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Warning: escaping convicts can be allies in disguise (Part 4)
Posted By: Cap'n Keyes<nuppbutt@yahoo.com>
Date: 24 May 2002, 12:08 am

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The team immediately got to work gathering up as many weapons as they could carry. As per the premeditated plan, half of the team two carried weapons, while the other half cleared a path to bring them to group one waiting on the bridge.

The Master Chief thought how strange it was that there were really no flood encounters except for some really casual resistance. He thought that the tactics used in the battles were unlike the flood, also. Usually the flood just rushed in with their arms swinging, and that was that. But the flood they had been fighting were very strange. The tactics seemed more like the Covenant's tactics, the combat forms coming in lines, and the lesser flood coming in behind. It was strange, and he would have to ask Dersoa about it when they came back to the bridge.

The marines, lovers of huge firepower, chose hunter variety arm-mounted fuel rod cannons. The guns had the usual arm-mount, but they also had clamps so that other things could attach them to their arms. The external battery pack gave the guns infinite ammo, but required about a five-second-charge time to cool the gun and work up more power. All in all, it was quite an impressive gun that could adapt to any user.

In there were the usual plasma rifles and plasma pistols. These were relatively useful against the flood, given the heat that they produced.

The team packed up and the covering half of team two moved out. The covering group were the bruisers of the team, Jersatil, and of course the Master Chief. Some marines that were known to be "floodthirsty" were also on the team. They would have to cover the supply group all of the 200 meters that it took to get to the bridge. They were expecting a flood attack, and they were prepared to counter it.

One hundred meters passed, and the team was beginning to get uneasy. They had gotten this far without having a flood attack, and they were not sure how long this luck would last. 150 meters passed, and still not a scratch. The supply group moved up, and they looked nervous also. The flood knew they were there, so why didn't they attack. Only 10 meters more and they started to get outright scared. They hoped they did not have to confront the flood. It was very strange that they had not attacked.

All of a sudden, the huge bridge doors slid open to reveal...

A bridge devoid of flood, with only group one in there. "Finally you got here," said Wallace appreciatively. "That sounded like quite a battle you had back there. The Master Chief was quick to respond. "What? We came into contact with no flood." "I heard you all back there. I heard the roars of the fuel rod cannons, and the sharp cracking of the MA5B's. You may have not suffered a scratch, but I know you fought back there."

"I've seen conditions like this on the battlefield, Chief," said a marine from team two, "They get really stressed out and start to hallucinate. I think Sgt. Wallace just needs a rest." This statement created a lot of disapproval from group one. All those that could speak English swore they too had heard a battle raging on in the hallway group two was in. Even the jackals testified that they had heard something.

The Master Chief was about to ask something of Wallace again when he started feeling dizzy. "John..." He heard voices calling "Come to us," and immediately he knew where the voice was coming from. He noticed that Jersatil, Dersoa, and Wallace had also gotten a similar message at the same time. They were the only ones that heard the message, however, and to the rest of the squad, they seemed to be acting very strangely.

"Chief, are you all right?" one concerned marine asked. "Fine, just stay here. We four have to go find something. Guard the bridge and shoot any flood that come in. you now have the superior weapons. We will be back in a while." The four revelators set off, each with their weapons of choice. Master chief with his M90 and MA5B, Wallace with his MA5B and M6D, Dersoa with his Plasma rifle and optional Plasma Sword, and Jersatil with the same. They had all gotten the urge to visit the former brig, where the power seemed to be emanating from.

They started their 500-meter journey to the brig, and were once again amazed that no flood were attacking them. Each of them except Wallace, who had never been on the Truth and Reconciliation, had their own memories, walking these halls that were now scorched and stripped.

Master chief thought about both the times he had come to rescue Captain Keyes, the second of which was unsuccessful. He thought about all of the Covenant he and Fire Team Charlie had obliterated, but most of all, he thought about what the Captain had become.

Dersoa remembered when he was a chief religious officer and scientist aboard this craft. He remembered the thrill of beating the human ship to the ring world, and he remembered the sheer panic that had been created when the humans had boarded the ship.

Jersatil was the token Covenant warrior, and he remembered the resistance on this ship, the humans versus the Covenant. He remembered the successful campaigns against the humans, and the pride of guarding the control room. He remembered picking up on a human radio transmission and finding out what Halo was really used for. He hoped that his campaign against the flood would be successful.

The Revelators had traveled about half the distance, and they were beginning to think that there really was no flood there. Maybe the remaining Covenant had completely taken out the flood, and they had just died trying. It was always good to hope, and that was what all four were doing earnestly. They would need all they had to face the brig and they decided to rest for a minute or two.