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Halo 2 Rise of a Hero Chapter 3
Posted By: CovieKilla<dandaman_10@hotmail.com>
Date: 8 November 2003, 1:14 AM

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01501 hours (MISSION CLOCK)/ January 8th, 2553(MILITARY CALENDER) Pelican, Over Amazon Jungle, Mexico II.

      The Pelicans burners ignited as it began to levitate, and take off from the landing pad. The Chief got a good rest from his return from New Mombassa. He rose from the green bench he once sat on, and calmly walked to the edge of the Pelican. The view was beautiful. He examined the Jungle he flew above, and a smile crackled onto his face.

      "Nice view from here, isn't it?" Cortana said happily.

      "Yeah." The Chief grunted.

      "Get ready marines. Covenant patrols own this territory. We'll be dropping you off hot." Sergeant Johnson announced.

      Suddenly, the beauty of the Jungle faded, into a smoldering pile of bitterness. This part was ugly. Burnt to a crisp, fires surrounded the area, and smoke exited from the ever-burning flames. The Chiefs smile, turned into a glumly frown.

      "What happened?" He thought.

      "The Covenant, that's what." Cortana's voice bellowed out of the speakers.

      The Pelican glided swiftly, and swerved at the edge of the Jungle. The Chief gripped the top bar at the Pelicans exit, and patiently waited for it to close in on the ground. The Pelican gently hovered a foot above the ground, and the Chief released his grip on the bar, as he hopped off.

      "Pile out. Go, go, go!" Sergeant Johnson ordered.

      The Chief waited for his instructions and his fellow soldiers.

      "Hold you position Chief. Foe Hammer will be here in a moment to deliver the vehicles and equipment." Sergeant Johnson barked.

      "Foe Hammer?" Master Chief asked confused.

      "Foe Hammer Junior! We better get moving." Johnson shouted as the Pelican roared away.

      The Chief shrugged and turned to a marine. The marine stared. The Chief nodded and kept his eyes peeled at the Jungle ahead. Who knew what adventure lie in the wake. Suddenly, a roar of engines came from behind. Master Chief and the marines all turned around. It was a Pelican, three to be exact. But these ones were a little larger than normal, the Chief didn't see a troop transport at the back. They must've been delivery Pelicans. It softly decreased in altitude, and hit the ground.

      "Chief! I've got a special delivery for you!" A voice screamed over the COM channel. It was Foe Hammer Junior.

      "Where do I sign?" The Chief chuckled.

      The Pelicans all hovered above the ground, and dropped their cargo. They rose up again, and flew away within a blink of an eye. The Chief glanced towards the cargo, and eyed it delightfully. He liked what he saw. Two Warthogs, Eight ATV's, and a crate of weapons.

      "Yeeeee Haw!!!" A marine screamed.

      The Chief walked towards the crate, and picked up a weapon.

      "M10 Shotgun." He mumbled.

      "Latest of it's kind. Fires explosive shells, has an ammo counter, and can reload on its own." Cortana stated.

      "I think I'm gunna like this." The Chief said as he laughed.

      The Chief grabbed some ammo and loaded the gun. He popped in a few shells and cocked the shotgun. He put the barrel of the weapon in front of his vision, and began to aim. He lowered it, and took another peek into the crate. Guns galore. He reached in and pulled out a new a huge weapon.

      "RL650..." He whispered.

      "Another new weapon. ONI has been up to a lot lately. They've added a farther zoom in range. And they put in an ammo gauge, a faster firing rate, and it can launch grenades." Cortana explained.

      "This should come in handy. How do you know all this?" Master Chief asked curiously.

      "I have my ways." Cortana said suspiciously.

      The Chief shrugged, he set the M10 Shotgun down into the crate and picked up his Sub-Machine guns. He turned towards his comrades.


      They all stopped chit chatting and turned towards Master Chief.

      "Lets roll." He said without a hint of fear in his voice.

      He turned and hopped onto an ATV and clicked on the engine. It sparked and let out a loud buzz. He revved it twice as he waited for his fellow marines to get into their vehicles. Two warthogs full, Eight ATV's boarded. He turned to face the Jungle, and exploded into the mysterious brush, Sub-Machine guns in hand, locked and loaded. He swerved at the sight of a fallen tree, and regained control of the vehicle.

