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Halo: Far Isle
Posted By: chimeraNATOR<chimeranator@hotmail.com>
Date: 19 January 2010, 5:36 pm

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HALO: Far Isle


"Let's move out." Rick Henderson, Sergeant Major, led six figures, whisper quiet, through the forest without so much as a rustle. One of his men raised his hand, palm faced outward- a signal for the team to halt. A pair of binoculars snapped up. "Rebel patrol," he whispered. "Two men, ARs. Take them out or let them pass?"

"Take them out." Henderson pulled the charging handle of his new M5 Caseless submachine gun. 4 of his men were armed similarly, the other two with rifles. Each of them had an attached silencer and an assortment of accessories; ranging from holographic sights to underslung grenade launchers; just in case things got a little hectic. "Carlson, King, with me. Rest of you go with Ryan. You boys are on the left flank. When I give the signal," Henderson motioned with his hand, "open fire."

4 miles away, Kyle Durring, leader of the rebel insurrection of Far Isle lay in a deep slumber. A charismatic figure, he was successful in raising a planet wide rebellion of the colony. Despite numerous warnings at attempts at diplomacy, he stood undeterred and adamant; independence to the colony, now. Hoping to contain the situation and possibly extinguish the fires of the people, UNSC High Command has dispatched Special Operations soldiers to terminate Durring. They had felt it necessary, the rebellion had escalated and there was little they could do; letting the colony go was out of the question.

The bodies of the two now dead rebels were tossed into a ditch. "Leave them be, we'll be out of here before they're found." They moved quickly but cautiously, eyes peeled for any patrols or lookouts. They were equipped with the latest IR technology and trackers, giving them the edge to be see before being seen.

The guard of the back perimeter fence of Camp Freedom tossed his cigarette onto the ground and stamped it out. When he looked up he saw a black cylinder attached to a submachine gun... a bullet tore into his head before he could react. A single shot at point blank range to the forehead. Henderson was pleasantly surprised at what little sound it made. The new suppressors were a beauty.

Security was lax, no one expected the UNSC to respond with such an extreme mode of action. Other than a few guards lazily patrolling the camp, everyone was asleep. Including their target. They closed in on his residence. Outside sat a guard, fast asleep, weapon propped against the wall. He wasn't about to wake up anytime soon, King made sure of that.

Hooking up a rappel line, Henderson pulled himself up into the top floor of the building. Carlson followed. The other 5 maintained a perimeter defence around the residence. They
didn't want anyone to drop by unannounced.

Henderson poked his head around a corner. "Clear." He motioned at Carlson, then at Durring's bedroom door. Carlson stepped out, weapon at the ready, slowly moving towards the shut door. Henderson joined him on the opposite side of the door arch. "You open, I aim," Henderson ordered. Carlson nodded and put his hand on the doorknob. He slowly, gently twisted the doorknob. He inched the door open; Henderson's gun aimed at the ever widening gap. "Clear." Slinging his M5 and whipping out a garrote, Henderson took a step towards Kyle Durring.

Sunrise. Durring's bodyguard knocked on the rebel leader's door. No answer. Another knock. No answer. Adrenaline running, he slowly twisted the doorknob and sidearm ready- pushed open the door.


"Commander, reports are coming in." The lieutenant spoke slowly, "Durring has been found dead. Colonists are furious; nine of our security outposts have been attacked. They had numbers and light weaponry. Our troops were massacred; corpses now hanging by the lamp posts of the city." He muttered under his breath, "savages."

The commander frowned, "I'm declaring emergency code Bandersnatch. Contact Captain Hefner and tell him to get all his men out of the colony, now. And establish a line with FLEETCOM, I need to confirm this with the brass."

"Sir?" The lieutenant stuttered, "Bandersnatch, are you suggesting a nuclear attack on the colony?"

"Yes lieutenant," the Commander stared out through the view port. "The situation has spiraled out of our control, god save us all."


The UNSC Missile Cruiser Elemental Winter, stood by, orbiting the planet. At precisely 0945 hours, history would be made. Locked to its target, a missile was launched, unleashing the fury of a small sun, and bringing the colony and its short-lived rebellion, to an end.