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Forced Betrayal (Chapter 7: Stranded With Only One Option)
Posted By: CoLd BlooDed<sk8_4life7_@hotmail.com>
Date: 7 February 2004, 8:05 PM

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Forced Betrayal (Chapter 7: Stranded With Only One Option)
Eighth Cycle, 40 Units (Covenant Battle Calendar)/Onboard Damaged Seraph Fighter, traveling through Slipspace, heading to Earth vector.

      "Earth requires our aid, and that is why we return." said 'Ralamee over the communication system.
      No one responded over the channel, the death of 'Qoyalamee still lingered in the troop of renegades' minds. 'Ralamee then shifted in his seat and turned to look at one of the displays, the familiar Slipspace surroundings glowed on the view screen.

      "Detecting technical difficulties, the Slipspace generators are not functioning properly." 'Organalee's voice broke in, "We're going to have to pull out of Slipspace to make some more repairs."
      'Ralamee sighed and pressed a few buttons on the holo-displays and the blue ambiance disappeared to the proverbial black of space.

      "That's odd, the Slipspace generators have activated again, continuing jump," 'Organalee paused, "They won't start."
      Polo was about to say something when he noticed the dark silhouettes of several Covenant cruisers and flagships.

      "Not again." he muttered.
      But it was different this time, they didn't fire, only attempted to communicate, "This is the Bringer of Fate, what is your status?" The transmission came in clear, and 'Ralamee pressed a series of switches so he could respond.

Eighth Cycle, 42 Units (Covenant Battle Calendar)/Aboard the Covenant Cruiser Bringer of Fate, in the bridge.

      "They said that their fleet was decimated by a massive human task force, they're heavily damaged and are requesting to land on this ship for proper repairs." said the grey-clad Elite beside the Ship Master Talo 'Trolakee.

      "I can't afford wasting my time with these minor problems," the Ship Master said sternly, "Authorize them to land in launch bay eight."
      The Elite nodded and replied to the group of approaching Seraphs, then walked off to do something else that occupied his time. Talo attended to the other holo-panels and continued to work, oblivious that he had just let his own doom pass into the cruiser.

Eighth Cycle, 43 Units (Covenant Battle Calendar)/Aboard Seraph, inside the Covenant Cruiser Bringer of Fate.

      "Everyone get out and hide." 'Ralamee said as he hit the correct button on a holo-display to open the access hatch. He holstered his Plasma Rifle in the belt that was attached to the waist of his armor, and then walked down the ramp to join up with the others.

      "Should we attack them on sight?" inquired 'Tanosalee thoughtfully, "Or should we take advantage of the fact that they don't know we're enemies?"

      "We'll use the advantage; as soon as we get to the bridge we can erase the AI from the data-ports and control this cruiser manually." replied 'Ralamee confidently and then added, "It's only a matter of time until Volna comes with a fleet and destroys us."

      "We still have a chance against Volna; maybe we can somehow persuade the other ships into joining our cause?" 'Organalee said, "Just so we have a bigger force and a better chance of escaping."
      'Ralamee clicked his mandibles and nodded, "That just might work, everyone, to the bridge!" Units passed by, they spent most of their time weaving in and out of maintenance passages, hallways, and rooms, and finally they stepped into the bridge.
      The Ship Master turned around and stated that 'Ralamee and his fellow rebels weren't supposed to be in the bridge when 'Rolatree let off a full barrage of plasma bolts. Blood and scorched flesh sprayed into the air as one of the bolts caught the Elite in the face; thick purple blood dotted the metal deck.
      'Rolatree ran down onto lowered platform and studied all of the shimmering blue holo-panels. He then turned to Polo who was still at the top of the ramp that descended onto the platform and said, "Should we remove the AI, Excellency? I found the correct port in which to do it from." 'Ralamee nodded and walked down into the pit.
      Characters scrolled along all the holographic displays and 'Ralamee watched with keen interest of the cruiser's surroundings. Only three other ships—two being cruisers and the other being a flagship--drifted in the system; 'Ralamee checked the coordinates on one of the floating panels.
      They were almost to Earth, but it was useless now, Volna was to arrive soon and 'Ralamee could never escape, but he wouldn't go down easy. He would die honorably as 'Qoyalamee had. The death of his comrade still lingered in his mind, although it had only been a few units since his fatality it seemed like it had been cycles.

