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Fight for New Tatley (Chapter 3: Bank Withdrawal)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 22 November 2003, 6:09 PM

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Fight for New Tatley (Chapter 3: Bank Withdrawal)
0755 Hours (England Time), October 2, 2552 (Earth Calendar)/ Military HQ 2nd Floor, Heading to Conference Room.

      Captain Rienne walked with a hurried pace down the hall, many thoughts roamed around in his mind. Had they already been killed or still fighting for their live? Were the wounded already dead? What if what he was doing was too risky?
      The pinging of the elevator interrupted his thinking pattern; he stepped onto the lift and pressed to go down to the first floor. Rienne was all alone on the elevator, the quiet humming and feeling of vertigo was all that accompanied him. So he tried to establish a connection with Blue team, he clicked the COM link on and said:

      "Blue team, do you copy? I repeat Blue team, do you copy?" hopelessly said Rienne. At first all he could hear was static, but every few seconds Tim thought he heard a voice. Then the static broke and he could hear the First Sergeant's voice.

      "...does anyone copy? This is First Sergeant Easlee; we are currently under attack on the top floor of the bank in Sector-15. Covenant have stormed the building and..." gunfire rattled in the background, Easlee continued, "We are unable to pull out, Covenant are blocking the path, need immediate assistance! I repea----"the transmission ended in a burst of static.
      The elevator had come to a few seconds before the message had come to an end; he clicked off the COM as he stepped out. Downstairs of the facility was unlike the other floors, it was dimly lit and there weren't many people running around. Only a few marines talked to each other while technicians ran down the hall, scurrying to get to unknown places.
      He came to the large double doors of the Conference room, pushed them open and was greeted by General Loggs who was behind a podium in the front of the room.

      "Take a seat, Captain Rienne, your about to be briefed on what you have to do." Loggs told him, and then he called out to unseen figures in the shadows to come forward.
      It was the members of his team; he only had a second to see what they looked like before the lights were shut off. A hologram appeared in the middle of the room, it showed the bank and the surrounding buildings and parking lot. The General begun his speech.

      "Ok then, as you can see this is the Universal Trust Bank, there are two insertion points, here..." a red dot appeared on the rooftop of the bank, "...and here." another dot materialized but this time near the entrance,

      "The rooftop insertion is a good way to help you fight with the trapped squad. However, the front entrance insertion is a good way to surprise the Covenant from behind, and then if you get to them it will be easier to fight your way out." said Loggs, Tim raised his hand.

      "Why can't we just fly them back out with a Pelican?" asked the Captain.

      "Well, you see, the Covenant are massing in numbers outside, they could easily take out a Pelican with a full load of people." Tim frowned with the answer and Loggs continued, "Secondly we have already gotten pick-up calls from different parts of the sector, and if you chose the rooftop point of entry the Pelican would be off trying to save some other people and be too busy to extract you."

      "Then I'll guess I'll take the front entrance, sir." said the Captain.
      Tim listened attentively for the rest of the briefing; it was mostly safety precautions and the parameters of the operation. Then Loggs clapped his hands and the lights flickered back on, Rienne's eyes adjusted almost instantly. The General introduced each of the members of his squad; each one individually stepped forward and stated his name and rank.

      "First Medic, Tom Dabrowski, at your service."

      "Second Medic, Marcus Stall, honored to work with you." five First Class Privates presented themselves, there was Paul Stern, J.R Reefs, Tony Angullo, Stan Conley, and Rico Stacks.
      Then Chief Triam stepped out, he did not represent himself but instead showed his appreciation for Tim.

      "Captain, I just wanted to say thank you for saving my ass, one of those bastards shot me. Each one of them Covies is gonna get a mouthful of lead!" enthusiastically said the Chief, Loggs then told the Captain and the rest to go into the Armory in the next room.
      The Armory was stacked with Battle Rifles, grenades, Snipers, Pistols, Rocket Launchers, and Submachine Guns. These were just the weapons that were in the casings, the rest of the supplies were in the lockers that lined the back wall.

      "Get suited up, people, you are free to leave when you are ready, and good luck." General Loggs said before he exited out of the room.
      The marines silently got into the gear, grabbed a Battle Rifle each and a couple of grenades, and either they grabbed a SMG or Pistol as a secondary weapon. Each soldier checked that the COM channel they were using was working inside their helmets. When they were done they singled out of the room and into the hallway, then in a few seconds they had exited the building and were ready to kick some ass.

