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The Best Marines: The Sneak Attack
Posted By: Cberbar 117<barbersmhs@sbcglobal.net>
Date: 19 March 2005, 2:11 AM

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"Baker," I called. "Move up!" We were stuck behind enemy lines. Five minutes ago, we were in a Pelican flying to a mountainside that overlooked the Covenant base. We had been sent to lighten the defenses before the main attack.
We had managed to save all of the equipment: Four Thermal Tank-Buster C-9 Explosives, 1800 Armor-piercing rounds for our MA5B Assualt Rifles, 12 Frag Grenades, and 2 Sniper Rifles.
We were the only ones that made it off of the Pelican. All that was left was three burnt corpses and plasma charred metal. "Lieutenant," Baker called to me. "I found the base!" Jones and I ran forward to where Baker was standing. A large, grey base stood before us.
I pulled out my binocs and gazed at the huge Covenant force before us. An anti-air gun rested in the center of a field that was between us and the base. That was a problem. The assault whould rely on air support. Two Phantoms and three Wraiths sat on the landing pads outside of the base.
I returned my binocs to my pocket, and drew my Sniper. Jones did the same. Of the three of us, Jones was the best at long range. Baker ruled the explosives and I prefered my Assault Rifle. "We need that AA gun down, now," I said. Baker nodded. He grabbed one of the explosives and climbed down the small cliff. He slowly made his way toward the tower. The Covenant were slipping. Only a fool would leave a position like that unguarded.
Baker crawled under the tower that the gun was on. He placed the C-9 and activated it. He made his way back. He climbed up the cliff and hit a button. The AA gun blew apart with a loud BOOM. Grunts started running in circles, trying to figure out what going on. Jones and I opened fire, killing one with each shot.
Baker pulled out a Rocket Laucher he had on his back. He looked through the scope and fired both rockets. I followed the rockets with my scope and saw them collide with two of the Wraiths, demolishing them. He loaded his third and last rocket and fired, destroying the third Wraith.
I gave Baker a thumbs up and turned back as Jones fired four more shots. I looked at the directing his shots went. A hundred Covenant troops charged at us. The rockets must have givin away our position. "Here," I handed Baker a large round red grenade. He loaded it into the Rocket Launcher and fired into the center of the charging aliens.
It exploded and killed five Covenant.
A large, red cloud of smoke lifted up from the grenade. In five minutes, the UNSC Marines would be attacking the Covenant and getting us out of here. Jones had fired 12 more shots by now and joined him. I aimed a fired. The bullet flew through three Grunts and stopped in a Jackle.
The Covenant were firing now but they were way off.
Suddenly, a purple needle round from a needler slammed into Baker. He stood there for minuted staring at it. The needle exploded in a purple puff of smoke and Baker fell over and down the small cliffside.
"NO!" I shouted. "BAKER!" I slid down the cliffside and grabbed Baker. I threw him over my shoulders and climbed back up. I sat Baker down and opened a MedKit. I pulled out the biofoam and began to work on Baker. I looked over my shoulder and saw a thousand streaks of plasma fill the sky. Only the UNSC arriving now could save us.
In the distance, I heard the sound of engines roaring. All we had to do was stay alive. But with Baker down, it was going to be lot harder. One of the Phantoms took off from the landing pad. It flew over us, firing it's plasma cannons. One of the beams flew past me, tearing my armor open. I finished with the biofoam and tied a bandage around him, sealing the wound. I aimed my sniper at the aproaching Covenant and fired. Four Elites fell, purple-black blood flying. The Phantom made another pass over us and fired. Plasma streaked down at us and turned the ground around us into glass. I drew my Assault Rifle and fired at the nearest plasma cannon. I loaded two clips into the cannon, and it finaly fell from the rotating swivle that held it in place.
Suddenly, a hail of bullets slammed into the Phantom. It fell and crashed on top of the Covenant force. A Pelican flew overhead. My team was going to make it.