftly, yet slowly, plummeted towards the pale ground of the moon, and began to slow as he hit the thrusters equipped on his boots. He hit the ground, and a clear, smoky fog came out of the moons ground as he smacked it.

      He un-bent his knees and stared behind him. Thousands of marines were trudging towards his position, some wounded, some carrying wounded, some well. Either way, this wasn't another victory for Earth, or humanity. This mission on Halo better do something for this war, or it may very well be the end for humanity.

      "Where are those damn Pelicans!" The Chief hissed at Cortana.

      "They're closing in. Should be here soon. ETA 2 minutes." Cortana replied calmly.

      The Chief stood silent awaiting the Pelicans to swoop down, coming to the rescue. The Chief kicked the dirt for a moment in boredom, and then heard a loud rumbling. He gazed up into the black sky filled with stars, and his jaw dropped when he saw Banshees headed their way.

      "Oh Dear God." He mumbled.

      "They're Here!" Cortana screamed in joy.

      The Chief looked towards his left and saw some Pelicans soaring into few. They opened fire on the unsuspecting Banshee's with their M41 LAAG's and ripped them a new one. The Covenant may not have one this time. They swooped down in their usual fashion, and the Marines loaded onto each one. Looks like the marines were coming to Halo with the rest of the Apocolyptica.