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Fight fo New Tatley (Chapter 4: The Survivors)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 26 November 2003, 12:45 AM

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Fight for New Tatley (Chapter 4: Survivors)
0822 Hours (England Time), October 2, 2552 (Earth Calendar)/ 9th Floor of Universal Trust Bank.

      J.R and Tony were the ones to guard the door to the stairs coming up, and disappeared from view as they rounded the corner. Rienne turned towards the First Sergeant.

      "Thank god you've arrived, we were trapped! I don't know how long the wounded would've lasted, they need immediate help. Did you bring any medical personnel?" asked the panicky First Sergeant, the Captain nodded.
      Dabrowski and Stern walked down the remainder of the hallway and into the stairwell leading to the roof. The Captain continued his conversation with Easlee.

      "How long have you been fighting for, anyhow?" asked Rienne. The Sergeant was about to say something until Tim held up his hand, "Hold on I'm getting a transmission."

      "This is Green Seven; I am with Green Four, Five, and Nine. We are currently in the Food Produce Inc. store, somewhere along the 12th floor. Does anyone read me?" asked a gloomy voice over the COM. Rienne clicked his COM unit on and responded to the call.

      "Green Seven, this is Captain Rienne, I read you loud and clear. I thought your team was wiped out!" exclaimed Tim, "Do you need assistance?"

      "This is Corporal Jakson, good to hear from you Captain, we've been tryin' to reach you ever since the plasma hit the roof, technical difficulties maybe? Anyways it landed right on top of the team killin' everybody under it, luckily me and the other three weren't under it and were just thrown from the blast. We managed to get into the buildin' and haven't encountered any hostile forces just yet." the gruff voice paused momentarily to talk to one of his comrades. "We could do with some help, sir, since we are suffering from plasma burnin'.

      "Alright, we'll head over to your position, stay where you are." ordered Rienne, he had another personal mission. "Dabrowski, are the wounded ready for walking?"

      "Almost, sir, I filled 'em up with biofoam and gave 'em some energy boosting and adrenaline pills. So in other words, sir, they'll be ready to fight as soon as the pills affect 'em." said Dabrowski. "We going back to the HQ?"

      "Afraid not, boys, we just got contact from the survivors of Green team. We're heading back again." said Rienne, "Get your stuff ready, we'll be leaving in two minutes."

0825 Hours (England Time), October 2, 2552 (Earth Calendar)/ Food Produce Inc. 12th Floor, Import/Export Data Recording.

      The Corporal acknowledged the command, told the three PFC's that they had to stay in the room with all the computers. He wasn't sure where he was, but he was only concerned with getting back to the HQ. Covenant stormed the building already, but hadn't found the group of Green team survivors.

      "Alright, if they find us, we gonna give 'em hell before we die. I know your thinkin' why I'm saying that we gonna die? We'll, I'm just tellin' you the truth! It's a whole shitload of 'em verses a few guys who got burns on their face, who can just barely hold a gun. That's why we gotta stay here and not fight. So we gonna wait while some soldiers come and save our asses, don't complain, 'cuz I don't wanna hear it." said the Corporal, the PFC's exchanged baffled expressions.
      The Privates remained quiet, sat down in some chairs and talked among themselves as the Corporal paced around the room. He was worried, the pattering of the Covenant had gotten louder and he could hear the aliens talking in their own tongue. Corporal Jakson strained his ears to listen, they seemed closer, but he turned his attention away when a PFC called his name.

      "Corporal? This portable motion tracker shows movement all over the place. It's hard to read this thing, I've had troubles in the ----" the Private stopped mid-sentence when Jakson snatched the device out of his hand.
      Flashing red dots filled up the radar screen, only small segments weren't covered. The Corporal looked up, panic-stricken, and darted towards the metal door. It opened quickly as he looked down the hallway to his left. Down at the end of the hall were many approaching Jackals, a couple of Grunts followed them and they were all led by an Elite. Quickly he turned around, his face was pale.