      He saw a pack of Covenant ahead the path, with his enhanced vision. He slowed down and ordered his squad to stop. He heard the click of the other ATV's go offline.

      "I need a sniper. Any snipers come in." The Chief said into his COM channel.

      A lone marine creeped up towards the Chief and saluted.

      "Private Jones reporting for duty sir." The marine whispered.

      The Chief returned a salute.

      "Take out the Elite in the group, the rest will cower away." The Chief ordered.

      "Yes sir." Private Jones replied.

      Jones withdrew his S2 AM Sniper Rifle, and screwed on a silencer. He drew his eye towards the scope, and peered in. He stared closely at the Elite, and when the opportunity arose, he fired. The bullet exited the barrel of the weapon, and ripped its way into the Elite. It pierced the flesh on its neck, and it gurgled out its purple black blood. Like the Master Chief said, the rest of the group attempted to flee the scene. But the Chief had it all planned out. He hopped from his cover, behind another fallen tree, and whipped a frag grenade directly at the group. It landed directly ahead of them. But their stupidity cost them dearly, the grenade went off, and all of them walked into it. The Chief nodded towards Jones, and sprinted down along the path towards the corpses. And there they lay, six brutally damaged corpses missing legs, arms, organs, heads blown off even. The Chief had a stomach for it, but another marine didn't. He dove off into a thick bush at the sight of the recently deceased and vomited.

      The Chief sprinted back towards the vehicles and told the warthog drivers to go onto a path leading left, and the rest off the marines on the ATV's to go straight with him. He hopped aboard his ATV, switched the engine online, and sped down the path. He saw another group of Covenant approaching ahead, but this time had a new plan. He sped towards them, Sub-Machine gun in hand, and fired as he drove over the aliens. He continued along, unchanged after the spectacle. He saw something up ahead, something different. He slowed down. He slowly drove to the edge of what was supposed to be the forest, and stopped. He looked out, it was a battlefield. Covenant and Humans everywhere. He realized that the Jungle was no different from New Mombassa. He drove out, and stopped as he approached a marine. He hopped off the ATV.

      "Master Chief, reporting for duty." The Chief saluted.

      The marine returned a crisp salute and said,

      "Sergeant Kosack."

      The Chief looked down the battlefield. Wraiths on the ground, Banshees in the sky, Phantoms coming down by the dozen, and Ghosts on the Covenant's ground patrol. The Chief gazed towards his end of the battlefield. Scorpion tanks, Warthogs, 3 Pelicans, over a hundred ATV's. This, was definitely war.

      "The Covenant....They have the upper advantage." Sergeant Kosack said wearily.

      "Not for long." The Chief grumbled.

      Kosack looked at the Chief puzzled, and cocked an eyebrow.

      "You have a plan?" He asked.

      The Chief stood silent. Then opened his mouth.

      "Yes..." He said.

01548 hours (MISSION CLOCK)/ January 8th, 2553(MILITARY CALENDER) Battlefield, Amazon Jungle, Mexico II.

      The Chief stood there, thoughts rushing through his head. This plan may have been the craziest and most suicidal one yet, but he had faith, as always.

      "Sir, the entire army is at your disposal. We await at your command." A Corporal said.

      "Thank you. Return to your position, and await on my mark." The Chief said.

      "Yes sir!" The marine said, as he sprinted back to his position.

      The Chief stared around at the war torn battlefield, and at the army that was he was about to lead into battle. He hoped no casualties would arise from this event. He looked away from the group, and turned to face the enemy. He opened up his COM channel.

      "Now!" he screamed.

      He charged into battle, with over one hundred ATV's, fifty Scorpion tanks, one hundred Warthogs and three Pelicans soared ahead. The Chief and two hundred marines were on foot, and they had over fifty soldiers in the hills sniping. But, the Covenant had caught on, and charged towards the army. The Chief began to count in the distance. One...Two...Three hundred Grunts, One hundred Elites, Two Hundred Jackals, seventy-five Brutes, and ninety hunters. This Battle may be over soon.

       "All Snipers, focus on the Hunters and Brutes. We can handle the rest." Cortana ordered.

