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1 phat grunt
Posted By: ChiefC42<raglandchris@yahoo.com>
Date: 26 November 2004, 5:14 AM

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1300 Hours, November 26,
Some deserted planet.

      Chief ran over the top of a tall hill, making sure not to look back. Chief had just seen a grunt that he hoped never to get on its bad side.... very very bad side.... Battle Rifle in hand he squated behind a rock. He could here the grunt coming, he could hear a massive footstep every few second, each geting closer, and closer and louder. Chief looked directly out in front of him. He could see the shadow growing bigger and bigger.
      All of the sudden he heard a wheezing or snoring sound right behind him. Chief turned and looked behind, and much to his surprise was a grunt sitting all bent over asleep. Thats it, Chief thought. Chief had just seen the largest, fattest grunt he had ever seen. With that much fat, his skin and stuff must be extremely thick. No ordinary Battle Rifle was getting through that stuff. But maybe some plasma could.
      Chief wondered there for a minute or two. The footsteps were getting ouder and louder every few seconds. He wondered if plasma could even get through the fat. He made his mind up.
      Chief quitly knocked the grunt out. The grunt was carring a plasm pistal and two plasma gernades. Chief grabbed up the pistal. Chief was ready for anything as he rounded the corner.

* * * * * * * * * *

      Oh my god, thought the grunt, I can't run at all. The grunt was slowly aproaching the rock where he saw the cyborg go behind when he suddenly popped out, plasma pistal in hand firing away. The grunt felt the burn in his stomach and started firing back. The grunt could not get out of the fast enough, he was to slow. The grunt was not going to give up so easily. He was here to represent the covenant, he was not going to surrender. The grunt even though he knew he was defeated kept on fighting

* * * * * * * * * *

      Chief started charging a shot when a bead hit him in the side making him flinch. He saw his sheild drop a little but not much. He was really scared for once even though he had fought hundreds of covenant at once, and hunters all alone, he had fought the flood all by himself. But this was a simple (but huge) grunt. He knew he was going to win, one way or the other. Chief released the shot. He saw the heated plasma ball fly toward the grunt. Chief saw the grunt try to sidestep but was clearly not fast enough. Chief saw the heated plasma hit the designated target, followed by a blinding flash of light.


      The Chief heard the deafening roar as the grunt exploded. Chief tryed to sit up but he fell back down to the ground. His eyes could not focus, and his ears were still ringing from the blast. Finally after a few minutes He was able to see what was going on around him. The Chief realized he had done it, he destoyed the huge grunt. Chief dropped the plasma pistal and walked over behind the rock and retreived his battle rifle. He stood there for some time thinking about what had just happened. Then he snapped then he realized there was still other covenant out there destroying the world. They were out there waging war against the UNSC.
      The Chief knew he had to get off of this wasteland. He felt helpless and guilty. not being with his own people. His lifeboat landed here on this deserted planet, well except a big fat grunt. Chief had to find the others. He hoped there was a pelican that made it off the mothership. The Chief tryed to open a COM link to a Pelican but it didn't work. Apparently His COM was destroyed during the blast, or there was no Pelicans left. Chief stood there a momment thinking of what to do, then he remembered the grunt he knocked out. Surely he had a Communication device on him.
      Chief walked over to the grunt and picked up a purple communication device

"Master Chief to any UNSC Dropship, Do you read?"

"This Pelican Dropship Raider, we read you loud and clear."

"This is Master Chief needing extraction on the double."

"10-4 Chief we'll be there in a few."

"10-4, Chief out."

* * * * * * * * * *

      Chief sat in the passanger seat of the pelican dropship as it sped along. Chief was thinking of the very big grunt he had just killed. He sat and wondered about it and if there was any more out there maybe one day he would see another one.... some day.