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Battle Of New Mombassa - A Poem
Posted By: Conrad Lauf<conniesworld_aka_hell@hotmail.com>
Date: 30 July 2004, 10:14 PM

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I grip the sturdy trigger,
And close my eyes in fear.
I try to block the sounds of death,
From inevitably reaching my ears.

The Pelican's bay door opens,
And its cargo spills out onto the ground.
We charge to the midst of the melee,
Mankind's bodies 'neath us - an ever-growing burial mound.

I look down the lit-up scope,
And feel my weapon buck,
I watch my target fall,
And know that Grunt is out of luck.

A Pelican spirals madly,
As plasma wrecks its flesh.
The now-flaming steel carcass,
As fragile as lightweight mesh.

By now the street around me,
Is streaked by bolts of light.
I know that this is the end,
My last ever firefight.

But now, out of the smoke of rubble,
Come those giants in Mark 5.
And I realize it is not my fate,
To die in this man-made hive.

They immediately turn the tide of battle,
Every shot fired - another Covie dead.
They never miss their mark,
Always aiming for the head.

The battle is now over,
With bodies of both man and beast,
I lower head in exhaustion,
And know that the Battle for New Mombassa,
Has at last been ceased.

Poet's Note : I do not know what New Mombassa is, I only know that it is a city where a big battle takes place in Halo 2. I am not the kind of person who spends three hours every day research his fiction, although I respect those who do.
I live out in the middle of nowhere, on a farm in Australia, and our isolation means that I do not have access to books by "Eric Nylund", whoever that is, and therefore try to imagine how Prophets, and Covenant life is, take for example, my "Harvest's Fall" series. I have received some comments that Harvest has already been written about by Nylund, in First Strike , by MCC (thanks for the info). I have not read this book, but know of it. I try to make these stories as Halo-esque as possible. So please, to everyone on this site, keep that in mind.
Also, does anyone know how to simply post comments on the Fan Fiction comments pageswithout having to register and spend ten minutes on just signing up? A reply would be helpful as to help me post replies to others' stories. (The new lay-out of the comments pages is really confusing)

Conrad Lauf