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To Hell And Back- Chapter 1: Just A Breath Of Vengeance
Posted By: CovieKilla<dandaman_10@hotmail.com>
Date: 9 July 2004, 4:26 AM

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A/N: Alright, hello all. I am back to writing fan fiction, and this is my first chapter to the new fic. If you enjoyed Chapter 1 of Forgotten Angel, forget about the series because I am NOT going to finish it. Anyways, without further ado, I bring you my new series, To Hell And Back.


      The sun glazed the blood-soaked pavement as it shone over the horizon. The city of Washington was up in smoke as two Banshees circled above the fallen city, ensuring its demise. Gliding along the skyline, the two Alien craft parted to monitor their own sectors.

      One of the pilots, an Elite by the name of Alo 'Zoramee clicked on his Banshee's radio and monitored the activity over the various COM channels. He majestically glided around one of the few still-standing buildings as he examined his portion of the apocalyptic city. Nothing but rubble, demolished buildings, and the odd mangled car wreck. He slowly eased up on the accelerator and puffed out a long breath.

      Suddenly, his radio burst with static. Confused and paranoid, he pushed on the accelerator and sped forward. The static slowly dissolved into the uneasy quietness of the small Alien craft. The radio clicked on again, this time without the static, but with a faint murmur. 'Zoramee tilted his head in confusion. What was it? The murmur grew louder. Another Banshee perhaps? He was skeptical. What could it possibly be? A million thoughts raced through his mind. It could have been anything, anything except for what it really was. The words that came out of the radio were clear this time,

      "I've been to hell and back...and now it's your turn to do so."

      'Zoramee cocked his head in confusion. He saw a flicker of light on his screen and then, a lone bullet shot through the Banshee's hull, puncturing his skull. The Banshee lost altitude and began to spiral down towards the wasteland below.

      Near the flaming wreckage, a single marine lay prone above the rubble, clutching his SRS99C-Sniper Rifle, which sported smoke drifting out of its long barrel. He quickly disassembled his weapon knowing another patrol was bound to investigate the little encounter.

      His armor touted a gold comet, the insignia of the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. The name stitched on his uniform read LOMBARDI. He quickly packed up his gear and pulled a single cigar from his pocket. He knew it was bad for his health, but he didn't seem to care. Nothing seemed to matter to him anymore since the Covenant had hit Earth. He inhaled as he lit the cigar, and puffed out a large gray cloud of smoke. A calming buzz overtook him. He casually walked towards the Banshee that he had shot down to catch one last look at the alien he had killed.

      He stood over the wreckage and saw the Elite's mangled body a few feet away. He knelt down above it and took another puff of his cigar. He blew the smoke right into the dead creatures face and said,

      "Let this be a lesson to the rest of you fuckers, no one kills my family and my friends and lives to tell about it....No one."

      Lombardi used his middle and index fingers to remove the cigar from his lips, and put it out on the creature's remains.

      "They haven't killed us all..." a voice echoed from the distance.

      Lombardi gazed up towards the direction the voice came from. The outline of a tall, built marine came into view. Lombardi gave a little smirk.

      "Colin? Colin Thompson, is that you!?" He exclaimed with a faint hint of happiness.

      "Flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood." The marine chanted back.

      "Amen, brother." Lombardi gave a flicker of a smile, and snapped a crisp salute, which Colin returned.

      "I wish we could stay here and chit chat, but we should start moving, the Covenant should be sweeping over here anytime now." Lombardi turned and began to jog north, away from the wreckage. Colin quickly tailed behind.

      The majority of Washington's skyscrapers and commercial buildings had been completely wiped out, but the streets and sidewalks could still be seen, along with the rotting bodies and wreckage that covered them. If it were night, the pair wouldn't be able to tell, since the fires would light up the night sky and the sounds of gunshots would be heard echoing in the distance.

      "Where are you staying?" Colin questioned as the two pushed forward passed a pile of civilian corpses, which continued to rot in the sun that appeared slightly through the black clouds.

      "I found an underground UNSC bunker. It was untouched when I found it, and get this, it's fully equipped with an armory and the whole nine." Lombardi hastily replied.

      "Sweet." Colin panted.

      The two stopped in front of a large pile of debris, located in what used to be a residential park. Colin cocked his eyebrow in confusion. Lombardi pressed his index finger to his lips and began to lift several pieces of concrete slab. After removing three pieces, he ducked under the slab and began to trudge through the little passage. Colin followed Lombardi through the whimsical maze. Lombardi pulled open a hatch and dropped inside, Colin did likewise.

      It was pitch black when the duo first dropped into the little hideaway. Lombardi pulled a cord extending from the ceiling and everything lit up like a Christmas tree. It was a soldiers dream. MA5B Assault Rifles, HA871 Battle Rifles, Sub-Machine guns, M6D HE Pistols, M90 Shotguns, M19 SSM Rocket Launchers, Lotus AT mines, you name it, it was there.

      Colin stared in awe. He felt like a kid in the candy store. Lombardi dropped his bag and turned to face Colin.

      "Get what you want, 'cause tomorrow we're going to have some fun with these Covenant bastards..."