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Whiskey 239 c1
Posted By: Cohenour
Date: 24 December 2003, 4:52 PM

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This is my first fanfic submission, although I have been reading them for awhile. Due to my correctness, I am omitting the time stamp, which I might say seriously helps matters on fanfic. I would estimate about October 1, 2552, due to the time taken to coordinate such a massive attack, get new armor and hopefully get the Orbital defenses up. Just so there is no confusion, Lt. Mendez has no relation to CPO Mendez; likewise, Corporal Johnson isn't Sgt. A.J. Johnson. The story starts slow but picks up. For quick action, read my third submission Chapter 3. Any feedback, positive or negative, would be greatly appreciated. Cohenour

Whiskey Rock-A-Roller
Pilot: First Lieutenant John Bell Co-pilot: First Lieutenant Jose Mendez Crew Chief: Master Sergeant Randall Smith Door Gunner: Lance Corporal Paul Johnson Ground crew: Sergeant Zack McPhearson, Corporal Mark Tahoya, Corporal Bill Park, and Corporal Bill Carter. Dropship W239 unofficially christened Whiskey Rock-A-Roller

      The Air wing barracks jumped at the sound of the alarm. They were on full alert, but never expected the mobilization alarm. As if on instinct, they were running for their Pelicans. When Bell rounded the corner, his heart sank. The starboard aft engine wasn't on the plane. "Damnit McPhearson," Mendez screamed as he ran into the mechanics bay, "why wasn't this fixed yesterday." "Because you broke it yesterday!" Tahoya snapped. Parker and Carter were off on the side gathering plasma cutters, a tig welder, and other tools. Smith came in and calmly yelled, "How long 'till liftoff." McPhearson responded, "Two hours, max, sir." "What about the spare Pelican?" Smith asked. "Already taken by 340's crew" "And their engines?" Smith asked. Complete overhaul, they're all torn to Hell" McPhearson added dryly. "Well, have you notified the Colonel?" Mendez asked. "Yes sir." Parker chimed in. "Y'know, by the time we're operational, the entire 405th will be gone." Carter said as he pointed to the departing dropships, "So, we might change our game plan." McPhearson put down his tools to try to comprehend this. "Explain" Smith said. "Well, I propose we get four of those base 12.7's, the M41, and turn 239 into a Puff the Magic Dragon, like the military used to use a long time ago." "You mean a gunship?" Bell asked, drawing on an old memory from the academy. "Yeah, we got the LAAG off the warthog you jettisoned yesterday and we can go to supply and get the 12.7's." Carter explained. The group agreed to this over crude drawings. "If we cut out the seats, we should be able to get under the heatwash of the front engines. We should be able to get forward and below of the wash for the forward guns." Parker explained. "We'll shorten the bases to meet up with the holes, and put harness tether points so maneuvering won't throw the gunners." Mendez asked about the LAAG. We'll cut a hole in the roof just large enough to lower it in and move around for anti-aircraft purposes. We can rig the power from the Pelican's wiring harness." Carter said. "Won't he be exposed to ground fire?" "Won't he be too low?" Smith asked in quick succession. "No, he can crouch in the compartment, and we will construct a base out of angle iron." Parker replied. We've also got those missile pods."
      "Ok people, we've got 1:45 hours to do this in. Bell, you get that personnel 'Hog and get those 12.7s and ammo. Parker, Carter, start chopping on the Pelican. Tahoya, mount those missile pods. Mendez, help Tahoya. Johnson, help McPhearson." Smith ordered even though he wasn't the superior. 30mins later Bell power slid into the bay with guns and ammo piled high. The Pelican had already changed drastically with the missile pods and growing holes. "Any problems?" Parker asked. "That MP ain't gonna like it when he finds that hole in his fence." Bell said. "How many rounds per gun?" Smith asked. "4000, but there's plenty more." Bell responded. "Go get another load." Smith said. "Sergeant, Mendez and I are done with those missile pods." Tahoya yelled. "Tell Mendez to help Parker and Carter, and you go help McPhearson." Smith replied. "Yes sergeant."
"Hold on Bell, I'm coming along." Johnson yelled. After a moment Johnson yelled over the noise of the engine, "I think we should grab some battle rifles, ammo, and battle packs of armor." "You think we'll get shot down, don't you." Bell said. "Yes I do." Johnson replied before Bell could finish. "I'll keep us at top speed during the strafing runs." Bell responded, "I've got lots of low level time, anyways I'm the best." "Yeah, you're so good you clipped that tree yesterday." Johnson said smartly. "Screw off!" Bell snapped as he found the 'rear entrance'. As they pulled through the hole, Bell shut the engine off, cut the wheels, and slammed the brakes to execute a near perfect 180. "Nice." Johnson mumbled as he dug the harness from his shoulders. "I guess the rifles would be a good idea for the ground crew." Bell said as he grabbed cases of linked .50 for the side guns and linkless drums for the M41 LAAG. "I'm going to grab more subgun ammo, body armor, an M19 SSM launcher and 4 tube packs for when we get shot down." Johnson said as he picked the lock to the armory. And the only comeback Bell could think of was "Stop with the negative waves man, stop with the negative waves."