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The Battle For Ka' Miah'Lin
Posted By: Conrad Lauf<coffeecare@ozemail.com.au>
Date: 13 April 2004, 6:06 AM

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Planet Ka' Miah' Lin- Covenant Outpost- Level 7 Technology

CHIEF Telomas gunned the engine of his quad bike, and shot off the mark. Within two minutes he was already doing seventy kilometres an hour, as was the phalanx of fourteen attack bikers behind him. His mission was simple; get behind enemy lines, and assault the Covenant troops in a series of hit-and-run attacks. So far they had already made three attacks over the last two days, and had caused immense casualties. The only thing they had to look out for were plasma grenades, and their rival vehicles, the Ghost and Banshee. All other Covenant vehicles were either too slow or too weak to kill them.
Today they were attacking a convoy of Wraiths, Hunters and Ghosts. Fairly easy compared to the attack made on the first day, where they were told to attack a squad of fifteen Ghosts. The Ghosts' twin plasma cannons were the equal of the quadbikes' twin 12.7mm machine guns, which were mounted on the front of the vehicle, and were fired by pulling a trigger on each handlebar. The bikers were also equipped with hunting lances, which were strapped to their backs.
Soaring off the edge of sharp ridge, Telomas looked at the landscape before him, a lush, green plain. And then he saw his target.
A long line of Covenant troops, lead by a pair of Wraiths, were slowly making their way across the plain. They had not yet spotted his troops speeding over the ridge.
Telomas turned on his helmet-integrated microphone.
"OK men, there they are, go, Go, GO!"
He revved the engine, causing the machine to squeal in protest, but obey his command. He streaked across the plain, and now the Covenant saw him.
Two crackling plasma bolts slammed into the grass around him, causing him to skid slightly for a second, but he control. By now he was riding perpendicular to their force, and switched the safety off his machine guns. When he was just fifty metres away, he fired his guns. Instantly two Ghost pilots were blasted off their mounts, and Telomas let out a cry of hate. Unsheathing his hunting lance, he ran through a Hunter, impaling it through the neck. It became stuck on the shaft, and Telomas had to kick the body off the lance with his boot. Pulling a sharp U-turn, he plunged back into battle.
He peppered a Wraith with bullets, which distracted it, away from the two bikers who dropped frag grenades under its bulk as they streaked past. With a satisfying 'BOOOM!' the Wraith flipped, its underside engines exposed to the four bikers who shot at its fuel tanks, causing the Wraith to explode, sending steel, blue-green flames and plasma meteors showering down to earth. One of these meteors hit a biker, crushing it into the earth with horrific strength.
Now the Covenant Ghosts pulled into action. Three of them broke into pursuit after Telomas, who pulled away from his slaughtering of a Hunter.
They followed him out onto the open ground. He dropped a frag grenade onto the earth below him, and the nearest Ghost flipped over in mid-air from its powerful blast, landing on the unfortunate rider behind it. Both slammed into a jutting rock, wiping out instantly.
Telomas now slammed on the brakes while turning as sharp as he could, then hit reverse. Now he was traveling at the same speed as before, only now he was riding at speed in reverse. He held down on the trigger, spraying the last Ghost with lead. The Elite riding the vehicle whipped out a plasma rifle, loosing a clip on the bike. Telomas swore. A plasma blast had disabled his firing mechanism, located on the front mudguard. Drawing out an M6D assault pistol, Telomas aimed at the Ghost's left plasma cannon and pulled the trigger. Knowing that Covenant technology was poor when armouring exposed weapons, the cannon was easy to disable. Now he only had to worry about the remaining weapon. Telomas switched his microphone channel to HQ, the cruiseship Spiritcatcher, and shouted, "We are in urgent need of back-up, Spiritcatcher! We are losing bikes fast on the plains north of Ci'ran, and need reinforcements! Over."
Pulling out his hunting lance, Telomas put the quadbike into first gear, and shot forward. Like a scene from some medieval jousting tournament, the two enemies raced towards each other. The Elite roared, letting out a hail of plasma rounds, only a few of which hit the bike. At the last possible second, Telomas plunged the lance's tip into the hardened ground, and used it like a pole vault, launched from his vehicle, fly-kicking the Elite at speed, its momentum causing Telomas' boot to snap its neck like a twig. All this happened in a split second, and Telomas landed back onto his seat, his lance still quivering in the ground behind him.

Meanwhile, back at the main battle, Chief Regalian, another biker, was involved in close combat with a Hunter. He had been thrown off his bike when a Ghost had side-swiped him. Now he had to fight on foot, in the worst possible situation.
Plunging a combat knife through the Hunter's visor, Regalian realised that only he and six other bikers were still alive. He quickly shot an Elite through the back of its head, pulled the body off its bike, and hopped on. Speaking into his microphone he said: "UNSC soldiers! The Ghost attacking the Covenant convoy is me! Do not fire at the rogue Ghost! I repeat, do not fire at the rogue Ghost!"
He sped up, and trained the plasma cannon on the nearest Wraith. He kept on firing as he sped towards the Wraith. He hit it at top speed, but his craft's lightness and the Wraith's sleek shape caused him to flip sideways as he soared off the top of the tank, and he abandoned the Ghost, landing on the top of the Wraith, right next to its ordnance weapon barrel. Wasting no time, he dropped a frag into the open plasma barrel, its pin already gone.
With an explosion that rocked the Wraith, and caused Regalian to lose his balance, the Wraith's ammunition detonated, and Regalian, who was unable to escape the blast, knew no more.

By this time, Telomas had returned to the central conflict, and watched as Regalian destroyed the Wraith. He also watched as the young Spartan's body was incinerated in the resulting cataclysm of burning, acidic plasma. He rolled off the quadbike, and ran towards the burning wreckage that had been the Wraith. This was what this war had done. Now Regalian, who was only nineteen years old, would never know peace. All his life, this universal war had raged on, where untold hundreds died every day.
Snatching up two plasma rifles, Telomas had a taste for vengeance. Regalian's death would not go unheard of. Telomas would make the Covenant pay. Out of the corner of his eye, Telomas saw two Ghosts on either side of him, closing in. They had obviously run out of plasma cannon ammunition, and were simply going on a martyr mission. They were going to crush him between their steel machines.
Telomas dropped onto one knee, and spread out his arms so they formed a straight line, so he could shoot on either side of him. He kept his head dead centre, so he still had wide peripheral vision. He held down on the triggers, sending a withering hail of plasma fire into the speeding Ghosts. At the last second, he threw himself into the earth, trying to get as low as possible. The Ghosts, which hovered about fifty centimetres above the earth's surface, smashed into each other at fifty kilometres an hour. All Telomas felt was a hot breeze as the Ghosts collided, and, as they rebounded from the head-on collision, he ran.
Straight towards the squadron of six Attack Pelicans which were hovering about two metres above the plain. The reinforcements had arrived.

Within thirty minutes, the conflict had ended. Now the Spartan Rapid Attack marines only had to burn the bodies and disabled vehicles of the Covenant, as to not soil the landscape with their corruption. The battle for the last planetary outpost of the Covenant ended that day.

Chief Regalian was given the Medal Of Honor, an extremely ancient, and yet highest, medal available to the UNSC military.