      The clock was ticking, and time was dire. Every step felt like a mile in the Chief's boots. He finally realized that the Covenant were only several feet away. He was about to open fire on a Hunter, when a shot cracked over his head. It startled him, but then he realized it was a marine and smiled. He opened fire on a Brute and saw the beast collapse. Weapon fire and war cries were all that could be heard on the barren battlefield. The M41 LAAG gun sawed down three Elites, and ten Grunts each minute.

      "Ahhhh! I'm hit!" A marine screamed as a sniper round pierced through his arm. He squeezed the wound and collapsed. The Chief eyed him quickly, but forwarded his attention back to the battle.

      Master Chief un-slung his R650 and loaded it with a frag grenade. He pulled the mighty weapon onto his shoulder and launcher the grenade laying inside. It smacked the floor and exploded instantly, sending seven Jackals to their pitiful deaths. He turned and fired a rocket towards three Elites ready to attack a Scorpion Pilot. They screamed as the rocket detonated at their feet and exploded sending them to a whole world of hurt. The Master Chief turned to withdraw his Sub-Machine guns, but tripped and fell. He stared in amazement as a Hunter hobbled over towards him and began to charge is fuel rod gun. The Chief panicked and fumbled to get back onto his feet. The Hunter had a sparkle in its eye like it knew Master Chief was as good as dead. But, little did it know, it was it's own misfortune, that it had thought of. A bullet whizzed into its exposed orange flesh, and erupted in its vital organs. It staggered as it fell to its knees. It stared at the Chief innocently, and then its eyes slowly closed, and it died. The Chief knew, that it was truly a miracle. But it was the same marine, that saved his life.

      The Chief opened up the COM channel and shouted,

      "Toss all grenades!"

      Like an instant, over two hundred little metal canisters were lobbed into the air, and hit the floor awaiting their presence. They exploded with a mighty ruckus, cutting the Covenant army into half. The Scorpion tanks had already taken out the Wraiths, and the Pelicans were working on taking out the Banshees. They Chief just caught it though. Two marines died in the spectacle. Friendly fire. He frowned. How could such a plan go wrong? One marine didn't toss his grenade far enough, and killed his fellow soldier with him. Both of them plummeted towards their graves. The Chief said a silent prayer and continued to fire.

      The Chief fired his Sub-Machine guns at a pack of Grunts. Their inaccuracy was perfect for taking out multiple enemies. He shifted his view and fired wildly at an Elite. The Elite snorted and began to fire its Plasma Rifle rapidly, bringing down Master Chief's shields. The Chief staggered, but came back fighting, literally. He tackled the Elite and punched it in the face before it could even attempt to fight back. After two hits, the mighty demon was dead. The Chief got up, he saw few enemies left. A hunter, two Jackals, two Brutes, three Elite, and six Grunts remained. Amazed at their military training, the remaining warriors didn't attempt to run. They stood and fought with power and bravery. But they were the enemy, and orders were orders. The Chief tossed a grenade at the Grunts. They barked in their barbaric tongue, and died under the pressure and fire of the grenade.

      "All snipers, take out the remaining Covenant now!" Cortana urged.

      Fifty rounds fired towards the remaining Covenant, and took out the Jackals, a Brute, the Hunter, and two Elites. That left one, a Brute stood there, a lone warrior on the battlefield. He growled at the Chief, and the rest of his race. He aimed his weapon upward, toward Master Chief. The Chief sighed, and new that this Brute would end up facing it's certain doom. The Chief looked towards the ground and whispered,

      "Take him out."

      A sniper adjusted his aim and fired at the Brute. It hit the beast in the chest, and it sputtered out its blackish-purple blood. The Chief turned around to walk back. He was saddened to see that a quarter of his troops, were killed.

      "Congratulations Chief! We did it!" Sergeant Kosack said.

      "No we didn't." The Chief grumbled.

      "Sure we did! We took out the Covenant!" the Sergeant replied excitedly.

      "We lost Sarge." Master Chief said.

      "What are you talkin' about!? We won!" Kosack said.

      "Look at our casualties. How can you say we won?" The Chief said.

      The Sergeant stared at the Chief and stood silent. He couldn't answer the question.