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Invasion of X41 (Chptr 1: Invaded)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 11 October 2003, 6:37 AM

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Invasion of X41 (Chptr 1: Invaded)
0200 hours, October 13, 2552 (Military Calendar)/
Bottom Floor of Military Fort X41

      The Covenant was reported to have been heading their way, straight to the biggest military fort of Mexico. They were screwed, one way or another, the hundreds of soldiers that usually roamed the compound had disappeared to fight off the Covenant. General Endez walked around the bottom floor hallways of the fort, glancing at nearby crewmen to check up on their duties. He was nervous, literally shaking in his boots. Endez was afraid he'd lose the fort and worse lose his life. If the Covenant would take this stronghold then they'd use all the new weaponry that they had created. And the weaponry they'd created was strong enough to take out the hunters in two hits, including if they hit the shields.
      The General came to the shiny metal stairs, only to be greeted by a nervous looking soldier.

      "What's going to happen when they get here, sir?" asked the marine.
      Endez didn't answer, instead he just shrugged and walked up the stairs and came to a weapon testing lab. Inside was the PR-W20, the largest rocket/machine gun the UNSC had ever created successfully. He looked at it, his hand gliding around the edges of the metal plating. Then he cocked the massive gun, and rolled it towards the room opening. The sun hadn't yet appeared above the hills, and all was still dark. Already he could hear and see the gunshots from the marines, and from the screams they weren't winning the battle.
      The rocket end faced towards the opening, he looked through the 50x scope and focused it right in the middle of a Covenant squad.
      "Fire." he whispered to himself before he pulled the trigger.
* * * * * *
0207 hours, October 13, 2552 (Military Calendar)/
Fields Outside of X41

      "Here they come, marines, fire at will!" André heard Sargent Loda shout from in front. He was nervous that the Covenant had chosen to attack this place, but then again he had chosen to work there.
      André was full of action when he heard of the doings of a SPARTAN II back at New Tatley, surprisingly the super-soldier managed to bring down an Orbiter. Then the blue light of a plasma grenade flew onto the soldier in front of him, everyone cleared from the victim leaving him to blow up into a million pieces. André was showered with blood, he took out his top of the line battle rifle and aimed at a Grunt that had thrown the grenade.
      But before he had a chance to shoot his aim was disrupted as the ground exploded behind the Grunt. A Hunter, several Elites were blown to oblivion, the Grunt went flying to the ground and was immediately shot in the neck by André. The whole squad had now spread out and was firing at random targets. A frag grenade could be seen in the darkness through the night-vision the squad had been assigned. It landed right in between a soldier and a hunter, the man jumped backwards while the grenade exploded. André winced as the heat wave passed him, then he looked back towards the base. Something was shooting from the top floor, it sounded like the PR-W20 they had currently made. He wheeled around only to be greeted with plasma fire; it missed him and burnt through the leg of his comrade.
      He shot at the Elite that was shooting at him, the shields burst and the Elite fell to the ground with no leg. Another explosion rang out; the blast erupted right beside him that time. André screamed in pain, the inside of his leg was burning, he collapsed to the ground. The pain was unbearable, he dropped his weapon, and the last thing he saw was a Grunt come up to him and raise his weapon. Everything went black as soon as he heard a gunshot.
* * * * * *
0235 hours, October 13, 2552 (Military Calendar)/
Weapon Testing Room Overlooking Battlefield

      General Glen Endez had concentrated on wiping out the Covenant, but the more he killed the more had come. All he could see now was the Covies killing everyone he sent out, and fewer gunshots were heard. Now everyone was either bleeding or dead, they were unstoppable; it was hard to believe that they had put so much into taking this compound.
      The general closed his eyes; there was no more use in shooting, what seemed like seconds the Covenant was shooting at the gigantic metal gate. He calmly walked out of the room, pulled and loaded his pistol and came down the stairs. Workers frantically scrambled past Endez with total fear in their eyes. Glen had only one thought, to take out as many of the alien bastards as possible. He came to the door leading to the front yard.
      Endez opened the door and wasn't even noticed by the horde of Covenant troops, he zoomed in on his pistol and aimed at the head of an Elite which was shooting at the remaining soldiers. The general fired twice, the first round knocked out the shields and the second exploded the head. The walkways above held several soldiers, who were moving back and forth firing into the conflict. Grenades flung everywhere, alien and human, which blew up inflicting casualties on both sides.
      The General moved to the right and walked up some stairs, he kept on shooting until his clip emptied. On the ground lay several dead bodies of the Covenant, oozing with their alien blood. The hiss of a something familiar grew closer, and he turned around only to be greeted by the blistering heat of a plasma grenade. It stuck to his face, he tried to scream but the melting skin had melted over his mouth. And in the next few wretched seconds the grenade finally went off. His head exploded and his body was thrown over the wall.
* * * * * *
0700 hours, October 13, 2552 (Military Calendar)/
New Tatley High-Class Sleeping Quarters

      The Master Chief woke with a start, he was out of his suit, and was still in the town he had saved, and was recognized very highly throughout the town. He had a dream, but he no longer could remember what it was about. When he was tracing back in his memory there was a sudden knock on the door. In came Sargent Lubz, he looked like he did when he had been told that an Orbiter was ready to drop a bomb on his town.

