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Halo 2 Rise of a Hero Chapter 2
Posted By: CovieKilla<dandaman_10@hotmail.com>
Date: 2 November 2003, 12:55 AM

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01858 hours (MISSION CLOCK)/ January 7th, 2553(MILITARY CALENDER) Pelican, Over New Mombassa East African Protectorate.

      A pelican's loud engine roared over New Mombassa's skies. The Chief gazed below, and saw a thick mist. He could hear the sound of plasma fire, and wild fire. Blue streaks of plasma fire flashed brilliantly in the fog. The Chief gripped onto the handle of exit.

      "It took two in the nose and dropped into the atmosphere." Cortana informed.

      "Who was its first contact?" Master Chief barked.

      "405th under Diego Garcia." A scruffy voice bellowed out of the Cockpit.

      "But don't expect a big welcome. The Covenant wiped most of them out before they hit the ground." The voice continued.

      The Chief turned around for a moment as the pelican swiftly shifted its angle, and tilted towards the battlefield. Sergeant Johnson that gave him the Intel.

      Corporal Monte wiped the sweat forming on his brow, and peered into the scope of his S2 AM Sniper Rifle. He swallowed the lump forming in his throat and fired an armor piercing round into a grunt. The metal slug pierced its methane gas tank and it squealed as it suffocated. He slapped a new clip into the weapon and took another gander. Two Jackals slid into view, and Monte took very little time to take-out the animals.

      "How's it look recon?" A voice blared over the COM channel.

      "Reading grid thirteen by two is hot. Recommend mission abort." Monte replied.

      "Roger recon." The voice acknowledged.

      The pelican pilot glanced over at Sergeant Johnson. He clicked a view buttons and said,

      "It's your call Sarge."

      "We're goin' in! Get tactical marines!" Sergeant Johnson said trying to lift the soldier's spirits.

      The Chief turned around and took a seat. His armor clanked as it hit the bench. His new armor was comfy, even better than his previous one. He turned to the marine next to him, adjusting his weapon to his liking. The marine picked up the helmet next to him, tossed it on, and clipped it shut. He wore something similar to the Chief's. The Chief turned back and began to fiddle with his weapon. The techs called it a "Battle Rifle." The Chief took a test drive on the firing range before he was positioned on Earth. It had a slower firing rate, but had zooming capabilities. He liked it.

      The pelican began to glide swiftly, and then turned toward a landing pad. It slowly set down, and landed with a thud. The Chief got up, along with the rest of the marines. He waited for his comrades to hop off, then he did the same.

      The Master Chief examined his surroundings. The sky was purple from down here, and an orange silhouette sat in the sky. A building concealed the position of the landing zone.

      We'll evac the wounded. Keep me posted Cortana!" Sergeant Johnson ordered.

      "Of course Sergeant." Cortana saluted.

      "Sir!" A voice said

      The Chief refocused his attention, and saw a lone marine waiting. He walked up to him, and the marine began,

      "Corporal Perez, A Company, CP is this way!" The marine said as he turned to sprint down the ramp next to him.

      The Chief turned and followed the marine down the ramp. He turned to his left and saw a medic covered in blood, resuscitating a marine. The monitor went into a flat line, and the medic struggled to bring him back. The Chief continued on ahead, and passed a tent with two marines and a corpse.

      "No tags!" One of the marine's exclaimed.

      The Chief continued on, and finally stopped in front of Corporal Perez. He gazed next to him and saw a man lying on a blood soaked stretcher, missing his stomach.

      "I'm calling it in. It's 1900." The medic declared.

      "The Lieutenant got hit as soon as we dropped in." Corporal Perez said.

      "Whose in charge now, Corporal?" Cortana requested.

      "Sergeant Banks, ma'am. His pinned out up front. Come on, I'll show you!" Corporal Perez said as he dashed towards the Sergeant.

      Corporal Perez rotated on his heel and sprinted into the tunnel behind him. Master Chief tailed close behind. It was dark. No light at all. He almost stumbled over the staircase, if it wasn't illuminated by a small light fixture. The Chief climbed the stairs and noticed a marine's corpse. He didn't bother grabbing his dog tags, he figured someone already did. He saw two marines peering out of a crack in the wall, returning fire to Covenant. One was stationed at a fixed gun placement.

