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War's Twisted
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<broken_lizard12@hotmail.com>
Date: 18 October 2004, 3:21 AM

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I know I haven't posted anything in awhile, but school has really been a nuisance... but, anyways, I just felt like posting this to notify all of you I'm not gone.

-CoLd BlooDed

Fluttering flames,
Stuttering claims,
A city in rubble.

Abandoning planes,
Terrorizing trains,
People in trouble.

Acknowledging pains,
Destroying their brains,
Abusing the chains.

Will they snap?

Potholes and metal,
No place to settle.
Bodies and blood,
Rotting in mud.
Fires and flames,
Tired of games.

Will they stop?

Bombs and guns,
Arteries and lungs,
Liver and tongues,

Axis and Allies,
Crates and supplies,
Hellos and good-byes.

Will they return?
Will they burn?
Won't they die?
Won't we cry?
Why must they go?
Why must they grow...
To be taken away?
To our dismay?

War twists,
War kills,
War exists,
it fulfills,
and persists,
but it doesn't,
and won't,
live on.

War's twisted.