      "Good morning, chief, hope you slept well. If you don't mind I'd like to have a word with you in the meal hall. Sorry to disturb you but its urgent." and with that he left and the automatic door shut.
      The Spartan got out of his bed, walked over to his dresser and took out his uniform. It was in perfect condition and it sparkled with all its awards and medals. He dressed quickly, and left his room. The meal hall was only a minute away from his dorm, and he made it there in no time. Sitting down was Sargent Lubz along with Corporal Walse. Master Chief sat down.

      "Hello, Master Chief, but war is still upon us. Although it's somewhere else on this planet, it's probably more or less important than Z23." said the Sargent.

      "Just spit it out, Lubz." impatiently said the Spartan.

      "What the Sergeant means to say is that another one of the most important factors to this war is under control by the Covenant. X41 has been taken over." said Corporal Walse grimly. With these words Lubz shrunk back and groaned, he obviously did not like the news.

      "When did you find this out?" asked the Chief.

      "To be honest chief, we just found out a few minutes ago, but we do know it happened around 0400 hours---"said the Sargent only to be interrupted by the Corporal.

      "---0500 hours, sir, and there were many important projects that had been completed, all to destroy hordes of the strongest Covenant. And we brought you here because we wanted to ask you, since you did such a good job taking back New Tatley, can you go to Mexico to take X41 back?" asked the Corporal, he looked confident that Chief would say yes, and so the Spartan nodded.

      "Great! We'll send a high-class Pelican for you to cross the ocean. Meet us in the hanger in 2 minutes." said the Sargent, and with that he left.
      Chief got up, the Corporal followed the Sergeant. The Spartan went back to the equipment lockers and got his MJOLNIR armor on. Then he hastily went back to the hanger and was loaded with Cortana, he got into a Pelican and was accompanied by the Sarge and Corporal. During the trip he noticed the battle field, forest and the docking bay he had been too. The only thing different was the docking bay, which was half destroyed, bodies littered the ground from what he could see.
      He rested for most of the ride across the ocean, and woke up when they landed at Pâscabosa, the city closest to the X41. They had not yet been attacked, only minor skirmishes had occurred but nothing heavy. This place was massive, and he didn't feel as welcome here as he did at New Tatley. Apparently the Chief had been heard of his doings here in Pâscabosa since he heard people whispering about him as he got out of the Pelican.
      The Corporal waved to him, Lubz was nowhere to be found, and the Chief calmly walked over.

      "Ok chief, we need you to come this way, we just need to brief you and you will have to stay here the night." said the Corporal quickly, and then walked away in which the Spartan followed.
      They passed through the city streets; everything here was beautiful, untouched by war. How long it would stay that way was unknown, and the people looked prosperous and carefree. The Corporal led him the base of a tall building, an automatic door silently opened as Walse and the Spartan walked in. It now reminded him of home, the planet he was snatched from to become a super-soldier. But then he thought it was better that he had become a Spartan or he wouldn't be here today. Inside was a large room, crowded with soldiers and people, along the right was an information booth that stretched across the room. And at the end there was at least five elevators, small windows covered the walls and marble pillars extended to the roof.
      Corporal Walse walked with the Chief to the front desk, everyone was now staring at the Spartan but the Chief just ignored them, he was used to it now. The Corporal muttered something to the secretary, who nodded and then pressed a button unseen. The Master Chief was then led to the elevators and taken up to the 74th floor, nobody else got on the elevator so it was a quick ride up. The doors opened, and in front of them was a long hallway with metallic doors on each side, then at the end the hallway branched off the right. Large windows covered the walls at the end of the hall and continued down the corridor to the right.
[ident]Walse brought the Spartan to the last door on the right, it opened silently, and they both stepped inside.

      "Get a good nights rest, sir." and with that he left.
      The Chief walked over to the bed, sat down and took off his helmet; he was exhausted, and fell down on his bed fast asleep.
      He was walking on the bottom floor around hallway A-23 with the other marines, it was quiet. André tapped the Chief on the shoulder, he spun around, and André mouthed something but the Spartan couldn't hear. But as if he did he turned to a door and they went inside, and immediately they were assaulted with plasma fire. The last thing the Chief saw was the blue light of the plasma.
      He woke up with a start and felt a long low rumble, and then he heard an explosion. The Covenant was here, the place where he could finally get some rest was being attacked. The Chief put on his helmet and ran out the door; he looked out the window to his right. It was still dark out, besides the explosions and buildings on fire that lit up the night. Another explosion rang out, and this time it was much closer. Suddenly behind him the metal doors of an elevator blew open and one flew towards the Spartan, he ducked and it crashed through the window.
      He turned around, one of the elevators were on fire, he glanced back and then looked in awe as he saw hundreds of Elites, Grunts, Hunters and Brutes massing around the city streets...