      "Over there!" One of them screamed.

      "No no! Behind that SOB!" He screamed again

      "Yeah, Yeah! I'm runnin' low man!" The other replied.

      The Chief turned and took cover with Corporal Perez who was screaming at a marine nearby.

      "Parsons!?" He asked.

      "Yeah?" The other marine shouted back.

      "He's over here!" Perez replied.

      Suddenly an explosion cut off the conversation. Perez looked back in amazement to see the marine still there in one piece.

      "I don't know!" The marine said.

      "Ughhhh!" Perez grunted.

      "Move out! Covering fire!" Perez jumped out of his cover.

      He fired his battle rifle at the Covenant below. Master Chief did the same. He zoomed in at 2x, and fired two rounds and a pair of grunts. They died under the power of the weapon, crumbling their weak armor. A Jackal attempted to return fire at the Chief. Master Chief adjusted his aim and fired. A bullet entered its chest cavity, and exploded in its heart. It shrieked and collapsed on the floor, dead. The Chief saw some Hell Jumpers ahead, and reloaded his battle rifle.

      He regrouped with his comrades, and saw a group of grunts exiting from a crevice below him. He tossed a frag grenade and watched the blood splatter as the screamed in fear. The Chief pulled his Battle Rifle back out. He flipped to 2x again, and put a few grunts into view. The grunts were firing their plasma pistols at the Hell Jumpers and felt dominate. The Chief changed that. He fired and the bullets cut ones respirator system, and hit the other on its life support system, immediately downing both. He zoomed in on the mortar gun emplacement across the city. It fired a large plasma round towards his position. It's trajectory was too great, and hit the building behind him. It instantly shattered the glass, and put a large hole in it.

      The Chief saw a man lying on a blood-drenched floor next to a corpse. He crouched and approached him.

      "I asked for re-enforcements.... I never thought they'd send a Spartan." Sergeant Banks whimpered.

      "We gotta take that thing out, Cover Me!" Sergeant Banks ordered.

      Master Chief stood up and fired his battle rifle at a Jackal. Its shield flickered on and off, then depleted. The Chief quickly put a bullet through its weak body. He turned and locked onto a grunt. The grunt noticed the Chief had him on his sights. He jumped behind a nearby car for cover as the Chief fired his Battle Rifle. The Chief tossed a frag grenade next to the vehicle. The grunt looked at it and barked. It erupted and killed the puny alien with its blast.

      The Chief could hear Sergeant Banks behind him.

      "Tech HQ, this is Sergeant Banks. Requesting immediate assistance, over.

      "I repeat, this is Sergeant Banks, does anybody read me!?"

      "God Damnit HQ! Can anyone copy?" He screamed

      "Sergeant, this is Major Heasly, Hang tight, we're inbound." a voice blared out of the radio.

      The Chief turned to his right and noticed a fixed gun placement. He hopped onto it and fired at the enemy below. He noted that it was exactly like the M41 LAAG gun found on the old warthogs. He swiveled to his left and put an end to the life of a grunt and Jackal. A voice blared over his COM channel.

      "Hostiles right!" voice informed.

      The Chief swiveled the weapon towards his right and noticed several Jackals. He fired the weapon and it destroyed several of the walls that were providing them with cover. He flanked the enemy, forcing them to withdraw from their hiding spots, and fight head on. But the Chief had the upper hand. He blasted the Jackal's shields offline, and filled each of them with lead.

      Suddenly a load roaring of an engine came from behind the Chief. Three Long Swords soared into view. The Chief looked at them for a second. They swooped down and dropped several bombs causing the mortar emplacement to erupt, and then a mighty blue explosion followed. The smoke cleared and the mortar placement was completely destroyed.

      "Verify delivery of ordinance on target." Major Heasly asked.

      "Dead on Major! Threats neutralized!" Sergeant Banks confirmed.

      The Chief turned towards Sergeant Banks.

      "Take my weapon! You'll need it!" Sergeant Banks exclaimed.

