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Halo 2 Rise of a Hero
Posted By: CovieKilla<dandaman_10@hotmail.com>
Date: 1 November 2003, 5:30 AM

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AUTHORS NOTE: Okay, heres how it goes. My previous fan fic, Resurrection of the Chief, was really craptacular, but gimme a break. Most writers first fan fics really do suck. But everyone can change can't they? So please dont compare my first fan fic to this new one. I am not going to post further chapters of Resurrection of the Chief, but instead begin to post this story, which is yet to be completed. So please give me your input, and dont be so harsh, just informative, and point out spelling errors, sentance errors, and other things. Now chapter 1 may be a little boring to some of you, but i guarentee, that when reading chapter 2 and so on, you'll like this Halo 2 series. And I am going to make this, the best god damn Halo 2 series ever! So read it, and enjoy!



01536 hours (MISSION CLOCK)/ January 6th, 2553(MILITARY CALENDER) Long Sword, Space, Co-ordinates unknown.

      The Master Chief glanced outside of the view port of the Long sword and let out a long sigh. Two whole months, and nothing. He looked into the darkness of space, into the distance. Billions of stars scattered the galaxy. One could possibly be Earth, or even the Covenant's home world. He could only hope, that someday, he would return to Earth, before it was too late.

      "Chief!? I've got an incoming transmission. Its...Its Earth." She whispered.

      "But it doesn't make any sense...We're not even close to Earth."

      "Play it." The Chief barked.

      "Yes sir." Cortana acknowledged.

      A burst of static blared over the Long Swords speakers. Then, a panicky voice could be heard.

      "This is Sergeant McPetterson. Does anyone copy!? I repeat, this is Sergeant McPetterson, does any UNSC personnel copy!?" The voice pleaded.

      "Sergeant, this is Cortana of the Pillar of Autumn. We read you loud and clear. What seems to be the problem?" Cortana gestured.

      "Its hell down here. Covenant.... They're everywhere!" the voice responded.

      Suddenly, the transmission was cut off. The Chief rubbed his forehead. Another life lost. He wouldn't stand for this.

      "Cortana! Put thrusters at full capacity. We're gunna get to Earth, even if we die trying." He ordered.

      "Yes sir." Cortana replied.

      The Long Sword shuttered as its engines ignited and blasted the ship at full speed. Suddenly all the little stars became a blur in the Chiefs vision. He turned around and strapped himself into the pilot chair. He gripped onto the armrest.

      He saw something in the distance. Something large. He tilted his head in confusion.

      "What could it possibly be"? He thought.

      They came closer to the object and saw it. There it lay. Earth, or what was left of it. A battle torn planet. They've done it. The covenant, they've landed. But in orbit, a UNSC frigate sat in the way. A voice appeared on the COM channel.

      " This is the Gryphin, come in."

      "This is Cortana, and Master Chief, the remaining survivors of the downed Pillar of Autumn. We request permission to board." Cortana asked.

      "Permission granted. Welcome home." The voice welcomed.

      "Pull in docking bay two. Over." The voice ordered.

      Cortana guided the Long Sword towards the frigate. She slowly boarded and locked it onto docking bay two. The Master Chief got up and calmly walked towards the exit. He heard a hiss of the air lock, and hopped off.

      "Sir, we have a special visitor on board." A marine chuckled.

      "Who is it soldier?" Admiral Cole asked.

      He could hear the clanking of armor as it tapped the floor.

      "Who could it be?" he thought.

      Suddenly a large figure appeared. He wore armor that glinted green when light bounced off it. He stood roughly seven feet tall. The Admiral gazed at his faceplate. He could only see his reflection staring back, not the man on the other side. The person looked more machine than man. He finally realized it. It was, a Spartan.

      "Hello Admiral." The Spartan greeted.

      "I thought all you died out?" Admiral Cole pondered.

      "They did, except for one." A voice said out of the armor.

      "Cortana? Is that you?" Admiral Cole asked.

      "Yes Admiral, and this is Master Chief, the last remaining Spartan." Cortana said.

      "Ahhh...Master Chief. I remember you now. How is the Pillar of Autumn and Captain Keyes?" Cole asked.

      The Master Chief looked down. The Admiral didn't understand the gesture, and cocked an eyebrow.

      "Gone." Cortana muttered.

      "Gone?" The Admiral said.

      "All of it. The fleet, the Covenant armada, everything." Cortana stated.

      "How? How is that possible?" Cole asked again.

      "Sir, we encountered a mysterious ring world known only as Halo. It was some sort of religious artifact to the Covenant. They were planning to use it against us. The Master Chief and I prevented them from using it. But then, we learned the true reason for Halo's existence. To prevent the release of what we call, the Flood." Cortana explained.

      "The Flood?" Admiral Cole asked.

      "The Flood is a species that latches on to any leaving or dead thing, and takes control of its body. In this case, humans and the Covenant. We found the Pillar of Autumn, and used her to destroy Halo, and prevent the spread of the Flood. We succeeded, but we're the only survivors."

      "Hmm." The Admiral grunted.

      "So you two are the last of the entire crew, and marines?" Cole added.

      "Yes sir." The Chief finally said.

      "Well, at least we have you." The Admiral gestured towards Master Chief.

      The Chief smirked.

      "Well, lets get you ready, we have some armor developed for you. Get suited up, grab some weapons, and then, your going down there." Admiral Cole ordered.

      The Chief saluted, and followed the Admiral to get suited up. Then, he was headed to the battlefield below, to support his race,humankind.