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Winged Vengeance
Posted By: Conrad Lauf<conniesworld_aka_hell@hotmail.com>
Date: 29 August 2004, 5:25 AM

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Poet's Note: A long time ago, I wrote a short story about a type of Pelican I created called "Vengeance From The Sky". It was heavily inspired by Black Hawk Down, and although it had a few perspective problems, the story was okay. The Pelicans are equipped with some serious firepower, including the Dillon minigun and M5G wasp pod missile launchers. This is a quick poem I wrote 'cause I was bored on a Sunday afternoon.

P.S. And I don't know what the last two lines of this Fan Fic mean, but I thought I'd stick some randomness at the end of this poem, as is the fashion these days.

The earth shakes as buildings collapse,
Their artillery-riddled forms crumbling at last.
Through the stinging black smoke,
Come the shadowy forms
Of Covenant Banshees
Their weapons still smoking.
They strafe the ground,
Their presence made clear,
By the howling of their engines.

The human community scrambles to their feet,
As they hear the screams,
Of their fellow civilians dying in the green blasts.
They run down the street,
Hotly pursued,
And know their time is ended.
They know death is approaching.

Suddenly explosions tear through the air,
Showering the people with falling wreckage.
They stop in their tracks,
And look at the sky.

The Banshees are wheeling,
Assaulted by fire,
As the arrival of the Attack Pelican squadron
Brings vengeance with it.
With Dillon miniguns,
And M5G wasp pods,
The Pelicans wreak destruction
Among the Banshee flock.

The day is ended,
Another community saved,
By the armoured might of the Attack Pelicans.
And tomorrow,
A new challenge approaches them.