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Fight for New Tatley (Chapter 1: Taken by Surprise)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 16 November 2003, 1:59 AM

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This is the story of the fight for New Tatley before the MC arrived, if you are going to read this story it is best to read my first series called "Return to Earth". -CoLd BlooDed

Fight for New Tatley (Chptr 1: Taken by Surprise)
1000 Hours (England Time), September 2, 2550 (Earth Calendar)/ Town Meeting Hall, New Tatley

      "All in favor of the construction of the underground military warehousing facility?" the town mayor questioned the audience. "It will be labeled as "Z23", and will be created directly under this building."
      The crowd murmured, the many soldiers that had taken place in the large room talked among each other, and they all agreed that it should be built. The assembly started getting louder, and the mayor pressed a button on the metal podium and an alarm buzzed throughout the room. Everyone silenced, and he then declared.

      "Alright then, I guess we are all in agreement, Z23 must be built!" the mayor continued, "Especially with the Covenant out there, we have to be prepared."
      Then he dismissed everyone from the meeting hall, and everyone exited the building wondering mostly when Z23 would be built by. But another thought roamed the minds, were the Covenant going to arrive at Earth? Is that why so many soldiers had been stationed throughout the world by the UNSC? Nobody could tell right now, but it would only be two years before they could be certain.
* * * * * *
1202 Hours (England Time), October 1, 2552 (Earth Time)/New Tatley, David's Street Near Eastern Wall.

      He had been assigned to patrol this area, from what he had heard the Covenant had already started attacking North America. Then more had landed and started attacking different parts of the world. The 23 year old Captain Tim Rienne stopped to think. He had only seen the Covenant on holograms at the UNSC station that was in New Tatley. If he saw one he would recognize it, but weren't those things supposed to have shields? Or at least some of them? He started walking again, and then he noticed that his patrol time had ended and headed over to the Military HQ building.
      Right now he was walking along the edge of the overpass which stood right above the entrance to the front parking lot of the HQ. Then he came to the stairs that led off the concrete bridge, walked down them and came to the double doors of the gigantic military building in a minute or so. Inside was General Loggs, the leader of the UNSC Corporation in this area. The grey-haired General turned to Rienne.

      "Hello Captain! I'm assuming that your shift has ended?" Rienne nodded, Loggs continued, "Good. We have had another sighting of several Covenant drop ships headed this way."

      "When was the last sighting, sir?" replied the Captain.

      "Yesterday, apparently they were heading from the east and were reported to be going very fast. I was informed that they should've been here today! But so far so good." the General finished, and then gestured Rienne to follow him to a wall lined with computers.
      People were only using half of the computers that were installed into the wall, the rest were busily scrambling around the hallway. Some were even peering out the window onto the front parking lot; many marines were still on patrol. Rienne was still following Loggs to the window when one of the tech officers called the General.

      "Sir, take a look at this! I don't know if the computer is acting up or if the data shown is correct, but its still strange." the tech officer said.

      "What is wrong?" Loggs responded.

      "Well, it reads five large enemy dots on the satellite, now six, from the photos they are the drop ships--- The picture just cut out! I think they are here, sir!" the tech officer now looked pale and he pressed the alarm button.
      The normal lighting was replaced with flashing red lights, people in the building started to panic and quicken in pace, and a loud blaring noise rang throughout the building and town. Rienne ran to the window along with many others, he saw something terrible.
      Many drop ships were appearing over the horizon, and then a buzz could be heard. Soon the "Banshee's" (as they were called) came into view, the marines stationed near the eastern wall started firing at the alien aircrafts. One of the Banshee's "wings" were blown off, it lost control, and flew straight into one of the several military outposts that surrounded the town.
      The outpost blew up, sending the metal roof outside of the town onto the rolling hills. Bodies flew from the explosion; the Captain grabbed a battle rifle and ran outside.
* * * * * *
1220 Hours (England Time), October 1, 2552 (Earth Calendar)/Military Outpost 4B, Eastern Wall Overlooking Protah Hills.

      "Get down! Two Banshee's, on approach!" yelled Chief Triam. "Take one out at a time!"
      He watched in approval as one Banshee dropped out of the sky, but the second got its wing taken off. Triam's expression quickly changed as it wobbled and then swerved right into Outpost 5B. Blood, bodies, and equipment were tossed from the blast. The metal roof was sent flying out to the Protah's along with several carcasses. He grimaced as the heat wave passed over him, the two outposts were very close to each other, the only thing that separated them was the city gate.
      Triam then saw the drop ships approaching the town, they were now noticeable. They were Phantoms; Triam took out his binoculars to examine the Covenant drop ships better. The Phantom was carrying a mediocre amount of Wraiths, Ghosts, and Shadows. They were in trouble, along with the enemy vehicles, how many hostiles were in the ships?
      Suddenly and unexpectedly, the Phantoms came to a halt, touched down and let their troops and supplies loose. From his view with the binoculars, some aliens exited the ship and were shot from snipers. Then the Wraiths became active and started firing upon the town. Blue plasma orbs fell from the sky onto the walls and buildings, turning them into rubble.
      In seconds the Covenant were upon them, entering through the gate which had been destroyed by a plasma bomb, and shooting anyone in their sights.
      Triam exited down through the hatch and down the stairs, only to come face to face with one of the Jackals. It shot at him first, the Chief tried to dodge it but the green plasma slammed into his shoulder. He let out a cry of anguish and shot a pistol at the creature.
      Most of the rounds were absorbed by the shield, and the Chief knew it was over until a young man in combat armor came in through the door and shot the head of the Jackal.

      "What's your name, son?" asked the dazed Chief.

      "It's Captain Tim Rienne, but I really must be on my way back to the HQ. Follow me and we can get you some medical attention." ordered the Captain.

      "Yes, sir!" said Triam, clutching his left shoulder, "It seems that we are under attack now, if I may say so."
      The Captain didn't respond, just told the Chief to follow him and stay close. Blood from Triam's wound had spilled over his armor and hands, but it was nearly clotted. He needed medical attention and he wanted it quick.
* * * * * *
1228 Hours (England Time), October 1, 2552 (Earth Calendar)/ Bottom Floor of Outpost 4B.

      The Captain now had to escort a wounded Chief back to the Military HQ, but he was glad, mostly because he didn't want to face another Covenant soldier just yet. Rienne was only good with commanding a squad and using a sniper, and he didn't like having to fight up close. Before he had entered the outpost he had killed an Elite, a couple Grunts and Jackals, along with a Brute.
      The Chief was following close behind; they were running from a firefight. They came down the road which ran down a slope under the concrete overpass. Then the road leveled out and it came to an intersection, at the opposite end of where they stood was the front parking lot.
      The Covenant hadn't gotten that far yet, they were still coming four by four out of the holes in the wall. So the Chief and Rienne ran as fast as they could across the parking lot and into the building. When they made it inside, people still scrambled about under the flashing red lights. Several medics surrounded the Chief and took him away. Now Rienne had to get to Loggs, and ask him a favor.
      Tim had to go up the stairs where he had last talked to Loggs, and surprisingly enough, he was there.

      "What is it now, soldier?" grimly asked the General.

      "I've come to ask a favor, sir." the General nodded him to go on; "I've come to ask for permission to set up an ambush."
      The General pondered the question and nodded:

      "Do whatever it takes to save this town, Captain, you'll be suited up with the newest weapons and team. They'll be waiting on the roof. Good luck." And with that Loggs turned and walked away.
      Perfect, Rienne thought. He had the perfect plan; all he needed was enough people and the right equipment. Tim walked up the stairs; he was about to show why he was promoted to Captain in the first place.