      "AI deleted, Excellency." 'Rolatree's voice ruptured into Polo's deep thought, 'Ralamee absent-mindedly nodded and walked over to the cruisers communication apparatus.
      He had just come up with an idea and spoke into the device with confidence and wit, the other cruisers would have to believe him, they had to.

Eighth Cycle, 46 Units (Covenant Battle Calendar)/Onboard the Covenant Flagship Moon's Rage, walking down hallway, approaching launch bay.

      Jek walked down the hallway with the other Jackals, they had been called to the launch bay not too long ago. Grunts, Engineers and Elites passed by Jek, with the Grunts giving the Jackals feared looks. They soon entered the bay, the flickering blue shields that covered the two huge launch openings were the first thing Jek noticed as he always did.
      They were on the bottom level of the launch bay, and they moved towards one of the dropships where several Elites stood. Jek continued to walk ahead of the other Jackals when there was a tremendous explosion and Jek lost his footing. The Jackal fell to the deck hard and hit his head on a fuel pod; stars exploded in front of his eyes.
      An alarm started to blare and Jek scrambled back up, the Elites were gone along with the rest of his troop. The terrified Jackal looked at where the blue shields were and saw plasma beams hit into them, the shields flared for a moment and then deactivated.
      The Moons Rage was under attack, but by their own society? Someone grabbed Jek as he stood motionless in the center of the launch bay; pulling him up and through a door. There was another explosion, and the soldier carrying Jek tripped and hit his head against a steel grating. The Jackal looked down to see that the person carrying him was an elite; dark purple blood oozed from its mandibles.
      Jek looked up to see the hexagonal shaped doors open, a tide of Grunts swept through the hallway forcing Jek to run along with them.
      Another explosion.
      The distant humming of the Covenant technology filled the hallway, overlapping the hoots from the Grunts. Jek ran through another door which hung loosely on its magnetic hinges, sparks jumped from the holo-panel which opened the door.
      They entered a bigger room and the Grunts ran by Jek as he slowed down, the Jackal stared at the Engineers that hovered oblivious around the room, but then there was another massive explosion. Jek twisted his neck in horror to see the whole wall to the left of him which glowed dull red, and then a superheated volley of plasma tore right through creating a large vacuum.
      Jek remembered the Engineers being sucked out first and exploding due to the lack of oxygen, then the Jackal was lifted from the ground along with other equipment and was sucked towards the hole. Fear raced through his mind as he was sucked through the hole. He saw that where the bay had once been was another section of space; the structure had been completely torn away.
      Jek's vision winked out and he saw no more.

Eighth Cycle, 48 Units (Covenant Battle Calendar)/Aboard Hijacked Covenant Cruiser Bringer of Fate, in the bridge.

      "What are they doing?!" exclaimed 'Tanosalee as he watched the display.

      "I told them to do it," 'Ralamee replied calmly, "I said that the flagship were rebels."

      "And they believed you?" asked 'Organalee.

      "Fortunately, yes," Polo said, "I just had to convince them." The Elite then walked back to the communicator and his voice was roguish and slick.

      "That was a mistake, you shouldn't have done that, they weren't really traitors of the Covenant race." said 'Ralamee slyly, the other rebels listened in on the conversation. "You have been tricked by us—the rebels—and we invite you to join our cause."

      "What the hell is going on?" asked one of the other Ship Masters, the other one didn't respond.

      "You have just attacked a ship of your own race, so join us, you have no other choice." 'Ralamee said, "Unless you'd rather be punished by your race for your doings."
      'Rolatree, who had been watching the displays, called over 'Tanosalee and 'Organalee, 'Ralamee continued his conversation. "They will be here soon, so I expect you to defend yourselves and listen to my orders." Polo clicked off the channel, leaving the two Ship Masters to argue among each other.

      "Excellency, Volna has arrived with his fleet." said 'Rolatree, "The Gods won't be on our side. Let's show them they're wrong."