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Forgotten Angel Chapter 1 The Prophecy
Posted By: CovieKilla<dandaman_10@hotmail.com>
Date: 15 January 2004, 4:25 AM

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*AN*: Ladies and gents, boys and girls, Lousi Wu...I, CovieKilla, have returned to your society, and by doing so, I am posting chapter 1 of my brand spanking new fic, "Forgotten Angel". I know some of you have missed me *cough lie cough* but I guarntee more things from me in the near future. So saddle up, and enjoy this piece of crap! *THANKYOU*

      They say that one-day, a mighty hero will return to us, and deliver us from evil. Not a time given, but only faith is what I rely on. Today marks the sixth anniversary of the Covenant conquering the human race, and now, only us humans exist in a small sector on Earth, and in the outer colonies. In light of this situation, the prophecy comes into full effect, today.

      Out in the universe, is a lone warrior, the bounty hunter for the Human race. The only human that can defeat the Covenant, and have many of their deaths within the palm of his hand. Many years ago, he disappeared, and was never heard from, nor seen again. The prophecy states that one-day he will return to us, and set us free from the bonds of the Covenant, and he will save Earth, and humanity, one last time. As stated, no date or time has been given, but many have speculated. I too have speculated. And believe today, December 25th, is the day that he will return, and save us.

      I am Daniel Lombardi, a member of a rebel faction; intent on the demise of the Covenant, hidden with my fellow soldiers. I am the last of the human race. I am ready to fight the Covenant; I am ready for the Savior.


      "Daniel..." Chip motioned for Daniel's attention. "Its Alicia...She's...She's gone." Chip muttered softly.

      "What?" Daniel replied, trying to re-assure what he had heard was incorrect.

      "Alicia is dead. The Covenant got to her this morning." Chip repeated, his eyes brimming with water.

      Daniel slumped over, and stared at the cold floor. Deep down he was hurt, and full of fury. Surely he was to get his wrath, no matter what the cost.

      "Do you know who did it?" Daniel replied, his voice cracking.

      "Axel has managed to hack through several Covenant databases, and found out that it was an Golden-Armor clad Elite Commander by the name of Taka' Norselee'." Chip replied, rubbing his eyes with his thumb and index finger.

      "I swear my vengeance to this 'Taka''...He will pay for my fallen love. He will rot in hell, along with the rest of the Covenant Warriors when the Savior comes, and sets us free." Daniel pledged.

      "Give it up Daniel...The Savior isn't coming. I'm sure of it." Chip coaxed. Daniel shot Chip a glance, a look as if he were saying, 'You're wrong.'

      Daniel rose from his crouched position and trudged down his sewer home. This was the only area Rebels could not be found, nor detected, the Covenant never checked. He walked towards his worn-out gray cot and fell onto it in depression. He brought his forearm up and placed it over his forehead, covering the glare from the small light bulb dangling from the concrete ceiling. He glanced up and stared at the ceiling. Daniel sang s tune he had once heard.

      "I am the one, I am the savior, I will be the first and last, I will be here forever. Soon they shall not hurt us no more, and we will claim what's rightfully ours, the end of this Human-Covenant war."

      He repeated the hymn until he muttered his last words and fell asleep. Chip grabbed a blanket lying on the concrete floor, and placed it over Daniel. He grabbed a small knife and a block of wood, and began to widdle.


      "Please! PLEASE! I have a family!" Pleaded a man to 'Taka 'Norselee.

      "Your pitiful race should be wiped off the face of the galaxy. Whether you have a family or not is not the fact of the matter. You and the rest of 'Humanity' is going to be gone within 48 hours, so you may just want to surrender now." Taka' bellowed.

      "No! NOOOOO!" The screams of the man echoed throughout the dead and destroyed city as Taka' fired a plasma round at the mans face.

      Taka' clutched his smoking plasma rifle and holstered it on his Golden Armor.

      "Worthless race. The sooner they're gone, the better." He mumbled as he spat onto the mans corpse. He trudged through the barren streets and rubble in the City that the Covenant has successfully glassed.


      Daniel awoke and scratched his stomach; which growled in response. He hadn't eaten for days, and yet, he carried on. Chip looked over and could sense Daniel was hungry. He reached over towards his handkerchief lying in the dark musty corner of the room, and pulled out a tiny loaf of bread. He turned towards Daniel,

      "Here," He said as he tossed him the loaf, " better off yours than mine."

      "No... We have to share it..." Daniel gestured.

      "No, no...it's quite alright." Chip reassured.

      "Please!" Daniel pleaded. Suddenly, above the two, the ground shook wildly.

      "What's going on!?" screamed Chip.

      "Not sure! Earth quake possibly?" Daniel replied as he dropped the loaf of bread.

      "Can't be...we haven't had one for years!" Chip shouted as he gazed upward.

      "Let's check it out!" Daniel said, reaching over and picking up his MA5B Assault Rifle; the same one he had kept from his service to the UNSC. He looked into a tiny box for some ammo. He was bone-dry. He sighed and turned towards Chip who picked up his pistol. Its color was a dull black from the amount of firefights he had been in, and the countless hours it sat under his cot.

      The shaking stopped, and the two hustled through the sewers. They hit the middle where a ladder led upwards to a grating. Daniel slung his rifle over his shoulder and climbed up it. Chip followed behind.

      Daniel hoisted the grating an inch off of the ground and peered outwards. He saw a squad of blue hunt-and-kill Elites, in search of something on land. He forwarded his attention towards his right; where the Elites stared. Daniel gasped at what he saw. He climbed down the ladder and turned to Chip. A look of terror, and shock was chiseled onto his face.

      "What is it!?"