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Warning: escaping convicts can be allies in disguise (Part 7)
Posted By: Cap'n Keyes<nuppbutt@yahoo.com>
Date: 5 August 2002, 9:11 pm

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The plan was immediately put into action. Jersatil and the Chief were assigned the duty of "purifying" the ship of all the flood. It would seem like an extraordinary job to any regular human or Covenant troop, but for them, it was just another day on the job. After the cerebral forms had been killed, the flood, as predicted, had just turned back into, well, flood, and they could counter them easily. They both had powerful weapons at their disposal. The Chief with his M90, and Jersatil with his plasma sword. The Chief still felt uncomfortable being right next to the plasma sword when it was on. It emitted a great amount of heat, and given Jersatil's unstable nature towards humans, he felt a little nervous. Added to that, Jersatil was 3 feet taller than he was, and just as solidly built. When he got going, there was very little that could stop him. If he was for you, he made a useful ally. If he was against you, he was a formidable foe. The Chief just hoped for now that they could stay allies.

Even though both of the team members had very powerful weapons, they decided to check at the armory once more, just to make sure that they were well prepared. They left the bridge area, and were greeted by the scorched and blackened halls of the gutted ship. Since they were only a little distance away from the armory area, they put their guns down and just calmly walked there.

But, since the cerebral forms had been put down not twenty minutes ago, the flood were up to their usual activities. Combat forms came bursting from the holes in the ceiling and headed toward Jersatil and the Chief. Jersatil's plasma sword jumped to life, and the Chief jacked a shell into his M90's chamber. The combat forms didn't even know what hit them. All of a sudden, the air was full of buckshot and the green blood of the flood. Jersatil caught a combat form with a downward swipe, and it was immediately sheared in half, leaking blood and viscera.

When they were sure that all of the combat forms were put down, they moved on to the armory. Once inside, they found a safe that they hadn't noticed before. It was about 5 feet by 5 feet and had a dull metallic glint to it. It looked like it had a key that was made for it, but there was no key inside it. Jersatil came up to it and slashed it with his sword. The metal turned white and then cooled down. It had not warped at all. "It looks like Cro-Molybdenum-carbonate, the same metal used in the hunter's armor." Jersatil observed. "A few plasma grenades should melt it enough to open it the rest of the way."

Jersatil and the Chief stepped back while Jersatil placed a plasma grenade on the door. The grenade blew up, and filled the room with the unearthly blue light that had become all too familiar to the Chief. The door turned white again, but this time before it could cool down, Jersatil placed another one on there. The grenade blew up again, and the door melted down. Inside were two tubes and four bottles. Jersatil noticed an inscription on the inside of the safe. "It is in the ancient language of our prophets," he said. "I will try to read it."

In the dark days of the future,
There will be those who seek to destroy all life.
The foes will start small, but the threat will increase.
These weapons are forged by us, and will help you.

"That's all they say. I will check the walls of the safe."

Two blue orbs to open this safe,
Two blue orbs to close it.
Inside here is contained the way
To defeat the foe.

The Chief was fast to catch on. " The foe are the flood. The infection forms are the starting out small, and their hosts are the larger threat. But what are these weapons. Jersatil reached for them, and gave one to the Chief. They tried them out, and a tongue of blue flame came out from the nozzles.

"Plasma based perdition flamethrowers!" Jersatil sounded ecstatic. These are the legendary weapons of our ancestors.

"These should work well against the flood," the Chief said, "since the flood have no armor or shielding, these should be the most effective way to take them out. Well, let's try them out."

"Wait, one more thing to take care of," Jersatil objected. "It says that there are two more blue orbs to close it. These are obviously plasma grenades, but how is that supposed to work?" They placed two more plasma grenades on the safe, and they exploded, making the roof turn to slag, and melt across the opening. "Let's not worry about it, let's just keep going on our mission." Jersatil said, and turned away. The Chief turned around also, and started to walk away. He heard a strange noise and turned around to see the safe once again in perfect condition, just as they found it. He sped up to keep up with Jersatil. Jersatil remarked: "well, let's test out our new weapons."

And the two of them progressed through the halls, ready to carry out the will of the prophets. Cortana spoke up again, and said, "I am doing a thorough scan of the ship's superstructure. I have pinned down the areas where the flood usually are. This is not a 100% chance there are flood there, but it gives you a good warning what to expect. I will set up navpoints on all of the areas I consider 'high risk.' This way, you will not be overwhelmed when they come from hidden areas."

Cortana was just done saying this when about 5 combat forms burst out from the ceiling. Jersatil and the Chief were quick to notice them, and greeted them with their flamethrowers. Two blue flames blossomed out and caught the combat forms square in the center. The first blast took down three of them immediately. The air was filled with the sounds of crackling, and the smell of putrid skin boiling off their bodies. The other two got in the way of the flaming ones, and were caught on fire now.

They had never felt so confident. They had finally found a weapon that could defeat the flood.