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50 to 1: A Marine's Tale
Posted By: cberbar 117<barbersmhs@sbcglobal.net>
Date: 19 March 2005, 7:14 PM

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PLANET CONGAN 5/25/2552 (Military Calender)
1036 Hours- In the ship Marathon over CONGAN

James sat up. The red-alert alarms blared throughout the ship. He climbed out of bed and walked over to his supply locker. He punched in the combonation (01-22-92) and grabed his uniform. The marine put it on and placed his helmet over his head.
James grabbed his Battle Rifle, checked the scope, and slung it over his shoulder. He reached in and pulled out his Magnum and 3 extra clips. He grabbed 4 more magazines for his Battle Rifle and walked out of his room. Navy Personel were running to their stations. The ship shook as a plasma cannon round slammed into it.
"All Marines," the Captain called over the intercom. "Report to the hanger. We're going to take this fight to the surface." James ran toward the hanger. His room was the closest to the hanger and it was just a short jog before he was there. 5 Pelicans sat in this hanger. The ship had 10 more scatered around in the other four hangers. As he passed one, the pilot inside motioned to him to load up.
James walked to the rear of the Pelican and climbed in. The gray color made him feel safer, but couldn't figure out why. 10 more Marines ran to the Pelican and climbed in. James saw marines climb inside the other Pelicans. The loading ramp sealed and a red light came on, flashed twice, then stayed on. He could fell the dropship lift off and turn around.
As the Pelican flew forward, the door to the cockpit opened. James could hear someone say, "Can you take it from here?"
The pilot replied, "Don't worry, Chief, I got it."
'Chief?' James thought. 'Could it really be? No, of course not,' At that thought, a 6 foot 3 man in green armor walked through the door. "A Mark VI!" James exclaimed.
"Marines," the Chief said. "The Captain has put me in command of this Pelican and all on board it. Now, we will be landing at Bravo Base. From there, we will be heading to a bridge place a C-10 Explosive. The Covenant are heading for Bravo Base, so we don't have long. With the bridge cut off, we might have a chance. But right now our odds are 50 to 1. We can't fail or that will be it. Understood?"
The marines yelled a yes and stood up. They grabbed their Battle Rifles and prepaired to move out. The Pelican landed and the ramp opened. The red light went out and the marines climbed out. The Chief was the last one out. Rain was falling by the time they had hiked the 20 clicks to the bridge. James could see about 20 Wraiths and 10 Ghosts moving slowly in their direction. If they didn't speed this up, they'd be turned into a black spot on the ground. they had come under attack 4 times already and had escaped with no losses.
James had the C-10s and was the one that had to go with the Chief to the bridge while the others stayed back to cover them. They walked to the bridge and climbed carefully under it. "So Chief," James said. "How would one join your ranks as a Spartan?"
"You don't," the Chief said. "Your chosen. C-10." James handed him the explosive. James watched as the Spartan hit buttons and activated the bomb.
Over the radio, a marine said, "get back here! Wraiths are coming!" James and the Chief ran back to the others as the Wraiths made their way across the bridge. The Chief may have smiled under his helmet as he pushed the switch on the detonator. The bridge blew apart and collapsed, taken the Wraiths and Ghosts with it.
From across the chasm, Elites began to fire plasma. A Pelican landed behind the marines and the pilot told them to load up. The marines climbed in as the dropship lifted off and flew back to Bravo Base. "The Covenant have began their attack on Bravo Base," the pilot said. "We'll be there in two minutes."
The Pelican flew over the Covenant invaders ground troops. The dropship landed on the landing pad. The marines jumped out and ran to defensive positions. James ran to a large Machine Gun Turret. He fired at the aproaching Covenant soulders. On their own, the marines wouldn't be able to defend the base. But they had the Master Chief. And that is why they could win.