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Return to Earth (Chptr 4: Rescued)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 22 July 2003, 9:42 PM

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Return to Earth (Chptr 4: Rescued)
1620 hours October 12, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Somewhere in the Forest Leading to New Tatley

      ......The Spartan looked over at the Warthog, the piece of crap had broken into two pieces in the crash, now how was he supposed to get to New Tatley?....
      Sixteen minutes had passed and he was still looming over the dead body of Thomas Felgood. The blood had stopped seeping from his wounds and dried up, just revealing how severe the crash was. He looked away for a moment, and then remembered that Thomas had brought a radio with him, if he could get it maybe he could make contact...

      "**ief! Mas*er Chie*! Do you co*y, *ver?" Chief followed the sound of the static and voices, and eventually found it still intact in the seat of the Warthog.

      "Hello! This is Master Chief and we have crashed somewhere in the forest!"desperately called out the Spartan into the radio.

      "Good to hea* from y*u Chief, can you te** us yo*r coordina*tes? Over." responded the voice that sounded like Sgt. Blaskawitz from C25.

      "Thats a negative, Sergeant, I cannot read my position on radar, must be interference or something. Over." said Master Chief, calming down, "You may be able to pick me up if you follow your motion tracker movement."

      "Positive, Chief. We'll do the *est we ca*." confirmed Blaskawitz, "Over and out."
      This put the Spartan in a stressful situation, he would have to wait until they came. So he sat on the tree stump and looked up, the purplish sky overhead was dotted with clouds. The Master Chief strained his eyes and swore he could see several Pelicans zoom overhead. Of all things he had to be careful, he didn't know if the Covenant were in the forest or not.
      * * * * * *
1623 hours October 12, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Traveling by Warthog in Forest

      "Sir, is he close?" asked Corporal Marez, "Remember your the only one with a motion tracker."

      "Shut your mouth marine, when he's close I'll tell ya. Right now though he ain't listed on radar." snapped Blaskawitz, who was having a hard time getting through the forest.
      The marine in the gunners seat snickered, which annoyed Marez, but he ignored him.

      "There we go, he's over there somewhere." said Blaskawitz, tapping the radar on the Warthog.
      In seconds they stopped, and the radar indicated that he should be right there. But surrounding them were trees and bushes, and then a hill rose in front of them.

      "Where is he? He should be right here----" the marine said then gurgled and a warm liquid was felt down Marez's neck.
      Marez spun around, only to see the marine had no face, instead a large hole leaking a large amount of blood. The marine fell off the gunners seat into the mud, then they were ambushed by a few elites and accompanying them were some grunts. Blaskawitz jumped into the back and started up the gun, Marez hopped out of the Warthog and kneeled on the other side of the vehicle.

      "Die you little bastards! Die!" yelled Blaskawitz over the chain gun.
      Screams came from the grunts, who were almost immediately ripped apart by the gun. The elites and surviving grunts hid back in the bushes, Marez threw a grenade into where they had went. He was immediately rewarded with the scream of an elite and grunt, pleased with himself, he shot into the brush randomly. Again, the blood of an elite showered the surrounding area.
      Just as Blaskawitz had stopped shooting his gun, a plasma grenade flew from the bushes and attached itself to the Sergeants arm. The victim kept shooting into the bushes until time ran out. Marez covered his ears, but could still hear the explosion of the grenade. What looked like thick red paint covered the clearing, as for the Warthog, it did a 360 flip and landed right beside Marez. Without hesitation he jumped in, revved the engine, and booted off.
      * * * * * *
1629 hours October 12, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Waiting for Pickup

      Chief sighed, seven or eight minutes had passed, and he was still on the tree stump.

      "Chief! Do you copy, this is Corporal Marez, we were ambushed by the Covenant, I read you on radar and am coming for immediate pickup. ETA 30 seconds." said the Corporal over the radio.

      "I'm here Corporal, hurry it up if you don't mind I'm bored." calmly responded Chief.
      The next thirty seconds whizzed by, and soon enough he heard the Warthog. He waited until the vehicle was next to him. Blood, dirt, and cracks were instantly noticed by the Chief. The only one in the Warthog was Corporal Marez, who was staring down at Chief waiting for him to get in.