      The Chief snatched the sub-machine guns from Sergeant Banks' hands. He looked at them for a moment, then hopped down a ramp following another group of Hell Jumpers. He fired wildly at a group of grunts. He entered a scrap area, illuminated by fire, and filled with grunts. He fired the weapons at the savage beasts, and heard them scream in agony and pain as they suffered the consequences of the bullets entering their alien skin. Master Chief exterminated the Covenant in the area, and it was littered with spent casing shells, and his fallen comrades corpses.

      He walked through a pile of scrap metal, and saw a group of marines trying to flank out some grunts. He peered over the corner. Six of them sat there. He glanced across the alleyway, and nodded. The marine screamed out,

      "Frag, and clear!"

      And tossed the round canister towards the unsuspecting bunch. A loud explosion could be heard, followed by squeals. The Chief hopped out from his hiding spot, and saw all six still standing, just temporarily stunned. He shrugged and let his guns do the talking. The bullets penetrated their armor, and tore up there insides. Once he took out his foes, he continued towards the inner city.

      He climbed up a ramp to discover a pack of Jackals and a Creep exiting behind. He quickly whipped out his battle rifle and opened fire on the group. They all fired their plasma pistols at the Chief at the same time, as the Creep made a quick getaway. The Chiefs rounds bounced off of their blue shields. Suddenly two warthogs pulled up and ran over the group of Jackals.

      "We could use a gunner sir!" The driver called out.

      The Chief smiled at the men who just saved his behind. He leaped from the ramp and just clung onto the back and hoisted himself up as the engine roared. The Master Chief saw another Creep trying to escape. It fired the Warthog's weapon. It startled him as it sent his shoulders back and took out the vehicle in one hit. He shook it off and continued. Must have been some new projectile-based weapon. He saw another two Creeps on the landing below. He fired at one and took it out in two shots, but the other one escaped with one shot under its belt. The two warthogs split up; one went left, the other straight. The Chief's 'hog met up with the attempted escapee, and put an end to its rally.

      "Over there!" A marine in the passenger seat screamed.

      The Chief swiveled the weapon, and fired at a car being used as cover. Two dead alien corpses soaked in purple blood lay there, motion-less.

      "Ghosts! Makin' a break for it! I got 'em!" The driver maneuvered the Warthog to tail the two hovering vehicles.

      The Chief quickly fired at one of the Ghost's and took it out. He turned to face the other and destroyed it. He looked in the distance and spotted another two headed his way. He adjusted the position of his aim, and took out one, the other one quickly turned, and the grunt pilot squealed. It swerved around before crashing into a wall, and fired at the Warthog. The Chief fired once, causing the alien craft to explode. The driver made a right on the boulevard only to encounter another Creep. Master Chief did as usual, and fired twice, and watched the limp body of the pilot fall out onto the cold pavement.

      "More over there!" The passenger said.

      The Chief took out one Ghost as the other fled the battle. But it drove straight into the other warthog that departed before. The Chief launched a blue beam at it, as it toppled on top of a small building, and exploded.

      The Warthog swerved to evade the explosion, and followed the road ahead. The driver slid as it made a left turn, and witnessed a Phantom pull up ahead of them, and fire its powerful plasma volleys. The Master Chief turned and fired at the vehicle, but didn't even put in a dent. He kept firing. He turned around and saw another Phantom up ahead hovering in place.

      "This can't be good." He thought.

      "Brutes!" Cortana exclaimed with curiosity.

      A Brute hopped out of the Phantom and landed directly on top of the Warthog. It smacked the passenger and driver out. The Chief bailed.

      The Brute remained on top of the Warthog, so the Chief had to lure it out. He fired his battle rifle to get its attention. It hopped off, and fired at the Chief. The Chief sprinted towards it and smacked it in the chest. It took a deep breath in, and went back to normal. The Chief never really encountered a Brute before. He never even saw one in person, he only heard about them. He shot out a few rounds of his battle rifle at the Brutes chest. It coughed and collapsed in a pool of its own purple blood. The Chief saw plasma fire flash by his visor. He spun on his heel to see another three Brutes. He looked into his scope and fired at a car next to two of the animals. It exploded and sent the two to their fiery deaths. The other tried to run for cover, the Chief popped it in the head.

