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Halo: BlackWatch - Prologue
Posted By: chimeraNATOR
Date: 18 October 2009, 6:34 pm

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Hi everyone. This is my first piece of halo fan fiction. I plan to continue on with this story, but I want some criticism and comments on my overall writing style and story. No sense in expanding a story that no one wants to read is there… Enjoy.


Some prefer to call us cold blooded assassins or murderers. Officially, we're espionage in force. But that doesn't matter. When the UNSC command here on Sera wants a dirty deed done, BlackWatch is tasked with the job. When we're sent out, someone disappears.

"Dagger One, this is Saber One. We're in position and ready to move in on your signal, over."

"Copy that Saber One, we are on mission, out." Dagger One replies. He turns to his team, "all right boys, Saber is ready to begin their stealth assault. Our objective is to lure away the main defensive force currently situated outside the perimeter of the encampment. Let's move out!" Dagger One steps into a black unmarked civilian SUV as its engine is ignited. Already inside are several soldiers, all dressed in black overalls and armor. Tinted visors conceal the electric excitement present in each of these men's eyes.

"Saber One, this is Dagger One, we are en route to the encampment and will make hard contact momentarily." He motions to the driver; the SUV begins to accelerate. "You may now begin your assault, over." As the distance closes between the SUV and the front gate outpost of the encampment, the front windows of the SUV roll open. Dagger One hefts a M39 SSM Rocket Launcher and while resting it on the door of the SUV, aims it at the relative area of the guardhouse.

"What the hell is that?" One of the guards shakes awake his peer. As the object comes closer, it becomes apparent that it is a vehicle of some sort. He steps out of the guardhouse, wanting to get a closer look at the incoming vehicle. "Any vehicles scheduled for arrival this early?" He gets a negative response. "Very well, lets sto-"

A sudden explosion rocks the earth as the guardhouse explodes in a fiery plume of smoke. The guard is showered in concrete dust and debris. The vehicle, now identifiable as a SUV, skids to a halt not more than 50 meters away from the prone guard. He watches as black clad figures, all heavily armored and armed, emerge from the vehicles, weapons at the ready. Coughing and hacking as he might, he could not shut out the gunfire and screams that followed.

"Dagger One this is Saber One, we are now entering the encampment. Resistance is minimal; I see rebels flocking to your position, copy my last, over."

"Roger that Saber One, it seems that my diversionary measures have not deteriorated as of yet. We're pulling out now, Dagger One out."

"Dagger One to all Daggers! I think we've caught their attention!" Dagger One shouts, "lets get out of here!" The soldiers abandon their positions and clamber back into the vehicle; bullets peppering all around them. "Get us the hell out of here!" The driver floors the accelerator and the vehicle speeds away from the carnage. One of the soldiers taps Dagger One on the shoulder; "sir, we've got six or seven militia vehicles in hot pursuit. We sure kicked up a bee hive."

"Saber One to Dagger One, you still alive? The target sure as hell isn't. Lose your tail and let's get to the LZ. Drinks are on me."


"Sergeant First Class Nelson, I'm going to go over this again. Why did you become a marine?"

"Sir? I wanted to protect the people of Sera from the Insurrection."

"What is your view of the Insurrection?"

"They are nothing other than thugs, murderers and rebels."

"I see, and you want to join this program? Why?"

"As a marine I feel that I am not doing enough to stop the Insurrection. I think that this outfit will give me a more active role in combating these barbarians.

"So you think you got what it takes?"

"Yes sir."

"Are you mentally prepared for the challenges and dangers that you might face?"

"Yes sir."

"Are you aware of what these challenges might be?"

"Yes sir.

"Sergeant First Class Nelson, please show yourself out. You are to report to Lieutenant Smith at 0700 hours tomorrow. And by the way, welcome to BlackWatch."