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Fight for New Tatley (Chapter 5: Arriving, Departing)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 30 November 2003, 7:32 PM

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Fight for New Tatley (Chapter 5: Arriving, Departing)
0841 Hours (England Time), October 2, 2552 (Earth Calendar)/ 12th Floor of Food Produce Inc, Import/Export Data Recording Room.

      "Follow me, soldiers!" ordered Rienne, and as soon as he stepped through the door he saw a battle raging in the long hallway.
      The marines were fighting out of the different rooms they had split up in, and taking damage as they shot at the oncoming Elites. The hallways were the shape of a "T", and the aliens were coming through the single hallway which branched off. Rienne took out the SMG's that he had picked up in the armory, and fired at anything that came out into the stretch of hallway.
      One doomed maroon armored Elite stepped out into his view and was quickly impaled with a barrage of bullets. Two more of the huge 8' 6'' aliens took the fallen Elites place, and they assaulted some of the wounded marines who were grouped together by the elevator. Then Chief Triam jumped out of the room he was in into the hallway where the firefight was occurring. He stood up and brushed himself off.

      "Sorry, sir, we were just searching for some of them Covies in that room there. We're glad to join the party!" he yelled with intensity as he fired his weapon into the alien fray.
      A plasma grenade came into sight and harmlessly latched itself to a plant down the hallway, it exploded sending dirt everywhere. A lone marine was standing where all the hallways met and was firing at unseen enemies as Rienne approached. A salvo of purple needles pierced the soldier's skin around the heart, causing blood to gush out several feet, and then promptly exploded which ripped the ill-fated marine in half. The blood from the soldier had spurted all over the surrounding walls, which were now dripping with it.
      Rienne and the other three soldiers that followed him, not including Triam, approached the intersection of hallways. They turned to the single hallway where the aliens had been coming in. Only this time several Jackals were there, shields raised, it was almost impossible to shoot through. So the Captain tried anyways, and managed to shoot the hand of a Jackal. They tightened up the formation as the trembling alien was shot to pieces by Rienne and the other marines.
      Tim primed a grenade, waited three seconds, and tossed it right beside the foot of on of the Jackals. It exploded, sending the aliens to hit the wall hard. Debris crumbled from the charred roof and walls, falling on the alien corpses.

      "Come on, sir, this way!" yelled Triam, who was already by the elevator along with the other wounded.
      First Sergeant Easlee had already pressed the button to call the one of three elevators to the 12th floor. Triam followed suit as one of the wounded soldiers managed to lift a badly scorched arm and call a separate one. The elevator door beside Easlee opened first, then the second and third followed seconds after. Rienne ordered everyone to split up into each elevator, at least 5 people were in each one.

      "Everyone send the lifts to the first floor! We're going back to the HQ." the Captain barked, then shot at an Elite as it rounded the corner.
      Rienne stepped into the elevator, pressed the buttons necessary to go down to the first level. His Battle Rifle let loose a countless amount of bullets as he shot down the hallway at a group of approaching Covenant until the elevator door closed. The Captain let out a sigh, and then turned to a wounded soldier which was in the lift as well.

      "Dabrowski, how is this man doing?" he asked, and the medic stepped out from behind Rico and Paul, the PFC's that were issued into his squad.
      The injured soldier was wheezing, and his skin was pale, the medic handed him some pills.

      "These should help you until we get back to the HQ," Tom added, "He should be doing fine now, Captain."
      Rienne nodded and looked at the floor indicator, it read the seventh.

0847 Hours (England Time), October 2, 2552 (Earth Calendar)/8th Floor of Food Produce Inc, elevator heading to 1st floor.

      The silence of the elevator only increased the mood of fear and anxiety. These elevators were going slow, thought Chief Triam; the store must not have been supplied with the newer ones. Stan was the only one in his squad that was in the elevator with him, along with some wounded soldiers. There was a thud that came from the roof of the elevator, everyone looked up in panic. Then a plasma bolt ripped through the titanium and hit Stan in the arm, he yelled in shock.

      "Fire!" yelled the Chief; bullet holes became bigger as the marines shot at the roof.
      There was another thump, and the alien's body could be seen by the holes, it was an Elite. Then there was a hissing noise, it was familiar, but Triam couldn't quite figure out what it was. He looked through one of the large holes in the roof and saw a pulsating blue orb attach itself to the elevator cable. The Chief gulped, and not wanting to panic the marines, he kept quiet knowing he was going to die and soon.