      "Get down! Hide under or behind anythin' you can, the Covenant is approachin'!" cried the Corporal, "We sure as hell ain't fightin'."
      The PFC's all stood up simultaneously, knocking their chairs to the floor and scrambled for a hiding spot. He flicked off the lights and thought of a hiding place. The Covenant were advancing on their position, maybe, just maybe they would be able to hide from the aliens long enough to be rescued. Thinking of this Jakson hid under a desk that had a closed end and a chair blocking it. From his position though he could see everything that entered the room and where the rest of the marines were hiding.
      One hid under the adjoining desk beside his, another under a large plant behind a cabinet, and the other hid in the small storage compartment. A few moments had passed when he saw the Covies enter the room; they were smaller in numbers mostly because the others were checking the other rooms. Only a few Jackals and Grunts searched the room, it seemed relatively safe until an Elite walked in through the door.
      It walked out of view, and then it walked back towards the desk Jakson was hiding under. The Elite stopped for a moment, then it stooped under the desk that the other marine was hiding under and pulled him out by the head. The PFC tried to struggle out of the aliens grasp, and then tried to kick it. When the Elite laughed and started twisting the PFC's arm, he screamed. There was a snap, and the marine was dropped to the ground in pain.
      The soldier backed up against another desk right into Jakson's view. Then the marine was pulled up again by unseen hands, and he started to scream again. There was another snap that ended the screaming of the soldier, then there was a disturbing ripping noise and blood surrounded the floor around the Corporal. He almost vomited as the Elite left the room along with the other aliens.
      Not only blood accompanied the floor beside Jakson's head, but the actual head of the marine, complete with the spinal cord that was attached to the skull.

0833 Hours (England Time), October 2, 2552 (Earth Calendar)/9th Floor of Universal Trust Bank, Stairwell Leading to Roof.

      "Everyone's ready to go know, sir." said Paul the Medic, "The wounded can only carry pistols though."
      Rienne only nodded as he paced back and forth by the row of the wounded soldiers. There were eight of them, plus the four other soldiers of Blue team. Then there was his team, seven more marines to add to the bundle. He activated his COM link again to make contact with the Green team survivors.

      "Green team, are you there?" asked Rienne, no answer. "We better get going, right now. Everyone good to go?"
      There were mixed half-assed efforts to say "yes" as he heard J.R scream from the other stairwell. Gunfire echoed from the hallway as Rienne rounded the corner. Several Elites stood over the massacred bodies of J.R and Tony, blood seeping into the carpet. They spotted Rienne and walked slowly towards him. He was frozen, couldn't move one muscle, then adrenaline pumped into his blood stream and he booted it down to the marines that were in the stairwell.
      He yelled at them to get up the stairs, they didn't hesitate. The Captain turned around with SMG's raised, still running, down the corridor. He waited for the Elites to turn the corner and fired, the bullets managed to take down one but the other six were unscratched. Screw it, he thought and he ran up the stairs. The Covenant were still walking behind him.
      Light entered his vision as he stepped onto the roof; the marines had already crossed onto the Military HQ roof. There were wooden planks that had connected the two buildings together, poorly done, but it helped. He ignored the wood though, and jumped across the one meter gap at full speed.
      Adrenaline still flowed through his body as he continued to yell at the other marines to get across onto the other roof. There were no planks though, so Rienne had to grab the boards and place them onto the gap between the HQ and the Food Produce store. Slowly the other troopers crossed the gap.
      The Elites had already gotten on top of the roof and started firing at the marines. Several of the wounded had fallen off the roof due to a plasma shot square in the chest. When all had gotten across Rienne kicked the wood off the roof. They got to the part of the roof where it opened up to declining stairs that led into the building and all marched down them. A sign on the wall as soon as they entered a long hall read "12th" floor.
      The hallway branched off to the left and right ahead, and Rienne told half of the troops to go to the left and the others to follow him to the right. They followed his command, and soon he was sprinting down the foyer, the soldiers split up into different rooms to verify that the survivors weren't there. Finally, Tim came to a room along with three other soldiers, but it was hard to see because the lights weren't on.
      So Rienne changed that, flicked on the lights, and stared in disbelief as he saw a head lying in the middle of the room between some desks. Blood covered everything around the human head and spine. Then the Captain heard a voice, it sounded like the voice he heard on the COM channel, a man came out from under a desk beside the severed head. Two other marines followed his actions.

       "Captain, thank god it's you! We're in a bad way; look at what they did to that soldier! We had to hide, just sit there and watch one of our men die!" the Corporal sounded hysterical.

       "You're safe now, remember you're with us. We better get moving though, Covenant are on the way." replied the Captain calmly. He was about to say something else when gunfire echoed down the hallway.
      The Covenant was here, and Rienne and his squad were going to take them out.