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Forced Betrayal (Chapter 8: The Last Stand)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 12 February 2004, 2:54 AM

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Forced Betrayal (Chapter 8: The Last Stand)
Eighth Cycle, 1 Units (Covenant Battle Calendar)/Aboard Hijacked Covenant Cruiser Bringer of Fate, in the bridge waiting to engage enemy fleet.

      'Ralamee didn't even flinch as he saw the leagues of Covenant cruisers, flagships, carriers, and battleships entered the system. It was pitiable to see the Covenant waste so many ships to take out an association of rebels.

      "Fire at will," 'Ralamee said with a smirk, "Let us observe to how many of these ships we can take out."
      'Rolatree tapped a few controls on the holo-panels and the hull of the Bringer of Fate rumbled. 'Ralamee quickly glanced at the large display and saw the blue arm of plasma reach a random target and tore away the hull on the port side. The structure of the damaged ship was visible and 'Ralamee took in a quick thought of triumph and then squelched the feeling.

      "Why do you insist on fighting against us, 'Ralamee?" inquired the evil voice of Volna over the channel, "We certainly have you outnumbered, and once again, I suggest you turn yourselves over to us for a swift death."
      'Ralamee snarled and ordered 'Tanosalee to track the signal, as soon as Volna's ship was exposed it would be the first to go down. How had the Prophet survived the blast when the Implorer exploded? These thoughts lingered in the depths of 'Ralamee's mind, but they were of small concern; he could easily destroy Volna's ship once targetted.

      "If you haven't noticed already, the wreck of the Moons Rage drifts before you, and it is not of my doing, the other two ships in the system destroyed it." 'Ralamee paused to breathe and added slyly, "They shouldn't be allowed to get away with that, should they?"

      "You're lying!" Volna sounded as if he had been struck with fear, "Well, I guess they deserve the same death as you, traitor."
      Polo killed the conversation and as he did so there was an explosion, but this one came from the Bridge speakers. He looked up to see that a superheated volley of plasma had speared through several ships and caused them to implode.
      'Rolatree glanced at the aft monitor to see the two Covenant ships that had destroyed the Moons Rage fire repeatedly against the enemy.

      "I suggest you cease your fire, renegades, as it will do you no good." Volna said over the public channel.
      The other ships didn't respond, instead, 'Rolatree announced that tags had been put on the other ships and labeled their name and class. The Provenance of Light and Era of Serenity were the ships that were now fighting alongside with the Bringer of Fate.

      "Have you got a track on Volna?" asked 'Ralamee, noting that one of the enemy battleships gunports were glowing dull red.

      "No, Excellency, still narrowing down the serial codes and transmission numbers," 'Rolatree said as he hastily punched in controls on the holo-displays.
      'Tanosalee and the 'Organalee turned around as one of the doors opened at the rear of the room. In stepped a couple of grey-armored Elites, when they saw the body of the Ship Master on the floor in a crumpled heap, they backed towards the door.
      'Ralamee pointed his weapon at one of the Elites, the Covenant technician stopped, "Where do you think you're going? Get to the console and listen to my orders." The other rebels beside Polo were also pointing their weapons at the techs, and then gave a flick of their Plasma Rifles pointing towards the holo-controls. The grey Elites walked down the ramp and waited for the orders.

      "You make sure that we don't get hit, reposition the cruiser whenever necessary." stated 'Ralamee, "We are currently under attack and outnumbered."
      One of the Elites dropped his mandibles open and then asked, "May I ask of why we are in battle?" 'Ralamee gave a gesture towards the display; the Elite remained quiet and paid attention to the panels.
      There was a rumble throughout the ship and the gunports fired, filling the display with a blue flash. When the beam dissipated it clearly showed a flagship missing its aft.

      "Excellency, I'm picking up more activity on the ship's scanners," he paused and rested an armored hand on the flickering holo-panel, "Come and look, Excellency!"
      'Rolatree punched a button and one of the displays flashed white and faded to the black surroundings, the space directed on the display started to alter and shift and soon several dark brown shadows appeared.

      "What is it? Who just entered the system?" 'Ralamee had to yell the last sentence as a ray of plasma streaked past the cruiser, the techs were doing a fairly good job.

      "Humans, Excellency!" ecstatically said 'Tanosalee, 'Organalee stopped what he was doing to study the display.
      'Ralamee couldn't believe it, the Humans had shown with backup, maybe Polo could turn the tides of this battle.

      "Humans?! This has gone much too far now, 'Ralamee," Volna snarled over the channel, "Don't expect any mercy now, Polo 'Ralamee, as you won't be able to beg for life once we destroy your pathetic group of rebels!!"

0214 Hours, October 26, 2552 (Military Calendar)/Aboard the Human Carrier Judicious Entering Despines Lorandi System, in the bridge.