      "What is it, sir?" asked Stan who was clutching his right arm, his eyes widened. "It's a plasma grenade, isn't---"
      The grenade exploded, melting half of the cords, but now the elevator was on a slant, the Chief was praying silently. The lift was motionless, only creaking with the weight of five marines. Then it snapped, the Chief ended up screaming as the walls scraped against the elevator sides, soon ripping them right off. They were falling at an extremely fast pace, he looked at the faces of the other soldiers, their faces stricken with terror.
      The floor indicator was acting up, but they were going much faster then before. A quicker way to get down, thought the Chief before the elevator hit the ground and the roof came down onto the marines, killing them all.

0847 Hours (England Time), October 2, 2552 (Earth Calendar)/2nd Floor of Food Produce Inc, elevator approaching the 1st floor.

      A blood chilling screech of metal echoed through the large shaft. Rienne listened intently; it seemed to get louder then quieter and was followed by the sound of ripping metal. He let out a cry of anger; Rienne knew that several of his men had died. The elevator door opened, they were at the first floor. He stepped out and ran over to the elevator door besides the one he took.
      The metal five-inch doors had been blown across the room; they were distorted and lay on the parking lot outside. Rienne could see the elevator had collapsed on them; blood had splattered all around the outside of the crash. Arms and legs stuck out from under the collapsed elevator, it was a disgusting sight, and Rienne averted his eyes. The other part of his team came out from the other elevator.

      "With all due respect, sir, what the hell happened here? We just lost a quarter of the team!" exclaimed the First Sergeant, Easlee.

      "Don't ask me what happened, I wasn't there." concluded the Captain, "We don't have time to grieve for them, now, lets get to the HQ!"
      They ran through the doors, only to be greeted by more fighting, the Covenant were still fighting with B Company. Rienne ordered the marines under his command to run for the HQ, they did so. Even the wounded ran fast, he waited to make sure he was behind everyone. Soon they crossed the battlefield which was the parking lot, and soon entered through the doors of the Military Headquarters.
      Panting, the marines continued their ways upstairs, the Captain followed. When they got up onto the second floor they were greeted by Loggs. He looked happy.

      "You managed to save this many?" he asked, "I thought you said their were only several survivors and a couple wounded!"

      "We had more than this, but we lost some in the Food Produce store." said Rienne grimly, "These men need medical attention, take them for now."

      "Will do, Captain, but right now I need you on a more important mission." the General said, Rienne nodded, "We need you to go and help fight outside, just for now."

      "That's it, sir?" asked Rienne, "You don't want me to do anything else?"

      "No, not at the moment, but I will contact you when I need you to do something more important." said Loggs, then he sent Rienne off.
      The Captain walked down the stairs, he needed rest, but was not given any. So he hefted around his Battle Rifle and joined the struggle outside. Immediately he was greeted with an explosion, then plasma sizzled past his head. He ran and ducked behind a car which was on its side, soon three more soldiers joined him.

      "Which company are you in?" yelled one of the marines, "I bet you with "B", you're not even scratched!"

      "I'm not in any company, I was just sent to help you guys out!" Rienne yelled back over an explosion. They merely nodded and ran from out behind the car and shot down several unsuspecting Grunts.
      Rienne peeked up over the car; another Phantom was unloading another wave of troops. He primed a grenade and tossed it near a pack of Elites, it exploded, only relieving the aliens of their shields. Then he lifted up his rifle and shot at the unprotected Elites, each one dropped as a bullet blew threw their helmets and exploded their brains.

      "Covering fire! Go, go, go marines!" yelled a voice from behind him. Rienne turned around and saw a noncom standing on top of a car yelling orders.
      At least ten marines darted from behind some fallen cars and engaged the enemy. When Rienne turned around an Elite towered over him which caused Rienne to yell in surprise and try and run. The alien grabbed his leg with his powerful hands and pulled him back, then raised a plasma rifle at the Captain's head. Was this truly the end of Captain Tim Rienne? No, it wasn't, the shield of the enemy shimmered as bullets ravaged it. Then the shield system overloaded and bullets managed to penetrate the hand of the Elite.
      Rienne saw his chance to strike back.
      Pulling his SMG's out from the holsters he shot the Elite to oblivion, it roared in pain and then collapsed onto Rienne. The thick blood of the alien stained Rienne's clothes as it oozed out of the armor. All the Captain could do was cry for help as the weight of the carcass impeded him from taking large breaths.