      "Ghosts!" Cortana warned.

      The Chief quickly turned in time to see two Ghosts head in his direction. He watched as one sped by, but he took careful note of the second.

      "Steady..." Cortana guided.

      The Chief bent his knees, and hopped up into the air. He calculated his landing, and quickly hit the wing of the Ghost.

      "Nice!" Cortana congratulated.

      The Brute piloting the vehicle was not as happy though. It bellowed out a loud war cry, but the Chief kicked it out of its seat, and took control of the vehicle.

      "The marines wont make it if those Phantoms double back. See if you can lure them away." Cortana suggested.

      Master Chief fired plasma at the remaining Brutes, and then fired upward towards the Phantoms. The Phantoms returned fire, and the Chief quickly rotated, and sped towards the highway. The Phantom's tailed closely behind. They fired their plasma volleys at the Chief, but he quickly turned the Ghost and evaded the attacks. One of the Phantom's was foolish, and began to fire plasma towards the New Mombassa entry sign. It burned the metal, causing it to separate, and slowly fall towards the pothole infested road. It hit the same Phantom, and made it smack the floor hard. It's engine ruptured, and exploded ahead of the Chief. A blue and white flash developed, and bits and pieces of debris rained down onto the high way as the Chief just passed the downed vehicle.

      He guided the Ghost into a tunnel, not realizing the flashing sign above the entrance.

      "Uhhh...Chief?" Cortana began.

      "Hang on!" Master Chief warned.

      The exiting door was slowly closing on the two. The Chief leaned to his right, and tucked in his legs and hopped from the vehicle as it smashed into the door. The Chief hit the ground hard, and sparks were flying as he skidded to a halt. Behind him two brutes in Ghost's were chasing him, but didn't notice the blast doors sealed. One looked ahead and snarled. It hit the door, and killed itself on impact. Blue plasma streaked and flashed on the other side of the door. The Chief checked his shield monitor, dead. He crawled up, and looked towards the purple-blue sky.

      "Now all we have to do is...." Cortana stumbled.

      Pods. Lots of them. Headed their way. The Chief looked a little lower and witnessed seven pods crashing onto the highway. He gazed towards one. It startled him as the front flew off and an Elite emerged out of the mist. Six others followed. They all looked at each other and barked in their foreign tongue. Each of them stared back at the Chief, and they ignited their plasma swords. A blue flash quickly glared off of the Chiefs helmet. The Chief yanked out a plasma grenade he stowed away from before. He clicked the little circle, and it grew into a blue ball of explosive.

      "Bet you can't stick it." Cortana joked.

      "You're on!" The Chief chuckled.

      He lobbed the grenade at the farthest Elite. It snorted and attempted to rip off the little weapon. It exploded putting an end to his series of events. One of the Elites looked at the blood soaked area of his fellow soldier. It bellowed out a loud war cry, and charged at the Chief, caught up in its rage. The Chief saw the beast headed his way, and quickly stepped out of the way, and smacked it in the back. Breaking its spinal cord, killing it instantly. Two down, four to go. The Chief took out his battle rifle and took aim at an Elite. He locked the mighty Covenant warrior in his sights, and fired the weapon. A bullet pierced through the Elites shield, and entered its skull. It hit the floor, and smashed its head on the concrete. Without wasting a second, Master Chief took out a frag grenade, pulled the pin, and whipped it in between two of the last Elite's. Both turned and once they realized the little canister, it was two late. The grenade exploded with a mighty ruckus, sending the two flying. One left. The Chief turned to the Elite, and squeezed the trigger of his Battle Rifle. Empty. He pulled his sub-machine guns out. He took aim again, and squeezed the trigger. Empty. He was in trouble. The Elite began to laugh. Suddenly, 150 rounds pierced through its skin, exploding inside its alien body. The Chief turned around and saw a pelican. It began to drop, and land right next to him.

      "Need a lift?" Sergeant Johnson chuckled as he stuck out his hands.

      "Anytime." The Chief laughed as he grabbed the Sergeants hand and pulled himself aboard.