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Return to Earth (Chptr 6: Boarding the Ship)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 25 July 2003, 11:51 PM

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Return to Earth (Chptr 6: Boarding the Ship)
1723 hours October 12, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Control Room of Z23 Docking Bay

      .....Potramee must've been the gold elite he had killed earlier, and if the Chief didn't do anything soon the city would be wiped off the map....
      The Spartan had waited thirteen minutes before the Corporal and other marines got to the Control Room. He explained what was going on and they decided they had to get out of Z23 and fast. The next few minutes were spent getting out of the passageway, then running down the sewers until they reached the ladder leading to the surface.

      "The most reasonable place to go first is the War Tactics HQ, after all its right there in front of us." Cortana said as Chief looked at the building from the alleyway. It was half the shadow of another building and the other half was caught in the sunsets orange light.
      So the Master Chief took the existing marines to the War Tactics building, but first they had to run past the dead Covenant bodies and the parking lot. When they got inside the Sergeant looked at them in puzzlement.

      "Is this all you managed to rescue? I suspected that you'd do better since you are a Spartan." said the Sergeant grimly.

      "Shut it Lubz, we have something much bigger to worry about. I know and the Covenant know about Z23, and their planning to bomb your town in order to get it." said the Chief angrily, "Now, would you want me to save your marines and then get bombed? Or deal with the problem? Frankly I'd like to deal with the problem."

      Sergeant Lubz looked stunned, he was probably processing the thought of a Spartan knowing of Z23, the Covenant wanting it and were ready to bomb the town.

      "S-S-So, why would....the Covenant want it that badly? A-And they're ready to......bomb our town?" Sergeant Lubz said, he walked to the window, and stared deeply into nowhere. He took another few seconds to get himself together. "Well then Chief...you already seem to know what your doing, what is your plan?"

      "First I need a Pelican or stolen Banshee, I'll board the ship with a couple of marines, then slowly we'll destroy the ship from the inside." answered the Chief, "We'll go with the flow from there."

      "Walse, hurry your ass up! We need those Banshee's we've been savin' ready to fly....And Chief? Good luck, don't let us down." said Lubz, who saluted and turned.

      The crafty Spartan followed the Corporal after returning the salute, and in minutes, the large outline of the Covenant Orbiter could be seen from above. The marines and Master Chief boarded the prepared Banshees.
      "Everyone follow me into the Orbiter Docking Bay, then do what I do when we get inside." ordered the Chief before getting into the familiar cockpit. "Keep in contact while were flying guys."

      "Roger that, sir!" said the Brit from the Banshee.

      "Good to go, Chief." calmly said the war-hardened marine.

      "Ready for takeoff." tensely said the marine.

      "Ok! Get ready to rock n' roll, everyones topside!" enthusiastically said Corporal Maccom.
      The launch pad usually used for Pelicans opened slowly, and before the Chief knew it he was flying towards the massive Covenant ship. The drone of the Banshee's filled the Spartans head as they ascended through several clouds. They soon broke from the atmosphere, blackness enveloped them, the Chief leveled off and the others followed suit. Ahead of them was the Orbiter, it was a very odd shape for a ship, but it was the Covenant they were talking about.

      "Everyone get in a straight line, we have to act like a Covenant here!" ordered the Chief.
      The other Banshees followed the instruction, as the Orbiter's hull became more detailed. Soon enough the Docking Bay's shields flickered then disappeared, the Orbiters crew must have seen the incoming Banshees. The Chief hoped for the best, hopefully they could wipe out enough of the enemy in the Docking bay for a safe landing. The Chief and the marines had passed through the Docking Bay shields, and were now hovering above the landings.

      "You can bring it down now." said the alien voice in a fuzzy translated tone.

      "Not on your life." said the Chief over the Banshee's transceiver.
      Something like an alarm sounded off, and the Chief started shooting any alien that came in view. The other Banshee's followed his lead, and soon the Docking Bay's landings were soaked in hostile blood. Covenant troops kept swarming into the Docking Bay then got shot, it was a pattern. That was until hunters stormed the Docking Bay, the fuel rod guns made the Banshee's extremely vulnerable. But without much of a struggle the hunters orange blood blotted out the purple from the elites and jackals.
      There were at least three levels on this ship, top, middle and bottom. Each Banshee guarded a floor, and in minutes the ships sector must have been completely drained because no more Covenant emerged from the automated doors. The Master Chief set down on the bottom floor, the other marines followed his move.

      "So what are we going to do now?" asked a marine as he almost tripped over the body of a grunt.

      "We have to make it to the Control Room, Cortana as we speak is checking out the ships subroutines." replied the Chief.
      The Spartan spun on his foot and listened to Cortana on how to get to the Control Room, apparentely it was located after Sector 20-B (Cortana translated the symbols to English) and right now they were on 20-C. They had to find stairs or an elevator to the middle level. Cortana did her best to lead them to a ramp going up, but only took them to 18-C. When they stepped through the next cybernetic doorway plasma fire streaked past their faces.

      "Returning fire! Take out the big ones first!" yelled the Corporal as he fired his battle rifle.
      Bullets ripped the grunts and elite shields apart, and then eventually the elites were ravaged with the human weaponry. The Chief and his crew finished everyone of them off with only slight burns to their faces. A jackal rounded the corner, skidded to a stop, then tried to turn around before his head was blown apart. They walked past the body only to be left alone for five minutes. They were now in 19-C but were fighting harder then ever.
      They finished off another group, only to find the Corporal had a bite in his kneecap from a grunt. What they said they would do they were obviously going to do it. They wrapped it with bandages and continued on, they had made it to 20-C. It was just a long hallway with windows on the right. Chief looked out, the once beautiful blue planet had turned into a black one that was rippling with explosions. The hall ended and to the right was a door.

      "Get ready men, in here is probably a whole army of elites, grunts, and jackals. Fire at will." said the Chief before the door opened.
      Inside was not too big, blue elites patrolled around the plasma generated computers, blue grunts were working at the computers and patrolling around the doorways, and one was right in front of the Chief.
      The grunt screamed as the powerful Spartan hit him across the room. The marines infiltrated the room and moved around shooting anyone or anything. Elites and grunts were focussed mostly on the Chief, and the marines had many easy targets to pick off. The hissing of a plasma grenade grew louder as the Chief ducked, it landed on a grunt he was about to pick off. Screams echoed through the Control Room before the grenade went off, elites and a few more grunts lay dead on the floor, the explosion had killed all of them.
      Now the remaining Covenant soldiers turned to the marines, who were still wasting anything in their vision. The sly Spartan snuck up on most of the remaining elites, ending their life quickly with a jab to the neck. The grunts now tried to flee away, even though some did, most just piled up at the doorways, blood flowing down the bodies and soaked the metal floor. They know had the Control Room to themselves.
      The first thing they wanted to do was stop the ship from dropping the bombs, but how..... .....to be continued