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Wings of the Dead: Introduction
Posted By: Captain Rasc<Rasculia38@cox.net>
Date: 14 November 2003, 3:58 AM

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Who am I? Well, my names Gaves, and I am a survivor. I was a pilot, a squadron leader. Then I was shot down in an engagement over some nameless hunk of rock. I survived, and hooked up with a unit of marines to help them find other survivors of the battle. After two unsuccessful attempts t olocate survivors, we recieved a distress call, and moved to investigate in a tank we discovered in a swamp. During the following engagement the tank was shot to peices around me and I was left behind when the others escaped on a Pelican. I managed to get into a defensible position, and along with a wounded Marine I made a desperate stand. It was no use though, we were quickly overpowered and captured by the Covenant. After two weeks of containment and interrogation, I managed to escape along with a handful of otehr prisoners. While running from the Covenant we stumbled across a structure in a snow capped mountain range. We stayed hidden for a while, but were discovered by the Covenant when we sent a distress call. We managed to hold out through wave after wave of attacks, until reinforcements arrived, though we suffered very heavy casualties. When reinforcements arrived, I was released from Fighter Command and moved to ground ops. I was put in command of an elite squad of troopers, fire team Alpga. My squads task was to harass the Covenant wherever possible. Our first task was to disrupt and detain a huge supply convoy, holding in one place while another group of Marines destroyed the base that the convoy was headed for. We managed to pull the raid off with only a single casualty. After the hit and run raid on the convoy, we took shelter in a cave in the mountains. There we encountered a new enemy, the Flood. At that point though I didn't have any idea what it was that we were dealing with. I decided to call in a report to the command group. They didn't respond, but I did manage to get a ride from a Pelican to the command center. When we arrived, we found the center to be destroyed. While searching the structure, I sent a distress signal. Shortly afterwards, we were attacked by a massive number of Flood. The following battle was furious, and while we killed many of the grotesque creatures, we took heavy casualties. In the end, only myself and two Privates remained. It was then that we were rescued by a team led by the Master Chief. I was wounded just before the rescue, and remained in a coma for a long time. When I awoke, sentient life had been almost completely wiped from the galaxy. I found myself on a colonnized ringworld known as Halo, along with what was left of the human race. I suppose I should be grateful to have survived, but sometimes I think that it would have been better to die. The breeding programs may be neccesary, but they aren't human, not to me at least. I have trouble fitting in too, the encounter with the Flood has changed me forever. I don't have many friends, except for Williams and Jackson everyone else is...afraid of me I guess. They fear the haunted look in my eyes, on my face. I suppose they have every right to do so but...it's hard to be alone. Sometimes, I can't help but wonder if we're the only survivors, or if there are others, on other planets, wonderign the same thing. I am growing restless, impatient. I need to go somewhere, to do something, anything to keep my mind off the past. There is not enough things to keep me occupied, not enough things to let me escape the ghosts of the past that haunt me daily. I need to escape from this place, and I need to do it soon...because I feel that my time is running out. The one thign that lets me maintain my sanity is the me nI lead. I have formed a new group, a squadron of mismatched soldiers. We fly Longsword fighters, and we call ourselves Wings of the Dead.
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