      "Repeat why we are here," asked Captain Chambers to Lieutenant Junior Grade Mark Haller, "I still don't get why ONI sent us here."

      The Lieutenant hesitated.
      "Sir, when I was aboard the destroyed Tigerhawk, a group of Elites captured me but did not harm me, they contacted ONI." Mark straightened and crossed his arms behind his back, "They left me on the ship, and I soon was evacuated by an ONI Prowler. Sorry for rambling on and stalling to answer your question, but we are here to see if the Covenant traitors are actually fighting against their own race."
      Chambers looked at the display; a fleet of at least twenty-five Covenant ships were on the right side of the screen. Three other ships wandered aimlessly on the left side of the view screen, shooting plasma after avoiding a shot from the enemy Covenant ships.

      "Looks like we brought the right amount of ships for this operation," the Captain said calmly, "Although"—he pointed at the largest ship in the enemy Covenant fleet on the display—"this probably wasn't meant to get bloody."
      The Lieutenant nodded and watched as a ship exploded on the right side with the massive amount of ships, pieces of twisted metal littered the black of space.
      The Captain bent over to a microphone and contacted the rest of the ships on FLEETCOM3, the channel in which the other ships were using. "Get ready to fight off those Covenant bastards, I've uploaded the ones that are the enemies on the databases and displays and the ones that are allies. Give 'em hell, people."

Eighth Cycle, 3 Units (Covenant Battle Calendar)/Aboard the Covenant Cruiser Bringer of Fate, in the bridge engaging enemy Covenant forces.

      'Rolatree finally announced that the ship that Volna was on had been pinpointed, 'Ralamee roared in triumph as the ship was labeled. The Humans had taken part in this fight and had already starting to fire their heavy weapons. Red lasers streaked across the black sky and impaled Covenant ships, some exploded.

      "Take aim at Volna's ship," 'Ralamee said wickedly, "Charge the plasma to 150%, tell me when it is prepared."
      'Rolatree responded with a "Yes, Excellency." Some of the Covenant ships had turned to face the Human vessels and poured plasma fire on them, leaving a good flanking position for the three rebel cruisers.

      "Open fire, all ships." 'Ralamee ordered into the COM channel.
      Plasma streaked towards the ships and tore into the abdomen of the susceptible ships; hit something vital inside and caused several explosions.

      "Don't try and run away, poor 'Ralamee, as the Covenant will always find you and fight you, so just remember right now—" Volna's voice came on the channel but the transmission was cut off as there was a flash of blue on the display, Volna spoke once again but this time with fear edging on his voice, "Impossible! Polo! You shall surely suffer or eternity."
      'Ralamee grew tired of Volna's ramblings, and shut off the channel, the Prophet was in the hands on Polo, and he could just easily kill off Volna and be done with him.
      But 'Ralamee had to make the ends meet; he wanted to toy with Volna before he killed him.

      "Fire, Excellency?" asked 'Organalee.

      "No." said 'Ralamee with his tone quavering, he was overwhelmed with how much power he had over the Prophet, "Not yet, wait."
      More streaks of plasma, more explosions, more debris littering the system. The Covenant fleet had dwindled heavily in numbers, they now stood at only 9 ships; three being heavily damaged. The Humans had brought twenty, but had decreased to eleven.

      "Polo! Incoming fire—" said 'Tanosalee, but it was too late, the cruiser's shields deactivated and the superheated plasma broke through the lower decks.

      "Vent the atmosphere, cool the plasma ducts." ordered 'Ralamee sternly and received another "Yes, Excellency." from 'Rolatree.
      There was another explosion from the inside, this one more intense then the last, the metal groaned as more plasma impacted into the hull.

      "Evade!" yelled 'Ralamee to the crew, "Hurry, evade!"

      "You should've never though you would win this revolution, 'Ralamee, you were outnumbered and had no hope, you—" 'Ralamee told 'Rolatree to fire as the cruiser shook, with fear in the rebel
s eyes, he punched a few buttons on the flickering holo-displays.
      The rumble only lasted a few seconds, and there was a tremendous flash of light on the display, so much that it filled the bridge with blue color. The channel which Volna had just spoken on broke into static and said, "Noooo! This is s---ly the Devil's doing! Curse y—'Ralamee, c---e you!"
      'Ralamee smirked as the holo-panels snapped off, but not before sending a shower of sparks onto the floor. Then the bridge lights snapped off and the backup power activated, 'Ralamee sighed, they had almost won.
      Almost wasn't good enough though.
      The holo-panels flickered on, and 'Ralamee had one chance to look at the rear-display showed the dark blue planet that lingered in the system. Then all the holo controls deactivated, and with a final thought there was an explosion, and 'Ralamee's vision was filled with a red haze. The revolution was over for him.