0816 Hours (England Time), October 2, 2552 (Earth Calendar)/ Universal Trust Bank, 8th floor in stairwell.

      "Fire in the hole!" yelled Trevor Easlee as he pitched a grenade down the hallway. He plugged his ears as it exploded.
      Blue blood sprayed past the doorway onto the bottom of the stairs, Trevor was tired, and five people of his squad were lying in the corner coughing on dried up blood. Some had passed out from loss of blood and the other four who weren't scratched were crouching with their backs against the wall.

      "Sir, we're not gonna last much longer if this keeps up---"the Private Laurence was cut off by plasma streaking out of the doorway and hitting the back wall.
      The First Sergeant merely nodded at the Privates comment, he already knew it was true and it was only a matter of time before they were killed. His COM link was partially damaged, he could still hear the transmissions over the channels though, but he couldn't communicate over the headset. The same went for the rest of the marines, either their COM equipment was destroyed or they didn't have them.

      "Covering fire!" yelled another marine, he jumped into the doorway and shot at unseen enemies. He was knocked backwards with a barrage of plasma bolts.

      "Son of a bitch! Pull Parkins back into the corner!" barked Easlee, two of the soldiers carried out the order.
      What the hell caused him to do that? Thought Trevor, but his team was knocked back to only four unharmed troopers, including himself. They were stuck in the stairwell, the only thing they could do was fire blindly into the adjacent hallway and try and inflict damage on anything they could.
      The Sergeant peeked around the corner, only blue and purple blood stained the hallway, no Covenant. He came up with a good defensive plan, and told his troops to hold back.
      Easlee, in a crouching stance, entered the hallway with his Battle Rifle to the ready. There was one opening to the left which led into an office and another opening to the right which led to a maintenance room. Since he had three marines that could still fight, he waved one into each room with them leaning out of the doorway. The other one would be in the door by the stairwell, and Easlee could take up position behind a gap in the wall.
      Staying on the defense would be harder, but in this formation they were actually able to fight.

0821 Hours (England Time), October 2, 2552 (Earth Calendar)/Lobby of Universal Trust Bank.

      "Alright, everyone get behind those pillars, I'll check around the room." ordered Rienne. "Wait for my command."
      He walked around the room; bodies lay scattered around the floor, blood seeping from the many plasma scores. Nothing moved in the lobby or the vaults, so he called his team forward.

      "They are somewhere on the top floor, and to get up there the fastest is going by elevator." said the Captain.

      "Isn't that sort of dangerous, sir? I mean, they could cut the elevator cords and kill us all!" doubtfully said the Medic, Marcus.

      "It would be, if the Covenant knew we were here." he smirked, and then told his team to file into the elevator.
      All nine of the soldiers got in, Triam who was the closest, pressed the button to go to the ninth floor. They waited at least ten seconds when the elevator came to a lurching halt; all of the soldiers either fell to the floor or braced themselves against the wall.

      "Damnit, we're just going to have to take the long way up. Looks like were at the seventh floor, two more to go." said Rienne.
      The elevator doors were only half open, and it made it even more difficult to pry them open because the elevator was on a slant. The Captain managed to muster up enough strength though and forced open the metal doors. Three Jackals lingered about at the end of the hall.

      "Open fire, marines!" barked the Captain as he went prone and shot at the Jackals; they seemed to wilt as the heads were shot off each one.
      Ten more Covenant swarmed the end of the foyer, a mix of Elites and Grunts. Weapons fire came from both sides, but luckily the humans first. Two Elites dropped down, each with a gaping hole in their abdomen.
      The Captain primed a grenade while he was on the ground, and threw it into the fray of aliens. It exploded two seconds after, sending Covenant flying in all directions causing them to smack into the walls. The rescue squad moved forward slowly, they came to the end of the hallway where it turned and glanced down the next one. It was clear, so they all moved down but this time at a quicker pace.
      Then they heard rustling, looked to the source of the sound and saw a Grunt hiding behind a plant without a gun. Two shots rang out from Stan Conley's gun, immediately created two holes in the alien's skull and killed it. They moved forward, came to the fire emergency stairs and started the long climb to the ninth floor.
      Minutes passed, they had finally made it to the top floor without many firefights with the Covenant. Wheezing, they stepped into the next hallway; this one went straight forward then turned. Two Elites were at the intersection of the hallway, but exploded due to bullets that appeared from the other hallway. Rienne and his team ran forward, turned were greeted by the survivors of Blue team.

      "Secure the hallway! Make sure no one enters this hallway." ordered the Captain; two of his men ran to guard the stairwell.
      All they had to do know was fix up the wounded and fight their way back out of the building.