      "Hurry up chief! We don't have all day to get you to New Tatley." impatiently said Marez, "They just contacted me saying they need you there quick."

      "Then hurry the hell up, corporal." said the Spartan in his calm voice.
      In minutes they emerged from the forest, the rolling hills around him blocked his view, and when he looked up, a few Covenant Cruisers passed through some orange clouds. When they got to the top of the hill, he saw a town not to far away, it was located at the bottom of hills right beside the water. Craters and gorges in the terrain led to an awfully bumpy ride to New Tatley, which in turn kept disappearing behind the hills. When they were about a quarter of a mile from the town, Marez gave him the boot.

      "Sorry sir, but this is as far as I can take you, I'll contact you shortly and hopefully get a few more soldiers to New Tatley." said the Corporal before he sped off to probably another not-to-far encampment.

      "Master Chief, we'll be on foot from here, and don't worry, we probably won't be attacked until we get to New Tatley." Cortana said trying to be reassuring.
      The Spartan didn't respond, instead, he put away his weapons and ran as fast as he could, in a minute he had made it to the town. He looked up, the municipality had reinforced its town with stone walls. Considering what the Covenant did back at C25 the wall couldn't have lasted long. The Chief followed the wall until he camp to a collapsed part, he looked through the broken barrier. Fire, blood, bodies and battered houses probably covered a mile from where the Spartan was standing. They had obviously already fought here.

      "Chief, major movement to your right, enter through this hole and you should be able to get to the fight." instructed the AI.
      He did as he was told, and when he turned to his right it seemed as if all hell had broken loose. Bullets and plasma streaked back and forth, and from his view he was watching the Covenant side. Decimated buildings blocked the view of the defenders, the humans. The Covenant were slowly advancing towards the soldiers, and the Chief decided it wasn't time to let them win. He sprinted as fast as he could down the street, and the farther he got, he saw the marines fighting the best they could. He unholstered his battle rifle, it was time the Covenant were taught a lesson.
      * * * * * *
1640 hours October 12, 2552 (Military Calendar)
War Tactics HQ Overlooking Battle Area

      "How long do you think they'll last, sir?" asked the Corporal fearfully.

      "If that damn Spartan shows up then we'll be saved, but so far he hasn't done so!" yelled Sergeant Lubz, afraid he would lose the battle.

      "Sergeant, Corporal! Get your asses over here, its a miracle!" called a Sergeant who was watching the battle.
      They walked over to the window where the marine was, Lubz got out his binoculars. Gunfire came from behind the Covenants army, killing many grunts, jackals and elites. The humans slowly started to counter the forces, and from behind a broken down building emerged a very tall soldier clad in green armor.

      "Thats not a miracle, thats a Spartan." ecstatically said the Sergeant.
      * * * * * *
1645 hours October 12, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Heading Towards War Tactics HQ

      "Give 'em hell marines!" shouted a man in the rear of the army.
      The Chief had given them enough help to win this battle, so he continued to run towards the building that Cortana recommended, War Tactics Headquarters. Before he entered, he took one glance back, humans were trampling upon the dead, shooting the survivors. Guess the Covenant didn't expect a Spartan?
      He went into the building, immediately greeted by a man with blond hair and a scar across his face, with him was a shorter man, half his face covered by a helmet.

      "Hello Master Chief! We have expected you, I am Sergeant Lubz and this is Corporal Walse." happily said the Sergeant, obviously glad he saved his soldier's asses.

      "Hello, I do not plan to stay in this building long, I have a town to save, but do you have anything to tell me before I leave?" asked the Spartan impatiently.

      "Well...er...yes, there are many more marines trapped around this town, if you don't mind, can you save them too? I can upload the map of New Tatley into your systems armor." asked the Sergeant.

      "Hello Lubz, this is Cortana speaking, I have already uploaded the map into the armor, but is there anywhere specific you would like us to meet afterwards?" asked Cortana over the outer headspeakers.

      "Here will be fine, Cortana, we have a radio and our frequency is 2.04. Oh, but you don't seem to have a radio with you?" said Lubz.
      Master Chief searched around for the radio he had with him earlier.

      "Don't worry Lubz, I have a radio installed into the helmet, we'll keep in contact." said Cortana, the Chief forgot he had those.

      "Good Luck Spartan, bring us victory." said the Sergeant. ...to be continued...