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Posted By: Chuckles<chucklecity@yahoo.com>
Date: 18 June 2004, 4:17 PM

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Lex usually had a sixth sense about these things. Usually. Staring at the toy gun he held as he sat alone in Sidewinder's blue base he faced a cold reality: he was human. So be it. Tonight reality will cut both ways he thought with a weak smile, they had messed with the wrong human.

He was told it was a practice match. Lexicus would lead eight soldiers against team Red as a warm up for their next competition, using fake guns. When he found the base empty, and heard live ammo slamming into the wall next to his head, he knew he had been set up. Somebody wanted him out of the way.
They had stripped Blue Base clean; even removing the first aid kits. His options were bleak. The warps would be dogged with rockets; snipers would have the outside of the base blanketed, and since they would expect him to sprint for the tunnel, there would be six or seven waiting for him there. They would have to wait a long time, because Lex rarely did what he was expected to do.

First priority, get a weapon.

Easing to the front of the base he kept to the far left. At that angle, only one sniper would have a shot at him. One was all he needed. They had been waiting for over an hour, and Lex knew that the excitement of seeing him would throw the first shot off a little. In fact, he was betting his life on it. He eased forward a little more . . . a step further . . . SMACK! The shot hit him like a sledgehammer at the top of the shouler, but Lex fell flat as if he had been shot in the head. Ignoring the blare of his shield alarm, he did his best to look dead. Now come in here alone, you noobie reject . Footsteps. Too many footsteps.

"Lex, you in there" a thin voice called from outside. How stupid do they think I am? "Lex? He's not moving. You two, on either side of me, and you two, stay at the door." Five? He gripped his combat knife hard. They walked forward. A nervous voice said, "Let's just shoot him, Cujo. He is NOT somebody to take any chances with. Cujo!" The footsteps stopped. "What's wrong, Blade? fifteen-to-one isn't good enough odds for you? What kind of coward would . . . " as they argued they turned toward eachother, and took their eyes off of Lex.

He leapt to his feet, keeping Cujo between him and the door guards, and the other two soldiers facing eachother. The result was that they all froze. All but Lex. With one motion he slammed his combat knife through the MJOLNIR armor joint at Cujo's kneck, and grabbed his pistol. With unbelievable speed his left hand plunged the knife into Blade, as his right hand drained three shots into his companion. Cujo was still in front leaning limply against him, and he heard shots from the door guards slamming into Cujo's armor. Lex tossed a grenade toward the door, draped Cujo over his shoulders and ran for the ladder to the top of his base. Ripping off his fallen enemy's helmet halfway up he spoke giddily into the com, "I have Lex pinned down! Everyone hurry to the base!"

By the time team Red realized that they had been had, it was too late. They were now trapped in the Blue base. One by one they stuck their heads out to snipe Lex, and one by one he dropped them with a single shot. Then the survivors scrambled to the top of the base in a mad dash for safety. Lex sniped two, and rocketed the third and final one after he warped. Twelve down. Three to go.

Three left: that would be the leader (whoever he was) and two guards. He discarded his sniper rifle in favor of the pistol. Fifteen to one! No, sniping was too impersonal: he wanted his enemies to see who was fragging them.

He found the first guard at the mouth of the Red team's tunnel. One rocket later, only two of fifteen enemies remained. He eased his way along the wall, and to the entrance of red base. And then anger, until now put in check, got the better of him. He walked straight into the base with the rocket launcher, and found himself two feet away from Ghost. Too close for a rocket, he began to pull his pistol when Ghost fired an eight-gauge slug that missed Lex, but destroyed the RL. What followed was a toe-to-toe brawl that was every bit as brutal as it was short. Lexicus, using his pistol like a hammer, caught Ghost under the chin and sent him flying into the wall. As Ghost fell he blew a hole in Lex's armor with a point-blank shotgun blast to his gut. Lex stumbled and fell. Ghost leapt to his feet, jammed his gun into Lex's helmet and pulled the trigger. Nothing. The shotgun had jammed. Lex grabbed the gun out of his hands, and swung the barrel at number fourteen's head with lethal power.

One to go.

Tossing two grenades up the ladder for cover, Lex hurried to the top and as he stood to his feet he saw his final target standing right in front of him. They brought their pistols simultaneously to eachother's faces. Lex could not believe his eyes:

"Why Ydnar?! We were teammates! "
"Why?," he answered as a smile twisted under his helmet, "Because there can be only one Number One, Lex. Too bad for you it was me. I'd have taken you alone, but I wasn't the only one sick of you being on top. They all wanted a piece of it. What? You afraid this makes me a TK'er?"
Lex's reply was as cold as death: "No. It makes me one."

The report of two pistol shots echoed for miles, but only one person heard them.