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Kahn's Manreapers - A Poem
Posted By: Conrad Lauf<conniesworld_aka_hell@hotmail.com>
Date: 22 July 2004, 10:23 AM

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They hunt in darkness,
With inaudible footsteps.
Through twisting corridors,
Teeming with life.
Their prey will never see them coming.
Again they will kill,
Again and again.
And forever their presence will never be felt.
Man will never see them coming,
They will strike at the heart of the fair-skinned race,
Slaughtering leaders, great men of power.
Never have they failed in their missions.

With blade and poison,
Hands and teeth,
They are silent,
Deadly shadows.
They are the bane of men,
The nightmares of kings and presidents.

In the morning after the kill,
Fear sets in,
The victim's family and friends well aware,
That they will be next to lose their lives.
They will heighten security,
Employ experienced bodyguards.
But this is just an obstacle, a bump in the path.
Easily stepped over.
The children of darkness see it as a challenge,
To be overcome with ease.

And so ends another mission,
Another idolized human lost to the darkness.
Again this mission has been successful,
And another kill-marking is added to the Manreapers' history.

Author's Note:
The Manreapers Of Kahn are the highly devoted servants of the Covenant God of war. They are often depicted wearing black robes, with the anatomy structure of an Elite, with large forward-pointing blades integrated into the fist and facial armour as their 'last resort weapons'. As their primary weapons they use blackened scimitars, heavily serrated. The blades are black as an extra precaution to make sure that enemy guards do not see light glinting off steel in the shadows as the Manreapers stalk their prey.
There have been fifty-eight assignments for the Manreapers so far, the latest being the assassination of Preston Cole, the man responsible for the establishment of the Cole Policy.
To date thee have been no known failed missions in the Manreaper's history.